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  1. Khyber53 added a post in a topic How affordable is "Affordable"?   

    Without a doubt, without a doubt.
    The original idea of getting everyone coverage was a noble one, for all involved, but like most things that get politicized nowadays by the time it was law it had been bastardized, prostituted, perverted, converted and ruined. This was meant to protect people who had little, in the end it only helped those who have nothing and benefited mostly those who already have it all.
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  2. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    The team has gone through a lot this week with changes on the defensive line and saying goodbye to a couple of familiar faces. The weather here has been terrible as well, and even though the game is in Florida, those NC practices have probably been pretty wearing and not as complete as they normally would.
    We're playing a team that hasn't been a threat in some time and that many are regarding lightly. They've also got a rookie QB and an apparently soft offensive line.
    And that's why we have a tough game ahead of us. We're trying to mesh new moving parts under less than perfect conditions while facing up against an opponent that shouldn't give us trouble. It's a classic trap game.
    I hope that's not going to be the case. My gut feeling is that we're going to come out and fall behind early, then dig in and claw our way back to a tight win. Look for a repeat of last week, but a closer score. Whereas Nawlins had a great day passing and a lousy day on the ground, Tampa will run well but their passing game will be their downfall.
    Carolina 23 Tampa Bay 18
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  3. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Per Wilson: Foucault promoted to active roster, Horton waived   

    Just remember, before CJ's injury, our DEs weren't exactly the second coming of Peppers and Rucker. Against three lower end offensive lines, we've really not put up any real pressure.
    Mario Addison is the only Panther with more than one sack on the books so far. 
    Going into the season, everyone was talking about the power and performance of our front four. They were kind of playing like paper tigers, though. The new additions shouldn't hurt and I hate to throw shade at CJ, but Big Money has played down each year since he got that big contract. 
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  4. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    Exactly how much information do you want released by the team? It's a concussion, apparently a severe one. Any more details than that and there'd probably be some sort of HIPAA violation for divulging his personal information.
    And why do you need to know it? Really? I figure you, like me, are a fan of this football team and follow the games closely. That really is our personal stake in this, right? I mean, let's keep it in perspective here...
    Beloved football player is injured, team announces it, gives update that he's not going to be healthy enough to travel to the next game. We play slightly less beloved back up football player, team may or may not perform as well. Fans express heartfelt wishes for speedy and strong recovery, await his return, but still cheer for the team.
    Ehh... that's about the whole story. Just relax and enjoy the show. Luke's understudy is pretty darned good.
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  5. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Praise from Fox Sports   

    Can't fly under the radar forever. He's says we're well built, but doesn't exactly say we're the best.
    Well-built teams are what it takes to become a respected franchise, though. Nice to see some think we're heading in the right direction.
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  6. Khyber53 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Praise from Fox Sports
    Good read on our well built team.
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  7. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Stupid Yellow Flags: A Football Apocalypse   

    Excellent post and the best take on the bad calls, hands down. And you're right, when a team wins even when everything goes bad, it shows strength, character and promise. And yes, before we did require everything to go just about perfect for us to win.
    This team has guts, thanks for putting it into perspective.
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  8. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Weird idea of the day...   

    That Harbaugh would win it, turn Heel and then smack the crap out of his own ringside manager.
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  9. Khyber53 added a post in a topic What Bucs Fans Are Saying   

    Can you wear scuba gear and a football helmet at the same time? The way it is looking, our DL will be using purely swim moves to get at their QB. 
    Cam should practice his Aquaman pose.
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  10. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Weird idea of the day...   

    Carroll and Coughlin would be a heck of a seniors match... first one to break a hip loses!
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  11. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Weird idea of the day...   

    Rivera vs. Harbaugh for the Championship. 
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  12. Khyber53 added a post in a topic 3 opponents come Sunday   

    The refs will call this game as close to perfect as they humanly can. A lot of eyes will be on them and they are going to be worried at showing any favoritism -- either for or against us.
    And never ascribe to malice what is most likely just a screw up. Hochuli was probably just trying to make a joke and it didn't hit Cam very well. The idea that "the refs", as a whole, are out to get any team or player is juvenile. To think there is some kind of conspiracy against a team or player is, well, something that should be discussed only by people wearing tin foil hats.
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  13. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Opinions on if CJ's Charlotte restraunt means authing significant   

    But a player who buys into a franchise set of restaurants usually does really well. I mean, if star QB wants to take his friends back home out for a big night, he'll take them to his favorite best restaurant in town, but probably not the Pizza Hut or Steak and Shake he bought. 
    But if they buy a big fine dining restaurant or night club, whew... the money goes fast. Those are the highest risk ones as it is, so adding in celebrity and celebratory makes for a bad, bad idea. Investing in one that is already open is also a terrible, terrible way to go as either it's already about dead (or why else give up a piece of the pie?) or you'll run it out of business getting comp'ed meals.
    Sure wish they let Jon Kasay look over any player's investment before the deal was struck...
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  14. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Opinions on if CJ's Charlotte restraunt means authing significant   

    Actually the biggest risk when athletes/celebrities open a restaurant (unlike buying a franchise fast food/casual dining place) is that they start using it as their personal place to hold court and entertain friends. Optimally, one third of the price of each plate/item goes to profit (a third to food costs, a third to overhead/wages). If you can flip enough tables and keep people coming in each day, you can get a decent income if managed wisely.
    Start bringing the family by twice a week for dinner, hosting parties in the private room for your friends, keeping employees late to cook and serve for your pals... and boom, you're out of luck. If you let a few friends run a bar tab and you're in the practice of snagging a good bottle of wine or two a week for personal consumption, and you can jet yourself to the poorhouse.
    A well run restaurant makes steady money, but it is a high maintenance beast from staff to equipment to PR to provisioning. A badly run restaurant can eat through a million bucks in a year like it was nothing.
    Caveat emptor.
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  15. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Panthers Jared Allen - First Impressions   

    This oughtta be good...
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