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  1. Khyber53 added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    The problem is that with offensive line stats, there are so many subjective factors that the stats don't really reflect the truth sometimes.
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  2. Khyber53 added a post in a topic NFL Helmets Marvel-ized   

    Couldn't use Black Panther for ours????
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  3. Khyber53 added a post in a topic What is everyone's bye week plans for Sunday?   

    Take the wife and kids out for matinee movies.
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  4. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    To paraphrase Mao, Power emanates from the barrel of a gun.
    I'm not a fan of Mao or his politics, but he is right about one thing. A gun is power. It is the power to defend yourself and your family -- be it human or animal. It is the power to feed your family. It is the power to protect your property,whether it be real estate, livestock or personal property. It is the power to defend your community, your state or your people. It is the power to kill or destroy, as well.
    The world we live in is because of personal firearms. Sure, gunpowder changed warfare, but it was the ability of a person with an arquebus to bring down an armored nobleman that changed everything. And it was the mob brandishing personal firearms that brought down the French nobility, the Czars, the Battistas, the Ghadafis, the Asaads.
    It is the power, singly or collectively, to declare your right to rights.
    A firearm is a machine that can defend a family, feed a family and keep a family from being nothing more than feudal peasants in the worst, and least likely, of all scenarios. It is indispensable for a free society, especially one that is not made up entirely of urbanites. An internet accessible computer is the newest thing since firearms to give such power into the hands of people. And for all the potential harm that can be caused when people use them wrong, you aren't going to take that away from me either.
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  5. Khyber53 added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    I just know that he sat at home for almost an entire season, soaking up franchise tag cap space when we could have let him ride off into the sunset. We'd have come out better and he, well, still got to keep the paychecks.
    Remember when he posted the photo of his Bentley's speedometer registering 100 mph? If you couldn't figure out he was going to be an albatross around our neck at some point, then you weren't paying attention. And remember the couple of seasons he had with us while we waited for him to actually perform up to his potential? The guy has one outstanding season (getting a whole bunch of sacks in one game against Atlanta) and he's all of a sudden the king of the hill?
    He was a nut case that we should have let walk sooner. Couldn't be happier to see him on Dallas' roster. He oughtta be really interesting in that town.
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  6. Khyber53 added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    Here are my top 4 reasons the running game isn't so hot this year:
    1. We're not a smashmouth running team anymore. We don't batter down the opponent's shield wall and push the pile forward anymore. We're not a passing team, either. We're a mobile quarterback/option team. Our playbook leans very heavily on "What can we do with Cam on every down?"
    Our rushing game doesn't open up because of the threat of passing, our passing doesn't open up because of play action. It is all based on the defense trying to figure out Cam's prestidigitation before the snap. Will Cam keep the ball in the option or will he let Stewie take off with it? Will he pass it downfield or will he dart through the defense for 10 yards?
    Really, if Cam wasn't such an amazing athlete, we'd be incredibly one dimensional. We just have to be very careful not to tip our hand by setting up tendencies in each situation. 2 and 8, Cam always does this. 3 and 1, Cam always keeps it. The good teams watch this like a hawk to pick apart teams like ours. We used to do it to shut down Mike Vick. We had him dead to rights and Thomas Davis spied him for the whole game to keep him pretty much in handcuffs.
    2. An O-line typically either pass blocks or run blocks on a down. But if you rely on the read option a lot, the line has to hybridize its blocking to provide a bit of each or the play is lost. The problem is, you really can't do both well at the same time. Our read option plays are becoming less and less effective, partly because of this and partly because Stewie doesn't get the full benefit of dedicated run blocking. And let's face it, Cam keeps it most of the time.
    3. No one fears our passing game too much. A bit, but most teams figure watch out for Olsen and you should be able to cover the rest with basic defensive play calling. They can afford to stack the box. We're stronger on this than our opponents think (check that 4-0 record), but the better teams will be able to handle our receivers without too much stress.
    4. Stewie really, really benefited from DeAngelo Williams. It's not popular to say it, but we've gone from giving defenses Double Trouble to giving them Not Much Trouble At All. Those two guys didn't just feed off of each other, but they punished defenders. The defenders' legs would tire out chasing DWill down the line and then Stewie would just beat the crap out of them. DWill could lay a good hit on a defender, almost as good as Stewart. Now, Cam is the guy they have to chase, but none us want to see him duck his helmet and deliver a blow like an RB does. DWill got too expensive, and there was obviously some stuff behind the scenes, so he wasn't going to stay. This year, Stewie is mighty expensive, and he's not exactly putting up stats worthy of those paychecks. And don't get me started on why Fozzy hasn't been even close to a DWill replacement.
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  7. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    Sometimes people just snap. Pressure cooker world and mercy is doled out in small, infrequent bits. Hope she gets the help she needs.
    And that guy with the camera strikes me as the kind of fellow that sees someone on a ledge and starts shouting "Jump! Jump!"
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  8. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    So far, the Seahawks have beaten Chicago and Detroit, not exactly shining championship-quality teams. They've been beaten by Green Bay and St. Louis, one team with a great offense but both featuring strong defenses.
    Our defense will have a field day with their offensive line, and if Lynch can be corralled (if he can play), then we have them there. Guys like Shaq and Delaire can chase down a running QB like Wilson. And Thomas Davis is guaranteed to put a couple of hard hits on Jimmy Graham and put him back into the Nawlins fetal position he usually plays in against us. 
    Their defense? I'm not really sure. They have a lot of money invested there and a lot of guys who either want to get the big bucks or have realized that there aren't enough dollars to go around. They've also lost their DC from their great years... and I think that will tell as much as anything. We'll know after seeing how Cincinnati does this weekend. Their offense is completely different than ours, but we can learn a lot.
    Carolina 23
    Seattle 17
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  9. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Top 30 CB rankings according to PFF Two Panthers in the Top 32   

    I have a feeling he will be back with us in a couple of years. Carolina has a thing about letting players go off and get their big paycheck (Muhammad, Ginn) and then bringing them back later at reasonable fees. We turn them into stars, let someone else fork over that life changing check, then bring them back as veteran players to raise the next set of stars.
    It's really quite genius.
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  10. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Andrew Luck out again tonight, Who should I start?   

    If you can't look at that list of QBs and say Vick's the best shot, then what could I ever say to convince you otherwise?
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  11. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Andrew Luck out again tonight, Who should I start?   

    Vick vs. SD
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  12. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Hardy doing Hardy things   

    Hate to see anything bad happen to anyone, but he has got hold a season pass for riding on the Crazy Train. There's something off about him and I hate to say we probably haven't seen the last, or the worst, of it yet.
    We'll be glad he's someone else's headache before the end of the year.
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  13. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Top 30 CB rankings according to PFF Two Panthers in the Top 32   

    And only one of the players on the list was on the field for more snaps than Norman.
    Hey look, even Captain Munnerlyn made the list.
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  14. Khyber53 added a post in a topic What to think of Kevin Norwood?   

    10 Rec., 154 yds., 0 TD.
    First year receiving stats for the great Steve Smith, Sr.
    It's not time to panic on Funchess or Norwood.
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