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  1. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    Uh, your second link answers your question. Criminal history is a factor in sentencing. There are other factors in sentencing for any crime, drug or not, than just that one charge. If you're out on probation or have had a few arrests for the same charge in your past and I've never had a charge in my life, and we both were arrested for possession, your sentence is going to be likely longer than mine.
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  2. lightsout added a post in a topic RIP Deputy Goforth.... can we end this #blacklivesmatter nonsense?   

    6 cops killed in 5 days. Nobody bats an eye. Unbelievable.
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  3. lightsout added a post in a topic Lindholm resigned for 2 Years   

    Surprised we didn't give him a contract like Semin's. Guess we learned our lesson with dumping way too much money on one player.

    It only took us doing that with 5 players to stop. Progress.
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  4. lightsout added a post in a topic We're a Funchess injury away from tonight, all season (or as long as DF is out) therefore ...   

    *obligatory remark referencing PanthersUnited*

    On topic, we're not getting another receiver this season. This isn't Madden where you make wild moves while grasping at straws.
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  5. lightsout added a post in a topic Early in Steve Smith's career, he had a terrible preseason chock full of dropped passes   

    No, he is. Rewatch every snap Brown has taken this preseason. He gets open nearly every time. Against some pretty good corners. He's fast, agile, and runs really crisp routes. He gets enough separation that a decently thrown ball should be pitch and catch and we should be celebrating. I'd venture to say that he has shown to be our best route runner right now. KB was looking good pre-injury, but not nearly as crisp (granted, he's also much larger, so you have to take that into account). Jury still out for me on Funchess, simply because I haven't seen him run a live route.
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  6. lightsout added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Perspective, people
    Seriously, a LOT of knee jerking going on based on a preseason game.

    I get the frustrations and concerns. I have my own (mostly with Corey Brown and the run blocking). However, I think more than a few posters here need to remember something.

    It's the preseason.

    What IS the preseason? Well, for those who think every football game ever played in any way ever must be won, let me explain what preseason is for. It's for evaluation. How do you evaluate your players? Well, you put them in situations and call specific plays.

    But wait, Lightsout. Isn't that exactly what you do in any game?

    Why yes, poster. The thing is, it doesn't matter right now. The reason being is that right now, it's about repping certain plays live that they MIGHT use in those situations in the regular season. It's about running it live, full contact, on camera so it can be reviewed and broken down.

    All in all, the preseason is for screwing up. You don't learn by trying to prepare each week in the preseason the way you would in the regular season and go out there bent on winning the game at all costs like you would in the regular season. You learn by going out there, running plays, and analyzing the problem areas.

    I hate Shula as much, if not more, than most of you. But take some of the play  calling right now with a grain of salt. It doesn't matter what we run right now. Right now, we should be focused on the little things. Technique, consistency, form, etc. Complaining about losing a preseason game that we had won? Whatever. Doesn't matter. Complaining about Corey Brown turning into Colbert 2.0? Yeah, that's an issue. OL having trouble getting push in our inside runs? Yeah, problem.

    So sit back and keep your feelings in check for a few more weeks when the simunition rounds are stored and live rounds are fired. We lose against Jacksonville in week 1, I'll be right there with you screaming my eyes out. Right now, don't put much stock in results on the scoreboard and don't think that the playcalling and general management of the game is going to be indicative of the regular season (though, still be terrified that Mike Shula is the OC for the Carolina Panthers).

    TL;DR Like, chill dudes. It's preseason.
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  7. lightsout added a post in a topic Early in Steve Smith's career, he had a terrible preseason chock full of dropped passes   

    I'm big on Brown, but largely because (like most of you) I see the potential. He'll never be Smitty, no. Then again, nobody ever will be. Dude has been an elite receiver in this league for over a decade and he did it in a very flashy, exciting, ridiculous-at-times way that has been replicated by some, but never duplicated.

    Brown just needs to learn to catch with his hands. It's frustrating to see him progress as a route runner and knowing what he did as a blocker last year, only to see him not be able to catch the ball like an NFL receiver. All too often, guys will be great at catching, but can't run routes and get open, or they can't/won't block. Brown is 2/3s of a really good receiver...but that final 1/3 is a BIG 1/3 for him. He has to be able to catch at least 60% of the balls that are thrown and catchable. Hell, maybe not even that percentage, just catch the absolute money balls he has gotten these past two weeks. Right in the hands in stride, right in the numbers.

    And this isn't just about Brown. Receivers can effect QB's confidence. If a QB feels like no matter how well he throws it, it won't be caught, you're bound to see regression from your QB due to mistrust that they'll catch the ball anyway.
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  8. lightsout added a post in a topic How To Dominate An Entire First Half, Time of Possession, Make Tom Brady Look Like poo, Get Two Takeaways, Awesome Avg Starting Field Possession, And Walk Away Losers...   

    It's preseason, guys. I'm bummed about the offense too, but relax. We're purposefully cuffing ourselves. Like every team. You think the Pats offense will be that pedestrian in the regular season against anybody? Not a chance. Defense played VERY well though, especially considering who we had out. Bodes well.

    Offense will pick up. Funchess will return and we'll have a threat. Brown will figure his crap out. He's in his own head, and I think it's the competition at WR that is getting to him. Last year, he and Bersin made the roster by default. Not that they're bad receivers (they're not). They just benefitted from a thin roster last year. All they had to do was go out and play with no fear for their job at that time. Brown knows that he's got Boykin nipping at a chance to make the 53. They're similar players who would play a similar role to one another. I want to believe Brown wants to make plays so badly that he's just overthinking and not reacting. How else do you explain him letting a ball hit him DIRECTLY between the numbers, AFTER letting a perfectly thrown ball go through his hands for what would have been a TD?
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  9. lightsout added a post in a topic Very good game by Cam   

    I've been harping on it since the beginning of last season. Shula is terrible at play design. YAC comes from designing your plays to leave a man in either 1-on-1 matchups where they just have to catch it and shake the man on them, or by designing the plays to leave a man in open space (10 yard radius from any defender). Shula does not design his plays as such. A lot of squatty routes where receivers are hit immediately or out routes to the sideline. The occasional seam route, where you're guaranteed to have a man both behind and underneath the receiver. Every play doesn't need to produce YAC. However, you should be trying to get guys in open space to make plays. That's why the dynamic offenses are dynamic. OC's who know what they're doing.
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  10. lightsout added a post in a topic Black Lives Matter release their police reform platform   

    It'd take a total of 48 hours for it to be open season on cops. This isn't England.
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  11. lightsout added a post in a topic Black Lives Matter release their police reform platform   

    Grenade launchers have no useful application in policing, I'll give you that.

    As far as MRAPs go, I'm not saying have officers just out in them at all times. But a bullet proof vehicle for SWAT purposes is a must.

    Also, not all agencies have a $160 million budget.

    You're taking an all or nothing stance here. I'm not. I'm saying, equipment that is useful that is being donated from the military is a good thing. I'm not saying agencies need grenade launchers or something crazy. A drone to defuse bombs, a must for at least large city agencies (statistically more likely). CS gas and smoke, a must (not a lot and only for SWAT). Rifles/long guns of some sort, a must (rifles are more needed for SWAT, but most places issue a pistol and shotgun as is to patrol). That's what I'm talking about. Helicopters are only useful for large agencies that will find roof breaching being something that they do often, or for surveillance purposes to gather intel before a SWAT mission.

    These are the things I am talking about. Want to reign in what goes out in the 1033 program? Fine. But saying "nah, they don't need any of this" is as ignorant as saying "WE NEED ALL OF THIS!"
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  12. lightsout added a post in a topic Black Lives Matter release their police reform platform   

    I'm not saying every agency needs "an abundance" of military equipment. Most of the equipment given include rifles and various non-lethal weapons, like smoke, concussion and CS gas. And those only go to SWAT teams. I don't think you'll see any of the 1033 equipment being used commonly among patrol officers. That's why I am not seeing what the freak out about it is for.
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  13. lightsout added a post in a topic Black Lives Matter release their police reform platform   

    The argument for them is things like whole school hostage situations, mass shootings, bomb threats/bombings, etc. occur every year. The better equipment available to the people (cops) who have to respond and handle these situations, the safer all can be. I'd much rather have the officers responding to a mass school shooting be able to drive to the door of the school in an armored personnel carrier than have them park their crown vics in the parking lot and walk across the lawn to the door, completely exposed for the shooter inside.

    Also, why pay for these things "if they truly need them" (psst...they do or very well may) when they are given...for free. Know what funds police forces? Taxes. Know what people hate? More taxes. Know what the best way to avoid having to spend money on necessary equipment is? Have them donated via places where there is a surplus, like the military. If you have no problem with them being purchased, then owning them isn't the problem. What, the military can't work with law enforcement to ensure they have equipment they may well need?

    It's better to have and not need than to need and not have. I don't see the harm in law enforcement having the gear they need for worst case scenarios. The best I can muster isn't "well, you never know". It's literally "this is the real world and cops are the ones dealing with domestic terrorism, not the military. Let them have proper equipment for things such as that".

    Your argument is "I say there is no practical use for it and it makes me uneasy for some odd reason, so I'm gonna keep repeating it and belittling others for disagreeing".
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  14. lightsout added a post in a topic Black Lives Matter release their police reform platform   

    OK, by that same line of thinking, cops shouldn't have guns period. Statistically, the VAST majority of cops will never have to discharge their firearm. Let's just take up all the guns from cops.

    The point isn't that they're being used. It's that there are very real situations in which the gear from the 1033 program could be used. Sure, those aren't common, but when they happen, you need appropriate gear.

    Some fire departments get military vehicles as well. Gonna cut that too?
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  15. lightsout added a post in a topic Black Lives Matter release their police reform platform   

    Again, first responders are on the front lines when it comes to terrorism. And not to mention, events like the Dallas PD attack.

    I've yet to hear a single reason as to WHY they're not needed? Also, it's FREE. Costs nobody any money. And your to ask it to be "budgeted in"? When a lot of agencies can barely afford new cars when they need them? When benefits packages are being cut to make room?

    Seriously, just one reason as to how they're a negative thing.
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