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  1. Can a true atheist be moral?

    I love this faux intellectual topic. As if it requires deep thought or some philosophical explanation. The Matt Dillahunty video is a good summary and explanation. He hits the nail on the head on morality in general. "Morality" is just a term we give to things that benefit society as well as the individual. Self interest is what drives us as people. Social conditioning is what makes society even exist in any "peaceful" fashion. So, first we have to identify what would benefit everybody. Cooperation. What does that entail? Not stealing from each other, because that is not cooperation. It is the exact opposite. Same with killing, rape, slavery, assaulting, slandering, etc. We know not doing these things to be moral because we know, looking at the history of social interaction, that those things directly harm people and thereby harm society as a whole as more individuals betray that "moral contract". Also, obviously, we don't want our things stolen, we don't want to be beaten, enslaved, killed, etc. The idea that a god authored it just makes it easier for the mass population to accept it because a higher power than any human has mandated it. It keeps people in line. In that sense, it's good. However, when the powers that be create this god construct, they can make this god mandate whatever they wish. If we're going by the morality of the bible, you can justify literally any and every terrible action you wish to perform because "well it was OK in the bible". See slavery, treating women as second-class citizens, treatment of gays and the non-Christians in general. So, in closing, I'd argue that the only TRUE morality is one derived by people wanting to be good for goodness sake (yes, I intended that to be cliche). If you do good because you recognize that it will benefit others and therefore benefit you, even in a small way, then that is superior to doing good because you think this supernatural force might view you in a greater light. Doing good with the expectation of reward or favor is necessarily less good than doing good because you want to enhance the lives of others and therefore society in a larger sense (and you, by proxy).
  2. When it's Muslims: "SEE!? They're all terrorists! Don't trust any of 'em!" When it's Christians: "These don't represent most Christians. This is a cult".
  3. I understand that it's how things are done. I just don't believe it to be a good thing or acceptable. It'd be like a deputy sheriff being denied a raise because they don't support the NRA. Nobody would stand for that, so how is it that telling Delta that they won't get a government benefit if they don't continue giving NRA discounts any different? I applaud Delta as well, especially after being threatened with this and not backing down (at least, as far as I know). Just don't think it's right that they be punished financially simply for not giving NRA discounts.
  4. Killing it because they refuse to associate with another corporation, especially when that corporation endorses said politician. It's a politician strong arming a business for his owners. At best it's unethical
  5. So that idiot gets arrested and a mob of people come up? Yeah, this is what happens when teen celebrities think they're untouchable. Still not sure what this has to do with this thread though...
  6. I would say it is absolutely illegal. The government directly hurting companies on the grounds that they do not support a specific company is the government and politics intermingling in a way that is very dangerous. But who am I kidding? Corporations run this country and the NRA is top dog for the Right.
  7. Travis Barker may not be insane after all. Just kidding, all of this is absolutely ridiculous.
  8. The Walking Dead season 8

    I'm speechless. I've defended this show both here and elsewhere. Are there still redeeming qualities of this show? Yes. Can the show, on the whole, be redeemed? Not with current leadership in place. The first 2 seasons were great to me because it was shot PERFECTLY for the atmosphere it was going for. Visceral, real, chaotic. Perfect. Season 3 starts seeing a shift from this shooting style to a more "stock" television show. It looked like it was shot on a set the entire time because it was. There were great moments and great shots and it was cool overall, but less so than the first two. Then season 4 and 5 slowly chop deeper into feeling more like a television show. The action started looking more and more hokey. The dialogue fell off tremendously. The editing and overall production just became overall poor. Season 6 and 7 had many high points, but it got harder and harder to stick with it. More bad editing, more lackluster episodes, more poor dialogue. The ONLY truly remarkable thing being Negan in that timespan. Season 8 has been all over the place. I have simply lost interest. Killing Carl was the final straw for me. This episode in particular, JESUS it was rough. The edits just....wow. You can't buy the emotion of the scene because of the "flash forwards" which turn out to be Carl dreams. That's supposed to be the thing that jerks you a bit at the end. Then you get reminded of Negan still being out there and how Carl dreams of his redemption and acceptance into the group, but it was just bad. Bad bad bad. This show is dying if it isn't dead already.
  9. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    OK, since you still do not understand it, let me break this down entirely. Could a white guy write that joke or some joke like it? Yes. However, just saying that wouldn't be funny. Could there be a setup where a joke like that could work? I'm no joke writer, but sure, I can see that being a possibility within comedy. Now, if a poor joke was written, setup, and executed poorly and a comedian got backlash, it was either a joke that didn't work OR it was intentionally offensive for no reason other than to be edgy and thus got rejected as being in poor taste OR it wasn't intended to be precisely that, but that was the perception made by the crowd. Unfortunately, perception is important and this is why some comedians have had to come out and apologize for jokes that they didn't intend to sound ill-spirited or in poor taste but were perceived as such. The central issue with your joke is that it is tone deaf. White people owned, beat, and killed black people for hundreds of years, then continued to beat, oppress, and kill black people for years after slavery ended due to white nationalism and only relatively recently in American history did they stop being oppressed by white people. It doesn't mean that jokes on the subject matter are off limits, but it better be a flawless joke that just works well as a joke because if it is not, it comes off as hateful due to the subject matter being as divisive as it is. But I think you took exception to Rock's joke being about killing "white children" and that gaining laughs from the crowd while he smiled (as he smiles throughout every special he has ever done). That line by itself is not funny. The setup, delivery, and entirety of that whole bit was funny and well done. It got laughs because they knew he was telling a joke. Sure, some there may hate whitey and take him sincerely, just as some take some white comedians jokes as sincere and start shouting agreement while the comedian looks confused and has to remind them that he is telling a joke (Bill Burr does this ALL the time). Also, yes, there is a tad bit of a double standard. That's reality. Not everything gets to be truly, 100% equal. Deal with it.
  10. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    I think you fundamentally misunderstand comedy and how it is critiqued by the type of people who aren't predisposed to being offended by everything. This is a little long, so the TL;DR is the final two paragraphs of this rant. Comedy is a very different way of communicating. It can be absurd, it can be brutally honest and real, or somewhere in the middle. A terrible, awful subject can be used IN a joke. The absurdity of the joke is what everybody laughs at, not the actual subject matter itself. Nobody is dying laughing at rape, dead babies, domestic abuse, etc. and if they ARE laughing AT those things, they're psychos. But the jokes that involve that subject matter don't have a free pass to being a good joke automatically. If it lacks in delivery, setup, or in some other fundamental way while telling it, it is not going to be funny. So Chris Rock did this joke. Louis CK once did a joke about how being white is "clearly better" than being black. Does this make him racist? Was there an uproar? No, there wasn't. Sure, he clarified it during the setup by saying that he didn't mean white people are better than black people, but that BEING white is. Pretty sure Daniel Tosh did a similar joke where he said "I like being white. Who wouldn't want to be on the winning team?". And I've heard similar jokes about white people from black comedians. Comedy isn't a universal thing. A funny joke to me may not be funny to you and vice versa. That is also OK. Plenty of people I know don't like Bo Burnham, I think he's a hilarious genius. It's just a matter of preference when it comes to comedians themselves. We tend to gravitate more to the entertainers we can relate to. We listen to music that we can relate to, we watch and root for teams that we have some sort of tie to emotionally (typically), we watch comedians that speak in a way that resonates with us (usually in terms of our humor, sometimes in terms of who they APPEAR to be while on stage). This is why Daniel Tosh crowds are predominately white 20-somethings and/or college students and why Katt Williams is black 20-30 somethings. Daniel Tosh's jokes get by well with white kids, while black adults find Katt Williams more relatable due to subject matter and his way of story telling. Both races can and do find both comedians funny and enjoy both sets in an equal manner. It's just a matter of observation when it comes to the crowds and the general appearance of a trend there on my part. This is incredibly long winded, but this has to be articulated for the sake of this entire thread because it was started under a premise that is absolutely ridiculous when discussing comedy. The reason a thing can BE absurd is that it exists, at some level, within reality and it's something we all know, whether we outwardly express that fact or not. A white comedian doing a similar joke wouldn't work because the setup and punchline simply don't conform in any way to that of the real world, so the absurdity would be lacking, and the absurdity is what makes the joke funny. Chris Rock certainly doesn't want to see anybody killed. A great example of a comedian trying to be "edgy" and failing hard is Michael Richards. He got angry, said a word he shouldn't have towards a black person while on stage, and tried to save it by going over the top with it and saying "oh I was just being funny by being absurd" after the fact. No, he was being a racist and an idiot.
  11. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    It's the opening of the set. He starts off by talking about cops shooting a white kid to balance out the black people shot. He then goes into the "real equality" segment. It's all an absurd way of discussing a current event topic. It's a joke. If you don't like it, fine. But he's not being literal. This segways into a bit about his interactions with police. The cops themed bit concludes with Chris Rock doing a joke about the necessity of cops and the use of the term bad apples. Again, in an absurd way, but he's not writing a diary. It's a comedy special. Please, don't ever watch an Anthony Jeselnik standup special. Or Bill Hicks. Or anybody else that kills with absurd jokes. Your fragile little mind will explode.
  12. Something seems off. I was all for calling the SRO a coward, and still am. I wonder why the next deputies on scene didn't say "OK, there are more of us now, let's go". Did they just follow the SRO's lead at that point? Did they think this kid was gonna come running out to them? Had they never drilled active shooter situations? Regardless, I wonder how they address this as an agency. Unacceptable.
  13. 1. Agreed. 2. Sure, but here in the south PLENTY of people can make their own ammo. Look no further than moonshine to see the industriousness of good ol' boys with something they love. Of course you can still make that illegal. 3. I'm sure it is doable, but at that point you're better off just outright banning them all together. 5 rounds in a 10-15 foot gun fight goes quick and the tech you're describing could be faulty in a myriad of ways. 4. Agreed. 5. Limit hunting rifles to bolt action and 3-5 round mags and we're talking. Honestly, I'd be fine limiting hunters to bow hunting because that would cut out the BS "hunters" who are too lazy to learn tracking and actually stalk an animal. Would potentially result in some of these hunters becoming healthier, so we address our obesity epidemic as well.
  14. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    The next four are absolutely point must-haves. Regulation losses only make staying in the hunt hard. If we can survive this week with NJ and NYI, we will be solidly in the 7th seed and possibly the 6th if Philly falters. We're still in striking distance of Pittsburgh as well, so we need these next four, preferably as regulation wins.
  15. Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro on the Transgender Movement

    Let's not bring fanfic into this.