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  1. Just want to point out something Heel mentioned earlier in reference to evolution and how science can speak to the continuation and development of life but not the original cause. One word: abiogenesis.
  2. Just got into a road rage fight

    So when you're telling a story, it's best to give the context in a clear and concise fashion. Once you've established the context, for ease of reading and for formatting's sake, do a paragraph break. Now that you've broken from the context, you can give the bulk of your story on its own paragraph. In this instance, it would be the moment you started driving around him. You give the details and you do so in an easy to read manner. Proper punctuation and grammar are big here as it helps convey your emotions as well as it helps streamline your thoughts in a way that is easy to read. This particular moment would then end around the time that you two come to your big climax in the story. Starting here with the moment he gets out of the car and proceeds to shout, you go into the big fight. Again, punctuation and grammar make this part entertaining. Incomplete sentences and run-ons should be avoided for the sake of clarity. This concludes your story as well. Now you have a paragraph remaining to unload your takeaways from this instance and what you learned about yourself and your opponent in this incident. This is your conclusion paragraph that wraps up everything. I'd recommend saving this post as your short story series is often entertaining in content, but lacks good writing principles.
  3. Eminem's new album "Revival"

    So it released today. There are some good songs but overall the album is just....bad. Disappointing. Production quality is subpar for even the most middling Eminem album. He's still got all the lyrical skill in the world, but it's...I don't even have the words. I was so excited and now I feel like I've been tricked and this album is just a joke. It may grow on me, but it's just not at all what I was expecting from an Eminem album.
  4. The Walking Dead season 8

    After defending the hell out of the show for years, I'm starting to feel the frustration. Killing off who they've now killed off....last straw for me. They kept Shane beyond what they did in the comic, fine with it. They introduced show characters that didn't exist in the comic, fine with it. They jacked up Andrea's character, then hinted at her becoming more like her comic counterpart, fine with it. Killed off Dale needlessly...first mistake for me. Completely screwed up Andrea and Governor in just one season. Second mistake. Killed Andrea, which was a mistake but also a mercy because she was so awful at that point. Screwed the prison storylines up so much that it became drama for drama's sake. Tyrese. Just terrible. Jacked up the post-prison arc. Changed the hunters but it worked decent enough that it was actually enjoyable. Then we have Alexandria which was a mix of well done and clunky. Negan's intro was the last really good aspect of the show. Gimple just wants to do his own thing with the show. Darabont leaving started the collapse. He knew what he wanted to do with the characters and story. Darabont tried to keep the tone similar to the comic. Gimple wants to make a TV drama with a zombie back drop.
  5. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    Our gameplan is always so random. You go into it KNOWING we are going to try to run the ball, but it's a toss up between creative runs and misdirection or just forcing A gaps for 80% of the day. Shula rarely makes calls that seem purposeful and more by accident. He tries to outsmart himself. So when it comes to CMC, it is the same. One week, we're designing little gadget plays to him, and then we don't the next. We need to spread the defenses out more, and we need to let our speed setup the strength of this offense. CMC is best utilized when he is unpredictable. His biggest game this season was a combination of inside and outside runs, screens, short passes and a deeper pass as well. He is his own meta game. We don't need to force it to him, but we do need to mix it up some with him. Let him run that wheel route from a trips set. Let him just run up the seam to open up Olsen or Funch underneath. As it stands, teams know CMC is getting the ball on a read option or a pass in the flat. To use that assumption against opponents only makes sense...which of course means we won't do it.
  6. This is why the read option is never going anywhere. It's deadly when executed.
  7. We're gonna chew the 5 minutes off as much as we can and then punt.
  8. Shula better wake up because Minny is getting their offense figured out.
  9. Vikings

    Season 5 is going to resemble season 4 with the slow build that has enough action to keep interest but not as much as early seasons did, which is fine with me but some hate it. Ragnar better not appear a ton. The story of his sons is epic and should be the primary focus. I don't mind Ragnar appearing to Lagertha or Bjorn or one of the other sons via dream sequence, as long as it doesn't happen often. Fimmel will have other roles in big productions. He has to. His "I have the last say" speech was amazing, and he was amazing as Ragnar from start to finish.
  10. Punisher - Netflix

    Show was amazing but I love Jon Bernthal so I was going to like it regardless.
  11. Vikings

    Forewarning for those who haven't watched, there's gonna be spoilers all up in this thread. I suggest you all watch it because it is great and you can get through the first 3 seasons pretty quick (10 episodes per season for the first three. They then split season 4 into two 10 episode halves, for some reason. Amazon Prime has all 4 seasons already up and available free to Prime subscribers, and History Channel's website has the first three episodes so far of season 5 up now. Not sure how long they stay up though. No thread for this show already so here we are. Season 5. A lot has happened. Ivar is someone I both love and am annoyed by. The actor does a great job regardless, it's just the writing for the character. They're trying to make him seem complex and thoughtful but also a pure psychopath. It just doesn't work well all the time, IMO. Ubbe is brilliant, as is Bjorn. I'm interested to see how this whole season plays out, particularly for those two. Anybody else watching?
  12. We've lost to 3 teams

    Well if we're trying to play the optimist in this thread, I'll add to it. 8-4. We can finish between 10-6 and 12-4. Anything in there is not a BAD year. 10 wins SHOULD get us the wildcard,11 all but guarantees it depending on how other teams do. 12 is a sure bet, IMO. Basically, these next 2 weeks determine our fate. If we lose both, we need some luck. If we split and win the last two, we should be ok. So, win out and avoid any possibility of disappointment. It's not impossible, but beating the Vikings is something we SHOULD be able to do if we show up for it. If we come out like we did today, we're going to get waxed. No way we finish at .500 though, regardless. So, rejoice! We have successfully guaranteed Rivera's and Shula's job for yet another season!
  13. Would've liked to see a decent 15 yard pass play tried at least. If it works, you try to get into field goal range. If it fails, you simply run the clock out and can say you tried. To concede the possibility at all of getting points is cowardice.
  14. Perspective

    On the black cat curse, that idea possibly comes from pagan beliefs in the middle ages as cats, specifically black ones, were viewed by certain pagan belief systems to be good luck. During the Christianization of Europe (particularly Scandinavia and Ireland), goddesses like Freya and their symbols (cats) were demonized to make Christians more fearful of the pagans, which effected their trading with the rest of the world resulting in resistant pagans converting to Christianity. I'm no scholar on this, but it makes sense in my head. We're not cursed. We just have an owner who won't let go of the old school football thought and coaches who don't understand adjustments and utilizing talent properly.
  15. So Shula finds success on the first drive....then refuses to call similar plays ever since. Makes sense.