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  1. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    Hated Harper with every fiber of my being. He came here, I hated it but knew he could improve our secondary. I now love the guy. Same situation with Finnegan. Colin Jones is good, but not in the nickel. He is born to drop down on crossing routes and not get beat deep because of his speed. Putting him inside where he has to anticipate quick ins and outs is hurting the team because that's not his skill set. If Tillman is looking to be out for a month, we need a nickel, because Colin got picked on throughout the game last night. Teams will pick up on that and we'll have a situation like the Seahawks playoff game last year where they dink and dunk us then hit us deep when we overcompensate.
  2. Walking Dead Season 6

    Like season 4 and 5, when you watch it all on Netflix without the week long waits, the story will seem better. When you're waiting, it feels like there's not much going on. Let's recap.   Rick launches a plan for a near by threat.  Rick essentially becomes second in command to Deanna. And in Deanna's mind, Rick runs the show. Introduction of major role players in the show like Heath. The drama of Enid and what her role is to become. Glenn's return from hell. We know what Morgan was up to for three seasons of show. The divide in the group between being safe and intertwined with the Alexandrians vs those who think the Alexandrians are simply useless and shouldn't be considered "one of them". The various romances building. Abraham and Sasha are coming back from PTSD. Carl is being little Shane. Wolf in the walls. Saviors introduced. Maggie's pregnancy. That's just to this point, and I'm sure I missed some. There's a lot going on. 
  3. ESPN Playoff Machine

    It's Tampa. I see them fumbling their way to a disappointing end of 6-10, as they'll be playing against teams fighting to take their division while they are in the midst of fighting for 3rd place in our division. Just a gut feeling that that roster will quit on itself and just accept a lost season by week 14. Denver's defense is while they'll compete. Not having an offense that can put up 20 points regularly will hold them back. Only way they get in is if Osweiler shocks us all.
  4. ESPN Playoff Machine

    Picked a couple of upsets and the rest picked based off common sense. Literally like, 5 upsets in the next 5 weeks change the playoff picture that much. I see TB floundering out into oblivion while Atlanta is out by a half game. No Minny because they have a tough backend to their season, and I see them getting exposed. St Louis is my sleeper to come out of absolutely nowhere. No Denver because I don't think Osweiler is good enough to take them far. They'll be successful and competitive, but just won't be able to make those 2-3 plays you have to make in every game to win it. Could be wrong, but I don't see Denver winning enough to squeak in. Houston will come on strong I think and win that division by the skin of their teeth. Buffalo is good enough to play with most AFC teams, I think. They'll be a first round loss, most likely, but I see them getting in with a couple of games going their way in the last 3 weeks.
  5. ESPN Playoff Machine

    NFC: 1. Carolina 2. Green Bay 3. Arizona 4. New York 5. St. Louis 6. New Orleans AFC: 1. New England 2. Cincinnati 3. Houston 4. Kansas City 5. Pittsburgh 6. Buffalo Odd playoff picture, but certainly possible.
  6. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    First scp thread I've legitimately read on the crapper.
  7. "Oh I can get 91, he's cheating it."   Proceeds to draw him off sides multiple times.
  8. Cam, if you read the huddle... Do it. Just do it!

    I'd bet money that if Cam rushes for a first near that star, he may strut to it and do the first down point on it. Which would be sweet.   I don't care either way. Win the game.
  9. Well, let's get down to it

    Short week means less time to enjoy a win for everybody. Big deal, it's Washington. We did what we should have done. Awesome, but now it's time to refocus. The high from this win will be replaced by the agony of losing to Dallas in the regular season, again, if our boys don't show up to play Thursday. While that's not a concern, what is a concern is their receivers. I'm not much on "what we have to do to beat Team X" type of conversations. Why? Because they're stupid. All you need is a formula to beat ANY team. I've stated it several times, and I'm repeating it. -Win the turnover battle -Win time of possession -Win the big play battle (limit the opponent's and get as many as you can) -No stupid penalties -No foolish plays/don't make a bad play worse (throwing the ball wildly in order to avoid a sack, trying to scoop and run with an offensive fumble, etc) -Win the kicking game/ST -Be the most physical team on the field Do those things, you win the game 99% of the time, simple as that. Sound fundamental football. Now, each opponent has their own unique things to consider. For Dallas, this includes: -Stopping their run game. Romo likes working off play action. Take that threat away. -Shut down Dez. Force the other receivers to win the game for them. Dez can be a game changer. -Don't give the other WRs space. Similar to GB, their receivers thrive on running in space and trying to beat you deep. Shutting down Dez forces throws into hopefully tight windows, which is ideal. -Get pressure. Self explanatory. With these receivers, our front 4 are going to have to do it alone more times than not. Good thing CJ is back. Offensively, stick with what we do. Fire off the ball. OL can't allow pressure up the middle, because Dallas has speed outside, which could limit Cam. Push rushers wide, give Cam the middle to run through. Their LBs aren't going to be able to stop Cam coming up at them and having both sides of the field to cut to. Funch has to continue being a threat in order to free up everybody else. There is no reason we should lose this game. None at all. We're the better team, point blank. Dallas can absolutely beat us, but it'll take us not playing at the level we have been and them capitalizing on our mistakes. That's what they're going to bank on, Cam or the defense making mistakes, allowing for them to make plays. Don't give them freebies and be more physical, we win. Good guys 31 Cowgirls 17
  10.   There's no team we SHOULD lose to. We've demonstrated the ability to beat any type of team in various conditions, including being without our best pass rusher AND the league's best linebacker for a quarter of the season. We've shown we can create turnovers and turn those into points, we've shown we can drive long fields with consistency over the course of a game. So yeah, we have ALL the reason to be confident and not scared by anybody. Can we lose this week? Next week? The following week? Absolutely. Should we? Absolutely not. We are the best team in the NFC and there are only a few AFC teams that I think could beat us. And that's assuming they catch us on a bad day. Don't like the confidence of the fan base? Deal with it or go jump on a different bandwagon.
  11. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    Oh it is absolutely awesome. Great looking. Bet it's a ton of fun to pet. The dog is OK, too.
  12. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    Gel caps because I got tired of being scratched. Still looking for that particular blue though because it'll look awesome.
  13. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    Panther is his name. He's celebrating the win in the second pic...or yawning. One of the two.
  14. Redskins social media is trolling Panthers fans

    Fairweather fans here for the most part. A lot of my coworkers were talking how Cam is going to prevent us from finishing .500 before our "tough" 4 game stretch. Now they're all talking each weekend about how good the team and Cam are playing and how they can't wait to catch the game. I haven't seen many Skins fans in Lincolnton, honestly. Plenty of Cowgirls and Steelers fans here, though.
  15. This team is about to hit other dimension good. It's late November, historically great Rivera comes out. This could be scary.