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  1. If it's in the Fort Mill area or a similar area within 30 minutes, I think it's a fine idea. Most of the players live in Charlotte or in a nearby suburb. Moving practice more than 30 minutes away would be ridiculous I would think. Most teams have practice facilities in or near the same city as the stadium, right?
  2. lightsout

    Deadpool 2

    The last one. Think killing the idea of Green lantern and the Origins movie is more than just a joke.
  3. lightsout

    Deadpool 2

    There was a slight nod that it may. Apart from Deadpool literally calling Josh Brolin's Cable "Thanos" at one point. I think they're preparing us for it. Deadpool is entirely dependent on SHIELD, Cable, Spider-Man, the X-Men and various mainstream Avengers to exist further in good movies. This movie wrapped up his character arc (unless they want to introduce the comic book schizophrenia somehow). Seriously, put Deadpool in the next Avengers movie, even for a 10 minute scene. It'd go over like crazy and be a good way to announce that the deal is done and the inclusion of Fox properties has begun in the MCU. And the end credits scene actually fixes one of the major roadblocks to making it happen from a canonical standpoint.
  4. lightsout

    Black Ops 4

    So we know the second week of October brings Black Ops 4 and we know a fair amount about the game. - Plays similar to Black Ops 3 - 150 HP and slower time to kill to allow more tactical play - Boots on the ground/no jetpacks or boost jumps (save for a single item for a single loadout character) - Predictive recoil similar to CS:GO - No campaign in favor of a Battle Royale mode. - No auto health regen. Must use an item that is on a short (1.5 seconds for STIM) cooldown to recover health. - Grenades and other throwables are on a cooldown that varies by item. I'm sure I'm missing some things, but those are the big ticket items. From the gameplay captures YouTubers have from playing the alpha build last week, the game looks good. Levels are three-lane, Treyarch style maps. No campaign bums me out because Treyarch always has great campaign modes but I will just have to deal with it. How is everybody else feeling about it?
  5. lightsout

    Deadpool 2

    I've heard the entire spectrum of things about it. I've heard it's even funnier than the first. I've heard it's about as good as the first. I've heard it's good, but not quite as good as the first. And I've heard that it's just kinda ok. I'm seeing it Tuesday so I guess I'll find out.
  6. Where have I put my head in the sand? I think I've been fairly reasonable. For the record: -yes, I acknowledge racism still exists. I have not once stated that it does not. -no, we should not bury our heads in the sand and ignore it. Never once have I stated that we should. -yes, as it pertains to statistical disparities in incarceration numbers, that is something that should be addressed For what it's worth I generally agree with everything you have said. My issue arises from you taking me to task and (at least seemingly) insinuating that I hold either willful ignorance towards racism or possibly have racist leanings. Neither are true. My example of the cop kicking the kid in the head is what spurred this, so let me circle back to that so we can find what the issue is that you have with what I said (I'll acknowledge the possibility that I may have been unclear, so I'll be more plain-spoken here). Was he a racist? Idk. I didn't read much detail into him as an individual when that story broke. Face value, it's a bad cop doing an even worse thing, regardless of the race of anybody involved. Any statement on that particular video beyond that without verifiable evidence to support it is a conjecture at best and a statement which is harmful to solving THAT PARTICULAR PROBLEM at worst (read: the instance of that cop and that kid and that particular action). I am NOT stating that he is definitely not a racist. He very well may be. But upon seeing the video for the first time, with no other information beyond the video itself, many people reacted with "that's racism" just from looking at it. That is what I have problem with. If the story breaks with "officer who has been quoted by others as saying racist things kicks black kid in the head while handcuffed", sure, call him what he is. You'll hear nothing from me. But allowing the default position be "he's a racist" does nothing to help the issue. It only divides people further and creates unnecessary tension in an already tense environment. That's all I'm trying to say.
  7. You're being argumentative and accusatory for absolutely no reason. If the cop that did that were black instead of white, he's just a jerk doing something screwed up. White guy does it, and you're first assumption is "this is subtle or not so subtle racism, for sure". This is why NOBODY likes serious conversations on this topic because it devolves into this simplistic kindergarten labeling because we can't fathom some people are screwed up, mean, hateful, etc. towards people because that is their nature. Not about race, religion, sex, etc. For sure, if a person says "I do not like black people" and then proceeds to commit crimes against black people, that is racism. However, if a person is willing to assault anybody of any color in the same manner, then it is not racism that pushes them but the fact that they don't care for other people in general. But sure, live in your black and white world (pun intended) all you want. Ignore the issues humans have and whittle it all down to "white people that do anything negative to black people are absolutely racist and anybody who reasonably articulates that PERHAPS it is not motivated by racism but by an issue that that person has with respecting PEOPLE in general are conveniently ignoring the subtle or not so subtle displays of racism because they want to defend these bad people". Whatever helps you sleep at night in your dishonesty. EDIT: None of the above is to claim that the individual who kicked the young black kid in the head is not a racist. He may be, I do not know him or his feelings on people of any specific race. My point is that shouting racism loudly at everything doesn't make it so and we need to accept that sometimes problems aren't that simple.
  8. lightsout

    Dear city of Charlotte

    This thread is the entire point of the letter...
  9. I'm just saying, the vast majority of cops aren't that. To act as if every negative encounter between cops and black people is indicative of racism is dishonest. There are some cops that are filth (the cop that punted the guy in the head after he was handcuffed, for instance). I'm more inclined to call him a million other things before racist because I can't tell you for certain that that occurred because he was black. We can talk excessive uses of force all day. But let's not act like cops have it out for black folks as the default assumption because that isn't productive for anybody.
  10. On the first thing, that's a yearly required training. On the second thing, not always possible. We need more people who are good to go be cops to have more good cops.
  11. Where do you get that I ever called all black people Bloods? I was giving reason why cops will sometimes seem skittish or on edge and how it has NOTHING to do with race. You're literally THE problem in these conversations. So with your wisdom from on high, tell me. What training should police go through that they don't already have yearly? What vetting do you recommend that doesn't already happen? Also, percentage wise, how many 'bad cops" are there in your estimation? Ball park that number. Everybody is or should be against the actions of bad employees in every profession, including law enforcement. But making general remarks about the police and what their intentions or opinions are while saying they need "more training" without offering specific examples does nothing but serve the individual saying it.
  12. This. Never make any movements unless directed, especially hands in pockets or digging around in the car. This goes for any and everybody. If you don't get your license out as soon as you park, definitely don't reach for anything unless you're asked to do so in very specific terms. This is because of too many assholes that go into consoles and glove compartments and get guns out.
  13. In the Charlotte area in the past week, a Bloods OG green lit cops. This is on top of the occasional crazy guy posting on social media that he'll shoot any cop that comes to his house that I can personally guarantee occurs at least once every 3 months in most places. So yes, cops are "skittish" at times. Let's quit acting like all cops are out here harrassing specifically black people and treating them any differently for that reason only. I'm sure that exists, but not in every case. This leads to a deeper rift between civilians and police on the fault of people assuming the opinions, motivations, and beliefs of cops. But that doesn't fit the anti cop narrative so wtf do I know.
  14. lightsout

    The team under Tepper

    If you're gonna throw out livermush, at least put a picture of the best
  15. lightsout

    More misconduct in panthers

    So the issue, according to the Observer, is the "volume of communications rather than their content". So this guy probably started off innocently enough, then got clingy/stalker-ish and did not know when to quit. I'm sure they kept the worst of it hush hush under the agreement that he'd be fired promptly if they didn't tell that part publicly. The resignation was for him to save face and for the organization to keep up appearances of having high moral standard in a time where JR is going through his own thing. If I'm Ron, I'm holding a staff meeting and laying it all out. Do's and don'ts and chance to come clean with anything now so it can be handled. Then, first full team meeting, same talk. It's the only way for something like this to not sneak up on us again.