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  1. He was air lifted to Charlotte. From my information, they've caught the shooter and he has been booked in Cleveland County. Just figured I'd share. Carry on. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/deputy-shot-in-cleveland-county-official-says/813262686 Tim Sims is recovering. Good guys won the day!
  2. E cat can't see reason. Pedophelia =/= gay people. Not even close. Accepting that consenting adults should be able to do what they want will not necessarily lead to pedophelia because the key term is "consenting adults". There is no agenda by gay people other than to get people to stop beating them for being gay, to stop ostracizing them for being gay, to stop threatening to kill them for being gay, to stop hypocritically demanding them to stop showing affection towards each other because it is "shoving their gayness down your throat" while you openly hold hands with your significant other and make out in public regularly and see other straight couples doing so and never once tell them to stop shoving their straightness down people's throats. E cat, just stop dude. In your effort to "expose the left", you look like a moron. Not that you are (you may or may not be, I don't know you like that), but you certainly lend credence to other's claims that you are when you spout off nonsense like this entire thread.
  3. lightsout

    Trigger for Hiring Norv

    Somewhere between the season opener against Denver after the Superbowl and the start of the 2018 season was the trigger. Shula blew his load in the Superbowl season, got exposed in the Superbowl and never attempted to shake things up.
  4. lightsout


    He may be listed as a Will, but when you watch the games and we're in a base 4-3 look, TD is on the strong side of the formation a lot assuming it's not a 3 WR set. That's Sam. We do funky stuff with our looks on D though. A lot of offset 4-3 to put our DL aligned to the weak side with a LB or DB walked up to the line, or we'll go with an over look and flip our LB to compensate for the backside and walk the safety down to fill. So yes, maybe on paper and in certain scenarios, TD is a Will but his function more often than not is as a Sam. Of course I may just be remembering incorrectly. Been wrong before, I'll be wrong again eventually.
  5. lightsout


    Shaq does fine. His biggest weakness is over pursuing at times. Aside from that he really doesn't struggle with much except the occasional coverage lapse. The coverage thing I think is just a case of Will being harder to play, especially when our Will has essentially been big nickel and he's manning up on slot guys. His skillset is perfect for Will, but he's a Sam in his heart just like TD. He wants to be stopping runs and grabbing those playside routes. Those coverage responsibilities aren't as intense typically because you have route combinations that are easy to read and put yourself in a good spot to defend. Backside could be anything, and you have no TE to tip you off. Hesitate, get too deep in your drop, get too flat, slants and deep ins get you. Try to beat the receiver to a spot and lose sight of somebody underneath, now a RB or TE is running free. Think he'll surprise people if he gets the nod at Sam with TD being out.
  6. OK, seriously. I want EACH of you stating "Cam is inaccurate" to find every pass attempt in Cam's career and tally the amount of times he throws a truly inaccurate ball. I'm not talking complete vs incomplete. I'm talking passes that are inaccurate/not on target. If a defender makes a play on a ball that WOULD have been caught otherwise, is it now an inaccurate throw? If a defender is nowhere near a receiver and the ball is thrown in such a location that the receiver has to veer way off the route to go catch it, does that mean it was accurate because it was complete? You guys want to talk numbers when we discuss Cam's throwing accuracy and I am not talking about numbers when I say he is as accurate as ANY QB in the league. Will his NUMBERS be inconsistent? Yes. Why have they been? Ted Ginn as a number 1, Mike Shula as OC, a turnstile OL, Greg Olsen being the ONLY consistent receiving option prior to CMC, Cam having to be the leading rusher and throw a perfect ball 25+ times per game just for us to be competitive in games. I could continue. When Cam is healthy, in 25 thrown passes, 18-20 of those are going to be accurately thrown balls. Guaranteed. I promise you. Watch. Film. I have. Record EVERY game this season, and while you're watching, take note of the number of passes that were ACCURATELY thrown (not good/bad decisions. Was the throw accurate) and INACCURATELY thrown. Those 18-20 passes I mentioned may not be COMPLETED, but when you consider "intended target" and "was it thrown in such a way that the intended receiver could have/should have caught it", it was accurately thrown. But keep to your numbers and ESPN talking points because understanding that football isn't about numbers is difficult for some.
  7. And I'm saying you're wrong about his accuracy. I'd argue that well over 75% of all his passes over his career have been accurately thrown. I'd argue his absolutely worst passes were thrown while he was throwing injured so you can't use those games to point out an issue. I'd argue he misses some open guys occasionally going through progressions but that he's still largely accurate on the majority of his throws. Watch film, take stock of his passes, tell me I'm wrong. Does he have games where he struggles with throwing for a large portion of the game? Yeah. Absolutely. Do those games, when held up to his career, signify an "issue with his accuracy"? No. They don't.
  8. Anybody who thinks Cam lacks accuracy shows they know nothing about Cam. Consistency and lack of a real offensive coordinator made him look inaccurate at times. Cam can make every throw in a tight window. Not many QBs can say that.
  9. lightsout

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Favorite brewery. Capt Jack and Hornets Nest till I die. Don't sell it at my local Ingles anymore. Can I order it directly from the brewery in cases?
  10. lightsout

    Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

    But but but lower quality of care. Waiting lists. Other typical arguments against socialized healthcare.
  11. lightsout

    Training Camp - Day 4 Updates

    Idk. I'd parent and say "hey 5 year old mista-....child of mine. That's an adult saying that word. When you're older, you can say those words. Don't now though because those are adult only words". I don't want people upset by cussing fuging with my favorite athlete's 1st Amendment rights. You raise your kid to understand and survive society. Quit asking society to water itself down to bail you out from parenting.
  12. Obstructing a Congressional investigation is not an impeachable offense. Prove that I'm wrong here.
  13. Paul Ryan has literally outlined how you're wrong. It's on Fox fuging News for Christ's sake. Unconstitutional to impeach Rosenstein because he's done nothing to match the criteria.
  14. lightsout

    Michael Cohen has audio tapes

    Trump will likely make it through the year, but by this time next year we could see some crazy developments. I still say he'll make it to 2020, and after his presidency he gets flattened. GOP has to play ball as long as he's in Washington. They'll line up to throw him under the bus to save themselves after he is gone. Mueller is playing the long game. Even if this is Trump's leak, I gotta think Mueller has thought of him leaking it and has plans to use it.
  15. lightsout


    Google has the best music streaming service out (part of that being youtube so anything NOT found on Play Music can be found and streamed via youtube with the screen off in just the same way), it's just not as prominent as Spotify or Pandora because like a lot of Google's stuff, they don't really promote or advertise. I literally stumbled across it on my phone one day a year or two ago and realized that it just functions better than Spotify or Pandora or any other service.