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  1. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Our depth on defense is looking really impressive. This is why Alabama is so dominate every freaking year. They always have a few really great players on defense, but they are just 2-3 deep with solid guys at every position. While the other team's O-Line is huffing and puffing in the 4th quarter, our defensive starters are still fresh. Remember all those games last year we almost let get away in the 4th quarter...can't see that happening this year. Our 4th quarter pass rush is going to be suffocating if just some the pieces we've brought in the the last week come together.
  2. When a player doesn't fit your system

    Couldn't agree with Gettleman more. I listened to this whole presser and just nodded in agreement with everything he said. I think the most revealing part was where Gettleman talked about how dangerous free agents are. That most are basically mercenaries and not true professionals. That they come in and do well initially, but as soon as things get tough, they shut it down, play not to get injured and wait until they can leave and start a new stint somewhere else. Just a very interesting and honest perspective. Something not many NFL execs would be so forthcoming with. People always get upset when we don't have interest in every possible FA out there. This makes me appreciate the Free Agents we do bring in, like Oher, Tillman, Roman Harper. True pros.
  3. About those corners...

    I choose to, in Gettleman's own words, trust his "ample gut." Guy is simply the shrewdest GM I the NFL. What a novel concept...drafting players that actually fit in your system and grading them accordingly. Meanwhile Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tampa look like they draft based on what Mel Kiper says.
  4. Hardy didn't have any domestic violence red flags. He was defiantly known to be eccentric coming out of ole miss, be he never had any legal trouble there. Hardy fell in the draft on durability concerns.
  5. Whatever. Just my opinion. Doesn't make it false.
  6. The team clearly came to the conclusion over the last few weeks that Norman was nothing special. That his physical ability and size made him the perfect fit for our defensive scheme and that is what made him successful. James Bradberry is as close to a Norman clone as there is in the draft; Gettleman is putting his money where his mouth is on this one. I for one love this pick. This guy has serious upside in our defense. While it took Norman about 2.5 seasons to come into his own, that was almost entirely because of his terrible attitude early on. If this guy, who the team interviewed and worked out, has his head on right, he could be really good really quick.
  7. Tunsil getting submarined with bong video

    Tunsil was arrested while at Ole Miss because his (now ex) step dad hit his mom. Tunsil did what any self respecting son would do and beat the crap out of this guy. The step dad has been after him ever since. Makes sense that he would have had access to Tunsil's phone at some point and motivation to sabotage Tunsil. Stupid of him to let someone video him while he did this but...thank god when I in college cell phones had really crappy cameras. From everything I've ever heard from people associated with the Ole Miss football program, Tunsil was well liked and a hard worker. They never had any character concerns with him. Miami just got the best OT in the draft at #13. Good for them.
  8. Defiantly. Treadwell is the best receiver in the draft. If he is there at 30, crazy to pass. no way he falls to 30 though
  9. Robert Nkemdiche Is it Fate?

    No way Gettleman drafts Nkemdiche. He's as crazy a person as he is an athlete.
  10. If Laquon Treadwell is available at #30 do you take him ?

    Best receiver in the draft IMO. Reminds me of Dez Bryant talent wise and Thomas Davis character wise. No way he falls past #20. dude broke his leg in one of the most horrific plays you will ever see on a football field. Comes back less than a year later a better player.
  11. The question of Nkemdiche

    I'm an Ole Miss grad and spend nearly as much time keeping up them as I do the Panthers. The Panthers want nothing to do with Nkemdiche. He is a phenomenal athlete but the word I have heard since he got to Ole Miss was that he surrounds himself with a very questionable group of people that place him in precarious off the field situations. His brother, Denzel, being one of them. Denzel, also a former Ole Miss football player has been hospitalized several times due to side effects is synthetic marijuana. Not many drugs make you willingly jump from a hotel window, synthetic weed is one that does. I have no specifics, and everything I know is 2nd or 3rd hand, but all of Ole Miss was happy when he and his brother left. They were not liked. That says a lot about an otherworldly football talent in a town all about football.
  12. I say this would be an awesome deal. CJ is a very solid player and great locker room guy. If we can hang onto him for a couple of more years at a reasonable and cap friendly salary I'm all for it. I think he will be back to form next year if he can get and stay healthy. I still think we need to try and draft a future replacement this we've seen with Hardy and Ealy, it takes a couple of years for these guys to develop into solid starters. I personally think Ealy is set up nicely for a breakout season next year. He has flashed all year but I think his Super Bowl performance really showed him what he is capable of. Hopefully he can turn that into motivation to put in the hard work necessary this off season to come in and be a beast next year.
  13. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    I get kind of a Stephen Davis vibe from Alfred Morris. Supposedly washed up Redskins back, has had some serious success, defiantly has some tread left on the tires, could be had on the cheap. Come on to Charlotte and we will ride you to a Super Bowl.
  14. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Seems like it would be in everyone's best interest if JNo signs a 4 year deal here for a hometown discount, that pays him $9-10 Million a year. We get him for a relative bargain and he gets financial security. If we end up tagging him...sure he gets $14 Million but with no other guarantee. Maybe he has a sub par year, maybe he gets hurt. He will also be going on 30 this time next year, will other teams be willing to pay shell out top flight CB money to a 30 year old CB? I think Revis was about 30 when he got his last deal...but will JNo really command Revis money? I trust your sources just thinking out loud.
  15. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    Seems like a solid enough dude...and hey I freaking love Home Depot. Keep Pounding Sir.