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  1. SixMileDrive added a post in a topic So, Rivera REALLY REALLY loves his vets, or just hates Wegher   

    I don't know what world the people who think Rivera is a vet lover are living in because he is as far away from fitting that description as possible. Fox was a vet lover. Rivera is not.
    One of the things I've loved about him is how he's willing to give people the chance to earn playing time, no matter where or if they were drafted. Norwell would not have made the team under Fox. If he somehow did and somehow got into that game, I can guarantee that Amini Silatolu would have been right back in the starting lineup as soon as he was healthy. Look at how many un-drafted rookies have seen significant playing time. That is not normal in the NFL. 
    Rivera has shown no hesitation to try different lineups to see what works. He has been quick to cut under-performing vets (Cason, Avant) and give their spots to promising young players. He has made a point to bring in teaching coaches so that we can develop our youth. Ya'll are crazy.
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  2. SixMileDrive added a post in a topic Finally, coverage from NFLN   

    There are 32 teams. We went 7-8-1 last year in a small market.
    Move along folks, nothing to see here.
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  3. SixMileDrive added a post in a topic how young is too young to take your kid to a panthers game?   

    Two is absurdly young. Plenty of people detailed why it isn't a good idea from your perspective, but it is also incredibly inconsiderate to those sitting around you. Football games are kid friendly, but they are also a place where people want to go relax and have a couple too many beers. Young children don't mix well with drinking events. Not for the parents, not for those who didn't bring a young child. Its a loud environment where you won't be moving for hours and chances are high that the kid won't behave (this goes for every two year old).
    You are risking not only having a bad time yourself, but ruining the experience of twenty to thirty people around you. Give the kid some time and take them when you think they will be able to appreciate the experience.
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  4. SixMileDrive added a post in a topic 2 on 2 - Oher and Norwell vs Addison and Cole   

    Crystal clear win for OL. Used a stopwatch and it was a full five seconds before anyone cafe free. OL gets this one.
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