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  1. Bene broke his ankle for sure.. dammit

    If Shaq Thompson would have gotten injured on the play you would have bitched about it too. The playing 3 LBs at that point were AJ Klein, Ben Jacobs and Shaq. Mayo was OUT with a hamstring injury. Just stop.
  2. Who to pull for Sunday

  3. Left Tackle Daryl Williams?

    It Williams at LT fails it won't be because of his weight. To quote G-Man: "But when you look at players, one of the things you have to say to yourself is, if a guy doesn’t have all the physical qualities, what is he missing? Let’s say he doesn’t have the pretty left tackle feet. What’s going to allow him to overcome? Is he especially powerful? Is he meaner than a rattlesnake? Is he really instinctive? There are plenty of guys who are playing in our league at a pretty high level who aren’t classic left tackles and don’t have all the classic physical qualities. But they have something that allows them to overcome…Can a left tackle come in and play? Sure they can. Just like quarterbacks or receivers. But it takes a mentally tough kid to come in and play now. And obviously having the skills.”
  4. yeah thats me