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  1. peaky blinders black sails
  2. damn. tirico and gruden were great together.
  3. Who do you not want to pick rd 1

    neither are 235 and bell cut his weight after college.
  4. 100% utter stupidity: CONFIRMED

    so did they just forgive this last failed/diluted test or what?
  5. i'm with you man. PLEASE NO HENRY IN THE FIRST. honestly don't even want him in the 2nd.
  6. Black Sails

    IMO season 2 wasn't good. season 3 is much better though.
  7. Black Sails

    i haven't seen the season 3 finale yet.... it's a solid show but GTFO if you think it's better than GoT.
  8. Falcons D better with Courtney Upshaw

    meh upshaw is still a 2 down player
  9. this is good news. the saints are in desperate need of change IMO, and they will continue to be terrible until they commit to a rebuild, coaching staff included.
  10. in his defense, the reason we lost the superbowl (outside of horrendously one sided officiating) was because of our two weaknesses that were identified before the season started: weak OTs and WRs. i don't agree with his notion that these awards mean nothing, but i can see a rational argument somewhere in there. side note: my iphone just auto-corrected the word "getting" to "Gettleman"
  11. hopefully not colston either. we need someone with more reliable hands.
  12. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    welp. unfortunately i've confirmed this game is destiny 2.0. poo story and absolutely nothing to do end-game except replay the exact same missions on a higher difficulty. atleast destiny had the raids. i had been so excited for this game for so long. what a letdown.
  13. if i was blandino's boss and he came in and said this to me i'd fire him on the spot.
  14. michigan st pls plssss