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  1. We Have Officially Made It

    I probably have the most obscure Panthers jersey in the history of the franchise.  I own (packed away somewhere) a Barry Foster jersey from the 1995 team.  He never played a down for us, I think he got cut before the season even started lol.  I posted a pic of it on here a few years back. 
  2. Finally, an episode of Inside the NFL that doesn't suck

    Exactly what I was thinking.  Leaders have certain personality traits and Cam has them all.  We were really lucky we got him.  
  3. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    All good points.  And for the record I was in no way condemning Davis or anyone else that is friends with Hardy.  I've made enough mistakes in my life to not really have any moral high ground to do something like that.   And if you really thought nobody would talk about Hardy given he was on our team last year and we're playing his new team this week you're an idiot.  If you don't want to talk about him, skip the fuging thread.
  4. Not sure what to think about, Hardy

    Don't click on it then dummy.
  5. "We all knew of the situation," he said. "We knew what was said to have happened. It's one of those situations where you really still, to this point, it's still Greg's word against hers." That's a quote from Thomas Davis.  I love Davis but come on man.  If you see those pictures you know she didn't do that to herself.  Plus Hardy paid her off so that kind of say's he did something don't you think?  I'm all for giving people second chances.  People make mistakes.  But first I believe you have to own up to it and show some remorse, which I don't think Hardy has publicly.  
  6. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    You know I bet if Pablo would have dabbed a little bit he might still be alive today.
  7. un-Official What are Cowgirls fans saying

    I wandered over there last night saw much the same as every other team has said before they played us.  After we win I'll wander back over there and read much the same as every other team has said after they lost.
  8. Don't believe in an overall NFL conspiracy.  First of all the refs would have to be in on it.  Do you honestly believe that they could keep it a secret? Imagine if it were found out that the games were rigged, do you really think the NFL wouldn't suffer possible insurmountable public backlash?  They would lose so much money. However I do believe in individual ref's incompetency and bias.  
  9. I like Tillman so don't get me wrong here but why was Bene moved to the nickel spot this year?  I've heard it said that he's a natural nickel corner but it seems to me he's played better starting opposite JNo.  I could be wrong and I probably missed something somewhere so someone enlighten me.  
  10. Post your 10-0 memes!

  11. Defense won this game for us

    Just saw it tweeted that today our defense allowed the lowest rushing yards in franchise history.  Yeah...the d was pretty good today.
  12. A game so good it doesn't matter what you wear postgame?

    ...waiting for letter to the Charlotte observer from Redskins mom complaining of daughter's stolen mink.
  13. Defense won this game for us

    I'm not saying the rest of the team was bad.  I'm just saying that the defense pretty much won it for us.  Look at three of our touchdown drives: 3 plays 31 yards 6 plays 24 yards 3 plays 11 yards. Of course the offense had to finish it and convert those into touchdowns, but you can't get much better field position than that.  
  14. Atlanta Falcons.... RISE UP

    Really think Tampa Bay is 2nd best team in our division and they're getting better.  
  15. Defense won this game for us

    Allowed 14 yards rushing and less than 200 yards total.  Got 5 sacks,4 fumbles and an interception.  3rd down percentage was 22%.  If our defense plays like this nobody beats us.  Dominating defense with this offense is scary good.