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  1. Bigdaddy8523

    Big difference in cut players attitudes

    Its very clear which one's of us deal with these situations and which one's never have by the I don't give a poo response. But as someone that has been fired before by a dick company and management. It's wasn't about being let go it was the way they done it. Now that I'm in management yeah I've had to make the tough decisions for the good of the company and the hard working employees but treating the bad ones like poo never helped any situation I can tell y'all from experience.
  2. Ginn is the only 1 besides the Defense giving everything and thats surprising. CAM needs to be the Mvp again and our Wrs need to step up.
  3. I'm not down were doin it 2 ourselves. Smfh get it 2 gether.
  4. Don't get a stupid flag they're trying to bait us.