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  1. sml1950 added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire   

    The "Towson Tiger"...... Yae they really are the Tgers.
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  2. sml1950 added a post in a topic Jared Allen wanted to come HERE   

    Per RR's regular Tues. Sirius interview this PM..... Ealy will move over to LDE and play the 6 technique (over the TE) and move to the  3 tech. On 3rd downs and Jared will play his usual RDE on all 3 downs.
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  3. sml1950 added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    Allen may bring more than just his individual ability to the Panthers.  He was one of the first NFL players to train with Glazer at his MMA school almost 10 years ago.  He's attributed much of his success to these training methods.  Hopefully, he can get our other DL to buy into some of these techniques.
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  4. sml1950 added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    It only seems right that since Hurney overpaid CJ to keep him away from Atlanta, Gman would get a deal on JA and keep him away from the Falcons.
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  5. sml1950 added a post in a topic If Bersin is promoted...   

    Some teams are "playing the system" by cutting a player (with a wink) not subject to waivers and then resigning them on Monday.  Washinton has already done this twice with Frank Kearse.  Someone else would then have to be cut, but you have the results of that game in case an IR occurs.  Remember also that the team must keep that practice squad player on the active roster for 3 weeks.
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  6. sml1950 added a post in a topic Poll: Who will Score First Panthers TD of 2015?   

    68 yard Newton to Funchess....KB who?
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  7. sml1950 added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    The guy costs us nothing until Saturday.  It's a free tryout by a player we may have drafted.  It should be readily apparent after a couple practices and the Pitt game if he is clearly better and has more potential than B or B. If so you keep him, if not , cut him.  Philly did this exact thing with Barner.  They cut him, put him on the PS and they owe us nothing if he makes the team this year.
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  8. sml1950 added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    There's always the mysterious hamstring or groin that puts the player on IR.  You can't practice with the team, but you can go to team meetings and practice on your own.  For a 1/2 million cap hit, it could be an alternative.
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  9. sml1950 added a post in a topic Shaq   

    We've yet to find out whether our first two picks are hybrids or tweeners.  IMO both these picks were made with the intention keeping them on the field in multiple positions in no huddle situations when you cannot substitute.  More and more teams, including ours, are using the no huddle to create favorable matchups by catching the defense in nickel and running or base and passing.  If we can play multiple defenses with the same personnel we defeat those mismatches.
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  10. sml1950 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    On the lighter side..Gettlemanisms
    After the normal 15 seconds of clearing his throat, Gman let loose a few baseball, basketball and fighting references in his interview with Brandt/Marvez last night:
    On taking over the GM with the team being $16 million over the cap...  It's like starting with an 0-2 count.
    On getting the cap under control... We had to cut THAT wide receiver..... Would not say Smith's name
    On keeping the cap under control... You've got to really watch FAs.  They can be money mercenaries, interested more in themselves than the team.  There's a reason they're FAs.
    On Oher....  We looked at every play of his 13 and 14 season.  Ozzie has a history of allowing guys to graduate.  He likes
    the comp picks.  Tenn was just not a fit along with an injury.  There are people who play professional football and there are people who are professional football players.  Oher is a professional football player.
    On  Kahil...  Our line is built around him.  You can't have a ham and egger in the pivot.
    On Trai.... He's 22 going on 29.  He's going to have a breakout year.
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  11. sml1950 added a post in a topic Panthers - Bills previews & predictions roundup
    Rex wants to win.. Good test of whether our depth has improved.
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  12. sml1950 added a post in a topic Cams maturity again?   

    Maturity equals pushing, shouviing and rolling on the ground instead of throwing a punch at someone wearing a helmet.
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  13. sml1950 added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    JRs nepotism led Polian to Indy and then his own nepotism hiring his son as GM led to his firing.  
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  14. sml1950 added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    NFL policy is extremely lenient on illegal drugs.  Each player (who is not in the substance abuse program) is only tested once a year between April 20- Aug 9.  After they pass that test they can do as much pot, coke, etc. as they want without any worry until the next April.  This assumes they do not actually get caught by law enforcement.  I doubt this stop would put Hill in the substance abuse program unless JR insisted  in order to stay on the roster.
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  15. sml1950 added a post in a topic Planning on coming to my first Training Camp   

    Wed. 19th is the Dolphin scrimmage.  Should be a good day to go.
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