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  1. We are getting 0 pressure on Matt Ryan.
  2. The Luuuke cheer is loud as poo!!!
  3. A little tussle at the end? He picked up the ball and got tackled, you idiot.
  4. There is that McCaffrey power!!
  5. sharkkiller

    Samuel Returning?

    Man, you are really reaching there to find some connections. Williams was fine until that asshole dove into the side of his knee. Probably would have been worse if it was the other knee, because at least the injured knee had a brace on it. And Olsen stepped on a defender's foot. What could that possibly have to do with a bad back?
  6. Wasn't his PFF grade horrible though? Certainly not paying $200 for that crap, but I seem to remember that someone posted that they had him graded as really bad.
  7. sharkkiller

    Trai has a concussion

    Are we trading up in every round? Not sure all of those players will be there at pick 32 in each round.
  8. sharkkiller

    4% fat, 100% machine, 110% focused

    8% huh? Probably closer to 6.
  9. LOL That girl smelled her hair and then someone told her she was on TV.
  10. How was that not a hold on Peppers?
  11. HOly poo!!!!! Armahgeddon it!!! REally getting it!!! Touchdown!!!!!
  12. I swear to God, these two jackoffs will not shut the hell up about the damn Cowboys. It is really sickening. The Panthers are running a play, and Buck and Aikman are rambling about how good the 4th string long snapper for the Cowboys once saved a duck from drowning.
  13. We have an offense, people!!
  14. Am I watching the Cowboys broadcast? This is just ridiculous. Troy Aikmen should never be allowed to broadcast a Cowboys game.