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  1. Good Game Panthers

    My God shut the ever loving fug up. So sick of this negative poo on this board. Just go away. So fuging annoying.
  2. 57 yards passing.

    It is not a different conversation. That play was brought up to say that Shula sucks because he called it. When it actually was an audible. How is pointing that out a different conversation?
  3. So if we win this game, what will the negative Nancies bitch abut for the next week?
  4. There we go Bradberry!!!
  5. Peppers got robbed of his second sack.
  6. Holy crap at the snow in Buffalo.
  7. No kidding. This group would be a blast a parties.
  8. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Why is this board so damn negative? I am going to a funeral on Saturday, and I bet there will be more positive attitudes there. It is getting to be borderline ridiculous. Nothing that happens is good enough, every team is better than us. We are 8-4 with a good chance to go to 9-4 but if you just read this board you would think we were fighting with the Browns for the 1st draft pick.
  9. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    I say go Falcons. We win out or lose 1 and we can still win this division. Screw the Saints.
  10. For the 3rd year in a row....it is Greg Olsen. He is very deserving of this award. Here is to hoping that he does not get screwed over again this year. Although it will be very hard to beat JJ Watt and his 37 million dollars in donations.
  11. How many seasons of this are we in for here? It is really getting old.
  12. I know, but you will get over it.
  13. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    This is not Madden.