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  1. I do not disagree with anything you just said. I was merely arguing with the premise of the OP. I was not saying that our offense is effective nor even a good offense.
  2. Way to take everything I said out of context. I never said any team should "run more because they excel at run blocking". I said that using the run can open up passing lanes and by some time for your QB. Which you supported with your opening paragraph.
  3. Wrong. But it works both ways depending on your gameplan. The run sets up the pass, but the pass also sets up the run. Finding the balance based on your strengths is the key. For example, if your O-line excels at run blocking, but is weak against the pass rush, then you run the ball. This causes the d-line and the linebackers to respect the run and not go full speed to your QB. However, if the opposite is true, and you have an o-line built for pass blocking, then you use screens and short passes to pull the linebackers and safeties off the line, opening holes for the run game. How exactly is this not common sense?
  4. If I had some time, I am pretty sure I could put together some stats that say the exact opposite. You can always find stats to back up your viewpoint. Looking at football solely from a statistical viewpoint is not a very effective way to approach it. Just look at Cleveland. They went with the money-ball approach and won a total of 1 game in two seasons. Running the ball effectively pulls the safety into the box. That is a fact. That opens up the middle of the field. Whether or not a team can take advantage of that depends on the team. But you have to be able to get to the second level on at least some of your running plays, or the defense will stop stacking the box. Using the entire league to get your stats does not really work, because you are lumping run first offenses in with WCO offenses, and they operate on different principles.
  5. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    The real question is who regards Matt Kalil as a legend?
  6. I agree unless a team friendly deal can be done.
  7. Cam Two would be Cameron Artis Payne, right? Probably not that big of a reaction. Although I would not like it, since I think he should be given a fair shot in training camp and preseason at replacing Stew this year or next.
  8. The problem is that the NFL does the franchise figures for all OL equally. So you would be paying tackle money for a guard. 13.07 million.
  9. To reduce his cap hit this year. If the space is needed.
  10. I think that having Kalil to mentor a new center would be worth the cost. I would say, give him a 1 year extension, turn his salary into bonus. That spreads it out over 2 years, and then let him retire at the end of the season.
  11. I would rather get rid of Stewart than Kalil. The line performed much better when he was in there this past season. Larsen did admirably, but it just wasn't the same. But Getting rid of both for Norwell just doesn't make sense. I like Norwell, and hope he stays, but I just think some other team with cap space to spare is going to overpay for him. Plus I think Star is gone, so that frees up some space as well.
  12. Let's look at these one by one, shall we? We have no leadership at the top of the organization. No owner, no real GM, nothing at the moment other than Tina. True enough for now. Although that should change sooner rather than later. Cam hasn't been the same since his MVP season. He's hurt often, and taking too many hits, I worry about his longevity. Add onto that, he isn't the most prolific pure passer in the league and he relies on his running ability to make him a top threat at the position. While he shows flashes of being an elite passer, they are just that, flashes. At this point in his career, I would like to see more consistency while throwing from our franchise QB. Before the white knights come to defend Cam, I'm not saying he sucks, I'm saying he's inconsistent. Again, true enough, but most of the problems with Cam tend to come from subpar protection. Our WR1 is a borderline WR1, but best suited as a WR2. I don't think he's garbage by any means, just not the best. I think the WR1 vs WR2 thing is way overblown in our offense. Do we need a WR? Yes. Does it need to be Antonio Brown or Julio Jones? No. We do not need a complete overhaul, just replace 1 receiver, unless Samuel or Byrd cannot get healthy, then we need 2. We have no weapons for said QB other than an aging TE and a RB who is a legitimate slot receiver who was underutlized in our offensive scheme. This should be fixed for the future with Turner. I have faith that he will actually use CMC correctly. Rivera plays not to lose instead of to win. It's caused us to blow leads numerous times and it's annoying. Yes it is. I agree with you on this point. It seems like the Riverboat has run aground for the past few years. We are changing both coordinator positions, and offensive installs specifically, take time. Time we don't have. It is not a completely new system. Shula ran a version of the same offense, so it will not take as much time to get it installed. Same thing with the defense. We are not switching to a 3-4 or a WCO. The division has gotten stronger the past few years. We won it three in a row, but the saints knocked last year's draft out of the park, and Falcons were able to make it back to the playoffs last year after the super bowl, something we weren't able to do. The Saints will be good again next year, but the Falcons are coming back to earth. Both teams have QBs that need new deals and will seriously hurt their chances at getting any FA's. Speaking of the Saints, they swept us. That has nothing to do with next year, that just sucked. It does suck, but we should have really won one or two of those games. Shula cost us and he is gone. The defense is old and underperformed last year. Our second year corners also took a step backwards, as did Coleman. We have no long term solution in place to replace peppers or Addison if they drop off this year. The main problem there was Wilkes and his fancy blitzes. He left the corners alone on islands too often. Hall should benefit from playing behind Peppers for another year (if he comes back). Addison still has a few years left, because he was way under-utilized early in his career. We may have been 11-5 last year but we certainly played like an 8-8 team at best. I disagree with that statement. We beat the Super Bowl loser, and came very close to beating the Super Bowl winner. There were bad points, but overall the season was not as bad as some make it out to be. Our schedule next season is absolutely brutal. It does not seem that brutal to me: Panthers 2018 Opponents Home Away Falcons Falcons Saints Saints Buccaneers Buccaneers Cowboys Eagles Giants Redskins Ravens Browns Bengals Steelers Seahawks Lions Toughest games outside of the division are Seattle at home (with a defense that is falling apart), Ravens at home (still not a big deal), Eagles away (tough game, but we played them close last year), and the Steelers away (tough game, but you never know). The rest should be easy by NFL standards. But you can't really know what to expect this early in the process. We have never had back to back winning records True, but with Turner in place, Wilkes and his blitz every play defensive strategy gone, we have the team to buck that trend. We have the ability to re-sign Norwell, but it would require Hurney to release his buddies Ryan Kalil and Stewart, who are both aging vets at the tail end of their careers, not great in their prime players. Nothing he has done in the past has given me any indication that he would make said moves for the betterment of the team, and that makes me a sad panda. Not sure that keeping Norwell would be worth losing both of them. We should be able to do it with some extensions. But we also have Moton waiting in the wings who could step in for Norwell if he moves on. I have a feeling Norwell is going to price himself out of Carolina, and that is not Hurney's fault.
  13. Sorry Scot, but you are reaching now. What indications are those?
  14. Panthers Mock w/Trade Down Scenario

    I would take the auburn kicker over the Florida kicker. That is a no brainer.