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  1. sharkkiller

    What Business Side Changes Would You Like to See?

    Everywhere is sweatingly hot in the south in July. Wofford is a good thing. It helps reinforce the Carolina part of the Carolina Panthers. The facilities have been upgraded there, both for fans and the team. With the shuttles parking is a non issue, and there are not many teams who have fan access like the Panthers do. I hope they do not change training camp at all. Unless it was yo move it to Furman University. But that is just because it is closer to home for me.
  2. I live in Greenville, SC and SC is far from a dump. Sure there are crappy parts, but NC has crappy parts too. No idea where you get the idea that there are no Panthers fans. I guarantee you that all of the opposing team fans in the stands that you all bitch about are from NC not SC. It is the Carolina Panthers, unless you are Diddy.
  3. Some people will find anything they can to bitch about. DJ Moore looked great in that video. The QB sucks, but DJ was good. You are bitching about the play calling and laying it on Moore's head. How is it his fault that the coaches called crappy plays, and that the QB could not get him the ball even when the play did work?
  4. Shhh..don't tell him.
  5. sharkkiller

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    I think I just had a heart attack.
  6. Can you be more specific? What about the roster has you feeling this way? This team has improved over last year's team which won 11 games.
  7. Holy crap, I know who this is....It is Dan Henning.
  8. sharkkiller

    Don't expect a RB signing this week.

    Sport trac has our rookie draft pool at 6,467,574. And the top 51 leaves us with 2,927,867 in cap space before any additional cuts.
  9. sharkkiller

    Don't expect a RB signing this week.

    It is according to Sport Trac and Over the Cap. They are usually pretty reliable resources.
  10. sharkkiller

    Don't expect a RB signing this week.

    Yep. 1.3 for Munnerlyn. This is after figuring in the draft pool.
  11. sharkkiller

    Don't expect a RB signing this week.

    2.9 million in cap space right now. Can add another 2.85 million by cutting Sheppard as a post June 1 cut. Can you stop bitching now?
  12. sharkkiller

    What if Marty Hurney

    He had a broken foot. That type of injury is not likely to linger, and he came back strong in the playoffs. He is also coming off of back to back to back 1000 yd seasons. Bottom line is that is was a good extension, and people don't like it because it was Hurney that did it.
  13. sharkkiller

    What if Marty Hurney

    Those three were already declining in performance, and had capable back ups in place. Neither of those are true in this case.
  14. sharkkiller

    What if Marty Hurney

    Well, most teams don't have a future hall of fame TE who is still a crucial part of the offense that that is in the last year of his contract. And I think you are wrong on two points. He was not holding the team hostage. At no point did he say he was going to leave if he did not get an extension. That was fabricated by Joseph Person. He merely stated that he was hoping to get an extension so he could stay in Carolina and play. The rest was an assumption based on him interviewing for a position outside of football.
  15. sharkkiller

    What if Marty Hurney

    Why is everyone hung up on extending Olsen? It was a good deal that saved cap space this year. I just don't understand why everyone is so against this and see it as a bad thing. Is it just because it was HUrney that did it?