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  1. Someone needs to go back and see how many game winning kicks Gano has kicked vs. game losing misses.
  2. Why is this even a topic? There is no way to change what happened. Gano is kicking great (minus 1 PAT and a 55 yarder). Made a game winning kick against the defending Super Bowl Champs, and his kickoffs are still some of the best (29 out of 31 for touch backs vs 23 out of 27 for Butker). I honestly have no idea what some of you expect out a kicker. I know fully well that some of you will say "I don't want to be nervous every time he kicks." Well, honestly that is on you. Inside 50 he has been money this year.
  3. Hes gonna be signed today.
  4. 28-3 Megathread

    Lighten up Francis. It will always be funny to make fun of 28-3. It will never get old.
  5. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    Here is Cam this week.
  6. So we are reading between the lines now? There is no indication that Cam is not healthy. Person was simply stating that the last time Cam missed a presser, it was when he was hurt. Not that he is hurt now.
  7. The coaches don't put players in the concussion protocol. the NFL does.
  8. Greenville/Spartanburg Panther Fans

    Hit me up on PM when you are sure of the dates. I would love to head up to a game, and having some company would be great. We can work out the details closer to game day.
  9. This topic gave me a headache.
  10. Right there with you on that. War Eagle and all that jazz, but damn if I am not a bit frustrated at that loss.
  11. Where is @dimbee? He might have some inside info from a Bears fan perspective.