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  1. Where is that reporter that got after Cam? Back it up, Rodney. You know you meant what you said. Why are you backing down? Back it up.
  2. Panthers Nation

    I was about to post that those are the whitest people I have ever seen.
  3. This years Clueless Gamer...

    Anybody know when this airs?
  4. Scott Simonson saved his sister's life

    This is the part that had me fighting back tears sitting her at my desk at work.   That is pretty powerful stuff there.
  5. Dammit, Igo. You are supposed to be on your way to San Jose.  Unless you are posting using the in plane WiFi? Oh man, you are good, Igo, really good. But really, can you stop posting under PU? I can prove it is you, too. Watch   The user name in question is PanthersUnited. The first letter is P which is the 16th letter of the alphabet.  There are 16 games in the NFL season. You were a photographer at all 16 of the Panthers regular season games. Photographer starts with what letter? P that is what letter it starts with. Do I need to keep going? I can keep going. I figured you out. Admit it.  
  6. You can make up your own one liner here

    For some reason "High Cuntry" magazine popped in my head.
  7. If they send them every play, the read option will kill them on the perimeters. Screen passes will be a viable option too, although we all know how great the Panthers are at screen passes.   They are many ways to negate strong edge rushers. When you can pass out of the read option like this team, it does a lot to slow down that edge rush.  Not saying that Ware and Miller won't have any impact at all, i just think that our offense allows for a pretty good counter punch.
  8. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    180,000...get it
  9. He is still going with it:      
  10. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Broadcast is full. lol
  11. Kids Playing with Cams (Foot)Balls

    Much better
  12. Kids Playing with Cams (Foot)Balls

    Nice video. Can we change the title to the thread though?
  13. Bronco buses crash

    Great, just another excuse for why they are going to lose. "Every team member had whiplash that didn't show up until 6 days later." "The Broncos were traumatized by the bus crash. Every time a Panther player came near, they flinched since they were reminded of that traumatic experience." "Peyton Manning hit his forehead, and it swelled......wait, oh...really? that big?....damn."
  14. Monday...

    Mental masturbation?