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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Romo = MVP. Cut Cam. Tony has accounted for 20 of 26 points. Stud.
  2. What Bucs Fans Are Saying

    Prepare yourselves, Bucs fans.
  3. Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    16-10 Panthers. Ugly, sloppy, defensive game.
  4. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    My bad guys. I strained and strained but I couldn't poo them to victory. I feel like I let myself down, you guys down and the team down. I promise to eat more fiber and never let this happen again. Also, I think I damaged my O-ring and possibly had a minor stroke......I gave it my all.
  5. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    I am going to hit the bathroom again and see if I can poo them to victory.....
  6. Eagles - Falcons MNF game thread?

    Eagles on a 14-0 tear since I took a poo. You're welcome, Huddle.
  7. Sadly I can't qualify because of my hatred of all things Twitter. However Luke will always be wet in my mind....
  8. Official 2015 Panthers Season Prediction

    I feel like 8-9 wins is about right. Luckily for us, that seems like it could be enough to win the division.
  9. No doubt about it. We were lucky enough to even have a legit #1 WR at all, considering a lot of the other teams out there. It isn't like the two Super Bowl participants last year had guys that anyone would consider a clear #1 WR. That is a pretty thin market as it is.
  10. I just don't think it is going to be realistic to be able to do a lot to improve our situation at this point. You don't want to mortgage the future by giving away too much in a trade or spending a crazy amount of money on a high priced veteran but you aren't going to gain much in value by dumpster diving either. The front office did a reasonable job of setting us up for success at WR in the offseason(drafting and signing) but we have just had some pretty rough breaks that a lot of teams would struggle with. I think the realistic thing is that we might add someone of fair to middling impact in a minor trade or pick up someone of reasonable value in the cut list, but if anyone really thinks that we are going to be able to get a #1 option, you are going to be disappointed. IMO, that just isn't realistic given the market and the fact that we aren't in a position cap-wise/future-wise to make some blockbuster trade or signing. Here is to hoping I am wrong and we are able to pull some outstanding player out of somewhere, though.
  11. I look forward to a time when we never talk about Philly Brown. One day we will have receivers that are so much better.
  12. Watching the local pregame and it appears they just want to beat me over the head with the KB injury. poo is depressing.
  13. Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread

    D. Anderson 1 for 1 already. CUT CAM!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread

    I am unable to watch but I am curious why Tyrod Taylor is doing what Jameis Winston jumped up onto a table and screamed to us. What gives?