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  1. kungfoodude

    tre boston

    I don't think there is much risk of losing money, TBH. NFL revenue was up in 2017. Ratings were down but the decline was similar to the overall TV ratings decline that happened across the board. There is no way to know what the impact is on ticket sales until the season ticket sales for 2018 are known. I have no doubt that revenue has little to do with Reid not being employed. It is highly likely to be related to the salary he may want and optics of the protests in general. I could see some level of general agreement amongst owners to avoid players like Reid because of the media circus associated with the anthem protests but I doubt the scare about revenue is very great anymore after most of the owners looked at the financial details from the 2017/2018 season.
  2. kungfoodude

    tre boston

    I do think there is some level of collusion on Reid not being signed but I don't think that extends to the entire safety market. I can't see all the NFL teams and GM's being able to hold the line on something that big. I would take Reid here for sure, assuming it didn't break the bank. At this point, I'd probably even taking Kaepernick even though I really don't like the guy. It has nothing to do with the anthem thing, I just thought he was a little bitch as a player. But....when I look at our backup QB's....yikes. If there was a scenario where we could bring him in for a veteran minimum, I'd be all over it.
  3. Matt Kalil, Amini, Seymour Sign two JAGs at LT and LG and improve from horrifying to merely atrocious on the left side.
  4. Why don't we have a Minnesota Miracle Pie option? It would be a good compliment to our 28-3.
  5. kungfoodude

    Preseason Week 1: Winners and Losers

    Well they might not be nearly as dangerous with our current OL blocking for them. I am afraid they may be a big enough weakness that they significantly hamper our offense all season. Extremely worrisome.
  6. No, Gilbert is just that bad. Not to say that the OL isn't also bad.
  7. We do have to remember that this is preseason and everyone is running vanilla poo. Still....this....is pretty rough....
  8. Historically maybe we aren't that bad but in terms of this preseason specifically I think we will be bottom 5 in terms of backup QB play. I have no idea why anyone had any faith in the guys we have. That was literally stunning to me.
  9. This is about to get ugly. I expect our backup QB's to be about as bad as we will see in the NFL this preseason.
  10. 1. Anyone on the OL not named Trai(seconded) 2. WR corps. Don't care what combo, just want to see big improvements. 3. Secondary. Show me this isn't going to be a long season of our DB's getting worked if we can't generate a consistent pass rush. I realize these aren't individuals, but I want to see these units perform well rather than some isolated individual performances.
  11. They have input but GM's make the ultimate decisions. At the end of the day, GM's will get fired for bad signings and draft picks.
  12. Yes but poo coaching at this level will also as easily doom a team. At best, it is probably a 50/50, IMO. But, I would wager coaches get more input on incoming talent than GM's get on gameday playcalls.
  13. I was more talking about roster moves in general for New England. They seem to be able to polish free agent turds better than most. The draft is tough. NE has had some great draft picks under Belicheck but the recent history has been pretty rough. Gettleman looked okay for a while but it is trending pretty badly for most of his draft picks. I agree on coaching staff's. I think comparing GM to GM on the basis of W-L is more than a bit dubious. Coaching performance has a big impact on that.
  14. Eh, I think Gettleman had some good dumpster diving finds but in hindsight was a very poor draft guy. I am definitely not going to compare him to Belicheck/New England. We will see what we can do moving forward.
  15. I meant with the on field talent. Our roster is going to start to look pretty rough in the next couple of years. That was why I said this was such a critical draft. If we whiff on the bulk of our picks, we will be in very, very sad shape. We just had too many bad drafts under Gettleman. You can't easily or cheaply fill those gaps with free agents. It might take some time.