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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Romo = MVP. Cut Cam. Tony has accounted for 20 of 26 points. Stud.
  2. I don't care if his jersey is made of used dildos as long as we keep winning.
  3. For the Cowboy conspiracy theory fans

    Yeah but we would be the worst undefeated NFL champion ever.
  4. Win Today is of Special Significance

    The tilde concerns me.
  5. Gameday Menu

    Whelp, given that I am on the road doing the hotel thing, I suspect I will be trying to find a sports bar in Rock Hill that is actually open.    If I can't accomplish that, I will just post up in my hotel with my usual gameday meal combo from the local gourmet food joint on the corner....
  6. I love it. The storyline seems to be the return of Romo and breaking our streak.   Keep hating/doubting media and public, it is propelling us to a historic run.
  7. Older fans, who ya got? Olsen or Walls?

    I have to go with Walls. I would love to break down the various positives and negatives of each player but legitimately it just boils down to the fact that I have such a fond memory of Walls and his production/play. If I go with my brain and not my gut, I probably take Olsen but I can't do it. Walls is my guy.   Love 'em both, though. There is really no "wrong" answer when you are choosing between the two.
  8. Who are the NFL's most annoying fans?

    I have me met some incredibly dumb and obnoxious Packer fans before in my travels. Not just a couple. 
  9. Who are the NFL's most annoying fans?

    Cowboys Patriots Steelers Packers
  10. The Excuses have already started...

    I fuging love it and agree. Make the story of every win the opponent. Let us be the one undefeated team flying under the radar. 

    It's 10 hours away and I am already chubbing up a little in anticipation.  Everyone at work coming in this morning = collard shirt. Me = Panthers jersey.  fug the dress code, it's gameday bitch.
  12. The online poker industry says "Hi." 
  13. What Bucs Fans Are Saying

    Prepare yourselves, Bucs fans.
  14. Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    16-10 Panthers.   Ugly, sloppy, defensive game.
  15. Sadly I can't qualify because of my hatred of all things Twitter.   However Luke will always be wet in my mind....