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  1. I would be 100% fine with cutting Ryan Kalil for similar reasons. Missing 19 games over the last three seasons while being one of our most expensive players. Regardless of that, how could you possibly characterize missing that much time and being 32 as being a good option? Unless he is dirt cheap, and even then I would question it.
  2. You are aware that the NFL season is not 12 games, correct? That is four straight years of missing at least 4 whole games.
  3. Agreed. We need to get some depth at RB and TE because our "oh poo" options aren't looking so hot. With RB, it would be nice to have an impact rookie. Right now, that looks like more a luxury pick with the needs that we have.
  4. Even if that is the case, DE is probably not an improvement that is going to help us with that effort. DB is. OG is. TE might. RB might.
  5. That is just flat out not true. The secondary can only be so putrid and let's not get that carried away with our DL.
  6. 1. CB 2. S 3. G 4. TE 5. RB 6. DE
  7. To be determined. I would like to say that he has learned his lesson but you never know.
  8. I am not against if for the right price. It seems like an odd move given that we trade for a WR and signed another one. It would make me think that perhaps guys like Byrd and Shepard might be pretty expendable.
  9. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    I don't think many are "pleased." Just more "not as upset as I expected to be." I haven't seen anything that made me jump for joy. Pretty happy he isn't just fuging it all up, but that is probably a pretty low bar to hit. Maybe he can wow us with the draft. That would be pretty sweet. We could use a vintage early Hurney draft.
  10. I don't think playoffs are a realistic option given the current state of the team. Now, if we get our secondary shored up and our depth chart squared away, perhaps that is an option. Right now, we have way too many holes in our roster to be considered much of a playoff contender. Think about how many spots we simply cannot afford an injury at. It's not a great position to be in. But, there is ample time remaining in free agency and the draft to add CB's, S, TE2, QB2, OG#1, OL depth, and RB depth.
  11. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    Matt Kalil is also making top tier money. He is the #11 top contract for all LT's. That is a figure for the total value of the contract, his 2018 cap figure puts him at #20 but that also has a lot to do with where you are in your contract and which end it is loaded on. For reference, Ryan Kalil is the #10 top contract for C's and #4 2018 cap figure. Trai Turner is the #2 top contract for RG's and the #10 2018 cap figure. Norwell's contract ended up at the #1 top contract for LG's and the #10 2018 cap figure. That would have made 4 of our 5 starting offensive linemen in the top 11 at their position in total contract value. Not a situation that is even remotely tenable in the long term, to say the least. I don't see why anyone would even have an issue with cutting Coleman. Not only does that clear up cap space but he was awful. No need to even defend that move, IMO. I think Hurney's biggest test is going to be the draft and handling Daryl Williams, Shaq Thompson and Devin Funchess upcoming free agency negotiations. Hopefully we don't see some more "Hurney contracts."
  12. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    I would say, even though I have no major criticisms of Hurney's moves, it would be hard to make a compelling argument that we aren't definitively worse as a team right now than we were at the end of the season. I realize that statement is based on an incomplete picture but I can't say we are better today that we were Jan. 8, 2018.
  13. Oh I wouldn't even say I blame him for that move. But hindsight being what it is, absolutely a bad move to make that trade. Injuries and bad luck still make for busted trades and picks. It is what it is.
  14. For a 1st rounder though? I can't agree with that because of the injury factor. I am not saying he was not an excellent player but how can it be anything but a bust pick when you look at what we gave up? It is unfortunate because I do think he could still be playing for us to this day.