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  1. I know a guy who lost most of his teeth to a Romanowski uppercut DURING a play. So yes he is serious
  2. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    You're kidding right? I sat next to you guys at the 2014 Thursday night game against the Saints and had to listen to that toolbag. I kept telling him "if only Cam was white" to which he got very annoyed.
  3. Panthers practice crowd

    Wait... What?
  4. Panthers practice crowd

    How in the world has no one in the organization or one of the players ponied up the cash for you to be there? Seems like a drop in the bucket for them vs the value of having your talents on hand. If I had big money like them I'd fly you out and make you my personal fluffer... I mean photographer.
  5. WTF, EBAY!?!?!? EWWW!!!

    I'll consider this my formal invitation, what should I bring?
  6. The Panthers and more specifically the Huddle are a big part of how I ended up with my lovely wife. We're raising our 2 kids to be die hard Panther fans and it would make our year to be at this game. I could bust out some Huddle history and further make a case but if it's truly random it won't matter. Except for my wife being a Huddle kitten, I was there for MPF's bewb flash, and for crying out loud Jeremyyou're responsible for my wife and MPF making out not once, but twice at the same tailgate. Please?
  7. It's kind of like seeing a 500lb dudeeating 10 baconators, if it were a healthy dude you'd probably warn him, but since fatty is just getting fatter it's like oh well.
  8. Gone Campin...

    Jason Trusnik, supposedly a special teams ace a la Karl Hankton, but I've heard very little about him and he's not on any of the roster projections I see
  9. Roaring Riot/Carolina Huddle Tailgate

    We'll do it. Let me confirm all the guys are available but otherwise consider it done!
  10. Roaring Riot/Carolina Huddle Tailgate

    Hey Riot, don't forget about my offer. My band is made up of die hard Panther fans and we still want to help out.
  11. There's no mistaking that cadence. Only a parent who has been forced to read that awful book would talk/type like that.
  12. Jase,You have this book don't you..
  13. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    Well he's definitely a high motor guy, and his football speed is much better than his 40 time.