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  1. 2 games in 5 days...

    We'd already planned am early meal to accommodate the game. However, now I'm in the Thanksgiving day Parade and that is making for a much busier day. Should be on the couch, beer in hand at kickoff still. 
  2. 90s music

    Live! Yes! I got the cassette of Mental Jewelry for my 15th birthday. Pain lies by the Riverside was my jam.  Still a great tune. Other jams of mine; Helmet-Unsung Sepultura- Roots album Deftones- Around the fur album (lookin at you biscuit!)  Days of the new- Shelf in the room Korn- first album was their best, but Follow the leader had some killer tunes.  And I don't care what anyone says when Godsmack came out that poo was tight. They were overplayed so people got tired of it but early on everyone loved that poo.       
  3. 90s music

    You need a drummer let me know. 
  4. No one will believe me, but I swear...

    I have had tons of little things like that happen over the years. I'll be walking through the parking lot of a store and have a random song pop into my head. Get inside the store and yep, that song is playing. I have dreams that seem like deja vu and up to a year later that dream becomes a reality. Then it's like double deja vu. When playing music I've had the feeling that a spirit is with me, once I know for a fact my grandmother visited me like this. It was shortly after she passed, and I was playing Texas Flood by SRV, I got so into the song I started crying and her spirit visited me.  I get tons of little premonitions that come true too. Nothing major just everyday stuff. Can't control it though it's totally random 
  5. For $45 I need a banner. You do shirts and stickers too? 
  6. I need a vacation

  7. Goddamnit insult me you piece of shiit.

  8. Hey slack ass, where's my hot or not threads??? Hmmmm? Some motivation for u... 24lo4n9.jpg

  9. This is what I think of the hot-or-not series... i1cj07.gif

  10. you are the boob master!

  11. Have some boobs for your efforts... img4a0047438b809.jpg