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  1. Carl Spackler

    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    Tommy Jone hurt Jake arm
  2. Carl Spackler

    Google Jim Bob Cooter gets BTFO: A case study

    Saha committed message board seppuku
  3. Carl Spackler

    DJ Moore blocking

    Moore is a good blocker, definitely helps his case for more burn
  4. Carl Spackler

    Elliott, Gurley.... McCaffrey?

    enjoy your piping-hot pumpkin spice latte, my friend
  5. Carl Spackler

    Calvin Ridley today - 7 catches 146 yards 3TD's

    Exactly. When we're running for 200 yards a game, forcing turnovers and winning, who gives a damn? Moore is ready when his number is called. When it isn't, and we win, people should get the sticks out of their asses.
  6. Carl Spackler

    Panther Win/Obada/DJ/CMC/Cam Pie fest

    Action Jackson, boys and girls
  7. Hell yeah! I missed the game bc I had some work to do but I saw on twitter that we were winning and heard Jackson and CMC balled out
  8. Also worth noting that after being cut, Charles Johnson was quoted as saying "I have no plans to retire anytime soon." He's since retired. Things can change from the moment they're said.
  9. I'm pretty sure he's just a Trump-loving Tennessee fan who might be on Hardy's payroll
  10. Carl Spackler

    The Super Bowl is going to stink. Amiright?

    Given that it will be played in the Atlanta Sphincter Dome, yes it is likely to stink
  11. Carl Spackler

    Graham Gano

    That's truly astounding. The most Gano moment I remember was last year's playoff game when he missed a 19-yard FG, but made a 56-yard FG later in the half. He definitely played a major role in us losing the Super Bowl as well as the game-losing miss against Denver in 2016. I was shocked when he converted to beat the Patriots in New England last year. Definitely a big moment for him here. We should thank him for missing enough easy field goals against TB in 2016 so we could move up in the draft order and get a better player. I guess what I'm saying is that Gano is by no means a bad kicker. More often than not, in the clutch, though, he's been known to morph into Zane Gonzalez.