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  1. I know zero about college, so I hadn't really heard of him until the draft season started. I was impressed with the game stuff I saw, but I can trace back the moment I loved him to this video. I work with kids periodically and have kids (1 at the time) and I knew what was being said about him being artificial was wrong. You could see how engaged he was and what kind of a person he is. Kids can cut through the bs pretty quick and they loved him. So I did to and hoped we got him.
  2. What is our gameplan with T.D.

    I read somewhere that McD was prepping shaq as plan b to take his place in the d
  3. Are the Cardinals Already in Charlotte?

    They could fly into Wilmington or somewhere in SC, maybe...
  4. Are the Cardinals Already in Charlotte?

    Nope, Raleigh's hit too.
  5. All this turf talk is nonsense.

    It all started with the Seahawks complaining to the sideline reporter and then the game broadcast took it and ran with the terrible field story. Bunch of pre-loss saltiness if you ask me.
  6. Ron vs Arians on "prevent mode"

    I agree that those are two of the weaknesses with DE being a distant second. BUT, those weaknesses existed in the first half and they were still able to shut them out. I don't think it's likely given Ron's history, but I wouldn't be sad to see someone better come in.
  7. Ron vs Arians on "prevent mode"

    If you're not doing what the boss wants, you're gone. Somebody else made the point that there's no excuse for giving up so many points with so many All Pros on the defense.
  8. Ron vs Arians on "prevent mode"

    Maybe it's no accident that McDermott only got one interview with the Browns. He might be looking for another job next year?
  9. Fare thee well, JakeR6

    Whew dodged a bullet! Thanks for taking out the trash.
  10. Skip Bayless

    In other news, Rodney Harrison's saltiness was getting all over Tony Dungy last night before the night game.
  11. And giving the ball away...we have a trailblazer, trendsetter folks.
  12. Did Thomas Davis really record no tackles? I couldn't believe did the Titans manage to run away from him all game?
  13. Palmer's crotch thrusts

    He's got two words for you, 12th man...
  14. Welp...

    Soooo delicious
  15. If you cannot post from desktop or your phone....

    Shortcut in FF: Ctrl + F5