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  1. While Seymour IS a downgrade from Worley, it isn't as steep. Both were low-end CB2s with Seymour clearly needing more experience. I think he does have more upside than Worley fwiw. Seymour could be fair if he works on his craft. However, we definitely need to address cornerback sooner rather than later. Would like to see if we could draft CB Jackson in the first round, followed by Reid? in the second and a solid OG in the third.
  2. Tidbits from my source

    I have a source who says it’s crazy to make a prognosis on Samuel’s injury this early in the game.
  3. Yuck at Ronnie Harrison in the first tbh.
  4. Tidbits from my source

    Because everyone can predict a guy who had a flawless history with injury in college would get injured in the NFL. I’m sure every team but Gettleman had him as injury prone and we’re the only one without fortune tellers and voodoo artists who didn’t think of that.
  5. Oh great another rumham.
  6. Scandrick was hot garbage lol.
  7. Below average starter. But can play tackle and guard. Versatile backup/practice squad fodder. Won’t count against comp formula i believe because he’s not a top 32 ufa
  8. Seriously dude can you hurry up and mute me already lol you’re wayyy too obsessed.
  9. He’s kinda bad. While he’s a hog molly, he’s just never been able to produce as a tackle. And fyi, if the Colts cut an o-lineman you know he’s bad.
  10. Okay now im glad we got this salty pos out of here.
  11. Couldnt we have waited out that cut foot and seen what’s up? Sigh
  12. We need some @SCP insight on this.