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  1. Seeing our owner connect with employees and the fanbase is fantastic. Honestly, Tepper is passing with flying colors with his ownership so far.
  2. Lmao. First off, Cam’s not new to Coryell. Norv is Chud’d daddy pretty much, and it won’t be that hard to adjust. I love how these pundits always bring it back to Cam, like he isn’t the best player on offense. “Oh it’s all on Cam this and that.” Like if they brought up something legitimate like “gotta wonder whether the offensive line can hold up to Norv’s downfield centric scheme,” then yes that would be valid and an actual logical claim. But man, these guys always want Cam to flop for some weird reason.
  3. Hurney did get Cam weapons but crapped the bed for our offensive line. I’d say he should get part of the blame if the Panthers stagger.
  4. Dear lord you’d think Chargers and Vikings fans can’t warn us enough about Norv’s past tendencies, and you’d think maybe we’d start questioning how good our oline actually would be with Matt Kalil and dead God whatever vet Rivera will likely start at LG. Heck, even Ryan Kalil isn’t a sure thing. He’s been bad lately, though it’s definitely injury related. “If cam cant produce with this ‘talent’” lmfao
  5. lmfao. this right here is what’s gonna happen sadly. we’re not going to do well because our o-line will be bad and Norv will turn out to be a fraud and revert to his predictable 1980s playcalling while Cam takes all the blame because he’s not Superman and the Hulk in one body all the time. We have questions on the o-line. Norv could turn out to be as bad as he was in Minnesota and be predictable + call ISO routes all the time. But Cam will get all the blame despite him being far and away the best player on offense, and it’s sad.
  6. Saca312

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    He definitely said that ‘coaching won’t change’ for PR fluff. I have a feeling he has everyone on the hot seat in reality. If we have a .500 season and miss the playoffs (given our unknown o-line situation sadly, it is possible) I feel he’ll be ready to clean house. Either way, I expect a huge fire lit under everyone to actually try and do good. We have the weapons and we could theoretically have an okay o-line (don’t start Silatolu Ron pls) for Cam to make a run, but it all starts from making the right coaching choices (pls give Cam the freedom he had in 2015) and personnel.
  7. I want to know if Curtis Samuel will have an expanded role offensively, alongside whether his ability of catching outside his frame has also improved. Daeshon Hall is another good name. Also interested in Donte Jackson and Damiere Byrd.
  8. Lol that would be dumb. Who we should trade is Daryl Williams with his value at sky-high alongside his high probability of regression next year. While all of you want to say “but but all-pro!”, his performance last year truly is overrated by many. He’s had a lot of help. For what it’s worth, he wasn’t as bad as the season progressed near the end (minus his terrible performance in the playoffs tbh), but still nowhere near his all-pro status, let alone being a franchise tackle.
  9. Saca312

    somebody made sterve smiff mad

    Basically, there was a guy who went to the mall and saw Steve Smith. The guy tried to go up to him and asked him “are you Steve Smith.” Smitty replied “not today” due to being on “daddy clock.” Pretty much doing what any respectable star would do in situations where they’d prefer no fan harassment. the disappointed fan then cried on twitter about it, and Smitty posted a reply for a bit before taking it down. as far as the OP...he clearly drunk.
  10. “Let Cam Newton be Tom Brady” THIS. RIGHT. HERE. When Cam makes his own adjustments and commands the line of scrimmage, we get 2015 MVP Cam. When we tie him up, we get limited Cam. Please. Let. Cam. Be. Cam. Norv.
  11. With the emergence of a whole new Cam Newton on his instagram story comes the controversy surrounding morality and ethics. For some groups, his eccentric use of language on a large public platform can be offensive to them, considering Cam liken to a lighthouse, lighting the way towards the path of true pure character and moral values as a role model. For others, they can actually find the humor and fun in seeing more of Cam’s day to day activities. Anyways, nearly a week ago, he comes out and explains just why he’s letting fans see his true self. The main message? To motivate the young people: ”I just want to inspire young boys... to know yo ass ain't got to rob or do none of that illegal poo, to damn get the bag as these young boys say” Whether you agree with his use of language or not, you have to admit he truly is inspiring in his own special way. Showing off how he’s working out, loving life, and putting in the hard work - that’s the true message. The focus isn’t on the language but rather the action. “Look at my growth. How I came from stealing laptops to being a renown physical nightmare on the field. Put in the work, and you’ll get there too.” That’s the message he wants to bring by being more open about his life.
  12. At this point if Manhertz has the nod over Thomas because “experience” I can’t wait to see Silatolu start because “experience”
  13. Sadly, a lot hinges on this. Aside from Trai Turner, I do not trust any other o-line member at all. Depending on their performance, it’s literally the difference between a 7-9 season and a superbowl imo. The weapons and Cam are great. The offensive line - not so great looking.
  14. I mean, I expected some pretty interesting comments. Like, at least acknowledging the humor, uniqueness, or surprise of Cam starting these kinds of things on his story. Or being pumped that he’s seemingly all in for next season. But no, we got the Huddle morality police barging in and acting all high and superior. Ironically, they’re the same ones who probably cuss a lot themselves, yet get in a hissy fit acting like 10 year olds these days don’t cuss like a sailor anyways.