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  1. Lol wow Rivera literally said don't throw the ball when Cam threw to Funchess to the endzone. Cam's not human.
  2. For sure. If you actually look at it, Watkins has actually been healthier than Julio for most of his career. Easily would be the best choice for this team.
  3. If we get Watkins or Robinson, we’re going 19-0 next year with the NFL’s best offense. Just saying. If we get a WR1 to pair with Funchess and Samuel, we could easily have a starting corps that could challenge 2011. Cam Newton would be downright stupid good with those three.
  4. Of course the players will take playing Rodgers seriously. But we should absolutely beat the Packers. About same level as Tampa imo with or without rodgers.
  5. Daryl Williams, #60

    yep. will finally concede that daryl williams is legit. when the panthers pretty much let daryl williams on his own while matt kalil got help, it was clear daryl could hold his own. that's the proof I needed. Was starting to turn towards Williams being better, but the Vikings game finally convinced me. He's trending up and looks like a solid RT.
  6. He was actually the 4th fastest guy from that week.
  7. eh, disagree still. shows bad awareness at times and makes aggravating plays on the regular and loses yardage when trying to do too much. Pretty average overall aside the fact he's force fed a lot which inflate his numbers. price wise doubt we would even attempt. Not enough return for his likely inflated market value. Much better WRs who are under the radar (Sammy, Robinson) who'll likely come cheaper and produce far more as a true WR1 here.
  8. Now Sammy Watkins on this team would be amazing, but the Rams will likely find a way to resign him. I'd certainly love a shot at Allen Robinson though. Paul Richardson as well.
  9. Disagree. Think we can do far better than overpay for an overrated receiver whose been force fed receptions for a majority of his career while hurting his whole offense productivity as a whole. Much like how releasing KB for us helped diversify our offense and unleash a better receiver in Funchess, the Dolphins would be better without Landry. My opinion from what I've watched. I disagree completely with anyone thinking he's an elite WR.
  10. so he's force fed. thanks for proving my point.
  11. Jarvis Landry is not the guy for that.
  12. and lol route running all he does is simple screens and finds ways to make simple plays harder than they should be. Shula would just make him even worse than he already is. Would rather we target a true WR1 instead of this pretender.
  13. Someone bring up his career YPC and see just how much of a Kelvin Benjamin he is. Would be really bad if we get Landry with all the other far superior WRs on the market.
  14. I'm actually more worried about Aaron Rodgers than I am for the Panthers, mainly for his career. As we all know, the last time an elite QB came back from a long-term injury who the media slobbered all over, that QB's career was ended by Thomas Davis with a whimper brought by Luke Kuechly.