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  1. Well at least we finally agree on something.
  2. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Hey. I'm the Huddle's biggest homer. I write novels on the forums and give Igo clicks on the front page. Now back to creating a series outlining why Brenton Bersin is going to be the GOAT.
  3. Give me the numbers of the amount of times he actually was contacted in comparison to other backs. Chances are McCaffrey's the one shifting away from a lot of people, hence the "low yards after contact."
  4. Don't tell me you're one of those guys who thinks just because someone's drafted high means he's good. How many Everette Browns, Armanti Edwards, and Jimmy Clausens do we have to go through so that you understand there can easily be busts that high.
  5. Lol. McCaffrey will be on our top picks for sure, but Cam and Luke are GOATs in their own rights, especially Cam.
  6. Hehe. It's like some people don't realize this is a Panthers website rather than a general NFL forum. Pretty funny when people get annoyed at how I actually say good things about our team. The same people ignore plenty of my criticism in the past and just think I only fluff things up. Like I said, I don't come in and make any claims without backing it up. Go ahead and dispute that with your own evidence if you got a problem. No one that has criticized me has attempted to counter with their own study of film. Closest I will say is @top dawg, who's the only one I can think of who actually made a good argument backing up with sources. Albeit he admits he didn't watch film on his own, he at least tries to back his statements up with credible football sites, which I admire. Otherwise, I'll keep on rolling with what I do. People can keep whining all they want, but all they show is their own lack of credibility for failing to even dispute my claims with evidence of their own.
  7. I mean if you're asking an obvious troll who is known to make racist comments and value white players above all others for input, I honestly don't know what to tell you. If you dislike my posts so much, don't read them and make your own that satisfies whatever opinion you have. Simple as that. I think this team can be really good and back it up, but obviously you have a different opinion.
  8. Bannon is fired

    The irony is how he's in fact a Trump loyalist, and everything is going just fine for Trump's agenda. If you actually look at how many former military men are involved with Trump, it's pretty astounding. To begin, there once was a story about how the NSC is under distress after Rich Higgins was fired: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/08/a-national-security-council-staffer-is-forced-out-over-a-controversial-memo/535725/ The Atlantic claims Higgins served in the "strategic-planning office as a director for strategic planning." What's the problem? The NSC has no strategic planning office. In the past, the NSC had the directorate of strategic planning. Higgins would then be classified as such. However, there is absolutely no evidence of a "Directorate of Strategic Planning" in the Trump NSC. Now, what we do have is Kevin Harrington. Harrington is Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Planning, a position Trump actually created. An excerpt from the memo that allegedly got Higgins fired: Simply put, the memo's fake news. People don't understand how Trump is using Trump is playing the press at the fiddle, keeping them at heels with mirages of gossip and rumors that actually don't do any damage whatsoever in reality. For one, senator Tom Cotton did in fact campaign for Trump to pick McMaster as his national security adviser. I believe Tom isn't someone the left would endorse. Now, to understand how the NSC works, we first have to know exactly how much power McMaster truly has. The situation room director is Geoffrey Fowler. Here's a past quote from the previous Sit Room director to incoming duty officers: https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/97unclass/whithous.html In the situation room, the watch team prepares the morning book for the president, who is the chairman of the NSC. The morning book has intelligence estimates, the State Department report, and diplomatic cables relevant to current events. The Presidential Daily Brief is also prepared. The National Security Advisor is given the Morning Book when he comes to work. The Watch Teams also prepare intelligence reports form all 17 of our agencies. During their shift, the Sit Room Watch Teams send the president alerts throughout the day. Guess who serves as the primary contact between the White House and the NSC? None other than Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary Keith Kellogg. Kellogg is the coordinator of the President's national security schedule. Let that sink it. It's not McMaster. It's Kellogg. Kellogg has MORE policy and operational information than McMaster. Trump has everyone blindsided with everyone pointing their eyes at McMaster. Kellogg has the power. For the NSC to function, these three relationships must be smooth: National Security Advisor - McNaster Executive Secretary - Kellogg Situation Room Director - Fowler Notice the silence on any disagreements between these three men. There isn't any news of any disagreements or fights between them at all. This signifies the NSC is functioning well. McMaster spent his entire career FIGHTING the establishment. He was passed over for promotion because he WOULDN'T play the game. Trump and McMaster--both students of Sun Tzu--have created a peaceful environment for Kellogg to use as his workplace. All the alleged firings and infighting have no impact on Trump's agenda. Kellogg is the man with the power to implement it. With Steve Bannon's departure, all that means is that Bannon accomplished what he needed to accomplish, most likely training people. He's out of government and is now a private citizen, able to further Trump's agenda in even more ways. In fact, Bannon never resigned from Breitbart. Right now, he alone is the board of directors. His work at the White House is over. His work furthering Trump's agenda isn't. Everything is going exactly how Trump wants it to go while the media wallows over non-sensical things. Trump already has everyone in checkmate.
  9. Very good point. People don't realize how much that 5th year option is for wide receivers when all he is right now is a big bodied possession receiver who gets over-targeted. He cannot run routes, he doesn't beat press at all, and half the time he even plays small. Kelvin Benjamin needs to prove he has not only gotten over his ACL, he needs to prove he has improved to a decent player. Otherwise, we don't need to be paying him big money at all.
  10. Most of the time I'll highlight misconceptions people have and attack that. I do actually knock on CMC's use of ducking his head too much in Pass Pro when I did my evaluations, but otherwise he generally does have very good technique. I back up my claims. This year happens to exhibit a team I personally feel is better than 2015 on paper and can go far, but that's just me. Another year, my posts would probably look more objective. If anything, I knock down Matt Kalil and KB a lot. Still want to see how they do in the regular season before proclaiming them fine.
  11. Important Update

    No pop up ads and nothing that'll be intrusive or annoying whatsoever. Disable it. Nothing here I've seen will harm anything nor take away from your Huddle experience.
  12. Did an extensive study on Samuel before. I saw lots of things on film that warranted my opinion he's under the radar:
  13. Oh, and before @KaseKlosed tries to use the same old tired tactic of saying "oh buh that's only a few gifs," well, here's 50+ play analysis' from CMC's 8 games of 2016 available on draftbreakdowns.com
  14. My fiancé

    Allen Robinson is a top tier receiver stuck with one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Such a shame.
  15. Well, according to a certain someone, Christian McCaffrey can't block a fly. He's too weak and has no upperbody strength. He's just a scatback and will never be an every down back. Well, explain this: Christian McCaffrey seems to be just fine. Now, to further show and prove my case to @KaseKlosed that CMC has proven to be an every down back, here's a few segments from the following: About CMC's between the tackle skillset & ability to handle a large workload (i.e. NOT a scatback) McCaffrey was one of the nation's most productive players. Even when faced with odds against him, he still was one of the nation's best backs. He is one of just 12 running backs since 2000 to run for at least 3,500 yards and have over 1,000 receiving yards in a career. Among players on that list, McCaffrey leads everyone in both yards per carry (6.2) and yards per reception (12.1) for their respective careers. When you look at McCaffrey's collegiate career, he faced every defensive front imaginable. McCaffrey posted 5.86 Yards Created per attempt when facing eight or more defenders on 64% of his carries. That's about 0.4 more yards than Fournette (67% of carries) and nearly 1.7 more yards than McNichols (57% of carries). McCaffrey has been one of the most productive backs against defenses that have their game plans focused against him. McCaffrey had a large workload being the focal point of a Stanford offensive attack. McCaffrey accounted for 59.9% of Stanford's offensive touches and is considered one of the most used players in college football. Many argue he won't be able to handle the rigors of the NFL. Stanford disagrees. Christian McCaffrey's body is built to withstand the rigors of a large workload. So, yeah, if anyone can handle the physical toll that comes with touching the football 39 times a game, it's McCaffrey. He should be able to handle any amount of touches given in the NFL. A patient runner with an elusive style, McCaffrey makes mature decisions. He gets strong depth to the line of scrimmage to press creases on zone runs and he can string together stutter steps, dips, jump cuts, and jukes to reach the hole. He reads penetration well and reacts appropriately to earn what he can when the defense foils the scheme. Some critics say McCaffrey isn't a between the tackles runner. The origin of this claim is unknown, but it simply isn't true. McCaffrey excels at reading between the tackles and exploding for a good gain. Saying otherwise is fake news. In the play above, watch as McCaffrey paces, cuts, and explodes right through the tackles for a huge gain. Reading his o-line, McCaffrey finds the perfect opportunity to burst through and navigate himself through defenders for a big gain. To further expand on this topic, check out how his inside running compares with others from his class: Carolina Panther GM Dave Gettleman compares McCaffrey to a HoF runningback when talking of his between the tackle running ability. Gettleman is a top-tier scout at identifying talent, as noted by plenty of his "diamond-in-the-rough" FA pickups and late draft fliers, so he knows what he's talking about. That's high praise for any runningback to be compared with the Hall of Famer. In the play above, McCaffrey displays his patience and inside running ability. Stuttering and pacing himself, he waits for a lane to develop and explodes right between the tackles. Then, he eludes defenders using a variety of cuts, power, and quick moves to achieve first down. About CMC's Strength Sure, CMC only completed 10 reps on the bench press at the combine. When these facts are taken at face-value, McCaffrey appears to be a rather weak guy. With NFL defenders breaking 300lbs and moving around like monsters, it seems like a hopeless case for McCaffrey. However, context brings about a logical answer to these issues. Particularly about Stanford's weight program. Christian McCaffrey didn't do well on the bench press because their strength coach rarely utilized it. Tailoring to each of his player's physical needs, Stanford felt the bench press was a useless exercise that does not provide any benefits to the game of football. Bench pressing is not the end all be all of strength. Strength comes in many forms and ways of use. Christian McCaffrey is very strong and muscular where it counts. Pass protecting should not be a problem for him based on what he's shown. McCaffrey has shown enough enough refined technique as a blocker that he should develop into a solid pass protector within the course of his rookie year. He gets proper depth into the line of scrimmage to meet with blitzing defenders and shoots his arms for a quick punch. I apologize for the low quality GIF, but the point remains. McCaffrey displays picture perfect technique when drawing an assignment against a Washington defensive tackle. Putting himself in that sitting position, McCaffrey awaits for the defender's arrival. He rolls his hips and pushes the defender upwards and upright, nullifying any impact he has on the field.