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  1. Would be a huge stretch to give away 2 first round picks even if it were non-exclusive for JPP.
  2. I really think we lock up Turner and Norwell as soon as possible. With the contract the Chiefs just gave one of their guards, I expect this offseason to feature many teams giving out pricey contracts to everyone.
  3. in the UFC in 1 or 2 years. Yeah. According to a TMZ report, Antonio Silva reportedly says Greg Hardy should make it in the UFC real soon with the way training is going. While Hardy has recently been known for his career implosion beginning with being accused of domestic violence and issues with drugs, he has apparently been training for a new career route with the UFC. So, add "he's becoming a UFC fighter" to the list of the endless reasons of why we're not signing Greg Hardy.
  4. Chiefs getting it done with Berry according to reports:
  6. Lol. Leonard Johnson, Daryl Worley, and even Tre Boston blitz'd a lot last season. In fact, our linebackers didn't have to blitz much with our front remaining dominant for the most part of games. I think it's a misleading idea that we've blitz'd a lot for sacks, cause the film I've watched says otherwise.
  7. He's inspirational honestly. He's a solid pass blocking guard for the Chiefs. But what really sets him apart is how he's also studying as a medical student.
  8. Some news as of February 27: DT Kawann Short, RB Le'Veon Bell, DE Chandler Jones, and DE Jason Pierre-Paul all have franchise tags on them. Melvin Ingram also expected to be retained in that form. DE Mario Addison got a 3 year deal with the Panthers WR Alshon Jeffery not expected to be tagged a second year in a row OG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif gets a 5 year extension worth $41.25 million S Eric Berry expresses disdain at the prospect of being re-tagged a second year in a row.
  9. It's the NFL offseason; the long, daunting time where there's nothing but infomercials on Sundays. It's also a time where conversations concerning free agency and the draft are high, in which every fan hopes their team nails just the right players to get them to the big game. Free Agency is the first major phase of the off-season, in which players who have expired contracts on their current teams hit what's known as the "open market" in which teams "bid out" contracts for the player to play for their team. It's a very interesting and fun time for the most die-hard of football fans. Since I believe it'll be a major hassle to see many separate threads on free agents, I decided I would help things out and create a main "big thread" concerning free agents. In this thread, I believe it would be best to post any tweets, news, ideas, or anything concerning free agents; whether it be players signing contracts, contract negotiations, teams who are bidding for a particular player, or anything really about any free agent. Post all the news about Free Agents here. Hopefully a mod or Igo sees this (nudge nudge @Jeremy Igo) and decides to pin this key thread, as I believe it'd be helpful for most Huddlers to have a bunched up topic to see news on free agency like last year. Free Agency Dates: February 15: First day for teams to designate franchise or transition players March 1: Prior to 4:00 p.m. ET: Deadline for clubs to designate franchise or transition players March 7-9: Teams are permitted to contact and enter into negotiations with unrestricted free agents. However, a contract cannot be executed until 4:00 p.m. ET on March 9. March 9: New league year begins at 4:00 ET - Free Agency begins with old contracts expiring. To see more offseason dates, please refer to this thread: Some things I'll note about this particular Free Agency class: Stacked at Safety: Pending completion of Franchise Tags and such, this is arguably a pretty deep safety class. While Eric Berry dominates the headlines, guys like Cyprien, Jefferson, Demps, Church, and even Adams (Mike Adams) and Addae could make an impact. Very good year to be looking for a safety - especially Strong Safety - in this year's market. Guys that could make an impact littered everywhere. No excuse to NOT come out with something from here. No Pass Rushers: With guys like JPP, Melvin Ingram, Chandler Jones, and Kawann Short getting franchise tagged, it's a pretty bad year if your team is in need of a pass rusher. Expect many mediocre / 1 year wonder guys to get overpaid, and don't expect old pass rushers to be ruled out of that possibility either. Weak OT Class: Seems like this is almost always the case, where franchise tackles are locked up for a while or traded when necessary. Now, that's not to say there isn't people that could be found/traded for, but FA shows there's not much hope for those needing a franchise OT. Appears the draft is the only area where teams can even hope to get a good OT nowadays, and even this draft class is extremely weak. WR Class Solid; Not Spectacular: It's an okay year to be looking for a wide receiver. A good bit of slot guys on the market with upside, and some good players that'll probably be overpaid. While Jeffrey and Jackson likely longshots for us, there's still a good bit of reliable receivers that we could look into. With Kelvin Benjamin finishing the year strong after disappointing throughout most of the season due to swelling and overwork and Damiere Byrd improving every year, we likely just need to find a reliable slot receiver. Panthers already had talks with Victtor Cruz with both sides agreeing the meeting went well, so we're definitely looking into that category. Free Agency Resources: - Good tracker for those of you wanting a bit of a more football-skill oriented view of free agents on the market. Gives out PFF Analysis grades per each free agent and updates player's FA status. - NFL's official free agency news tracker. Go here for extra information concerning the signing of free agents and such. - For contract oriented deals and such - along with cap info - this is a pretty good resource for that kind of information. Twitter Accounts To Follow: @AdamSchefter and @RapSheet are two good accounts to get the latest info on anything football-related. So, let free agency begin!
  10. JPP has expressed his extreme disdain at the possibility of a Franchise Tag on him. He's made extreme comments concerning that, and he may truly follow through. Although unlikely, don't expect it as something that couldn't happen, especially if your value is about $17 million a year already.
  11. This has a pretty big ripple effect on the market, with the top tier pass rushers locked up in a very poor DE FA class. Expect some teams to overpay the mediocre.
  12. For those of you with dreams of JPP and Addison on passing downs, well dream no more. JPP gets the franchise tag slapped right on him after hearing teams were actually lurking around the idea of $17m per year for him.
  13. Bronco fans hate Webster with a passion. Basically Ginn (w/o the speed) on ST, not much of anybody overall.