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  1. That's not good.
  2. Here's a hint:
  3. I realized my comparison is largely out of context after reading the article. It's the front office's fault more than anything. Still stupid.
  4. Stark contrast to James Bradberry's action of accepting whatever number was available from the Panthers instead of pressuring Teddy to give him his college number. I swear these two are polar opposites it's insane. But honestly, there needs to be some hard analysis on the circumstances that lead to a jersey number being the primary issue for a rift in the locker room.
  5. Lol, seriously. Lighten up. It's the internet for crying out loud. You're a falcon fan, so I'll be exaggerating myself to make myself feel better. But seriously, you're pretty level headed. I respect you.
  6. Mainly made it because this style of thread jinxed the Falcons to it this year.
  7. The fact you take CPK as a credible source is all I need to know about your delusional mindset. We're talking about a guy who claims to have inside info, makes trash up, and who Igo has called out on numerous occasions. Keep your delusional view going though. You in for a rough awakening next season. Most Falcon fans I know accept our corners are getting the hang of it, and that they exposed our kuechly-less linebackers.
  8. remind me, who was in our secondary? Bradberry wasn't for most of it, and Worley was thrown in all of a sudden with his inexperience. Also, remind me about that rotation on the Dline producing only 7.5 sacks before the bye
  9. Please. Yet they harp on Cam for leaving a press conference. Double standards.
  10. Nevertheless, this was finalized under Obama, so it'll be considered an act Obama has done. Still think something should be done about it anyways. It's not right whatsoever. But I understand Obama himself physically had nothing to do with this after reading raw sources. His government is the reason. Everything will point back to Obama anyhow, because it's like being a parent and being responsible for what your child (the government) has done. Nevertheless, the media using misleading phrases is also an issue.
  11. All I was doing was provoking something to get your attention. Fell for it hook, line, and sinker. The media is portraying it as something it's not. That's the issue here is why our media is so untrustworthy at providing actual hard truth, rather than making the average joe think it's something that's not.
  12. Wow. You're finally on to something. I thought citing articles from "credible" sources works, and doing actual research on such is unneeded. So you finally admit that the average human being will, and can, be misunderstanding stuff because they consider everything they read as credible. I'll say this now. I understand what you're saying. I know it's something in the process, and nothing really happened except it happened to pass today. But articles are making it look like it was something new Obama came up with. You see how this type of stuff is what makes the media so corrupt?
  13. Huh? You're confusing me? I guess a play of words works in this scenario, so I won't bite. They initiated broader aspects of this administration, no denying that right? Sure, it's based off a Bush administration type of deal, but something changed/has been added to make a difference, right?
  14. Alright. So, now if this is the case, there's a ton of fake news spreading around. Because every source I see says the Obama administration has a part of this. You see where this can get a little out of hand?