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  1. Actually, it was at this point McDermott trusted his secondary more. TD accounted more-so for Luke's absence more-so than the secondary. Worley and Bradberry did real well for the most part. Not saying that TD wasn't top tier. He still was elite, just not as fast as he used to be. I'd love to see him on the field, but not against known speed guys like Coleman. Luke coming back and having a valid nickel should ease any concerns about our linebackers.
  2. Thomas Davis is the epitome of what a Carolina Panther should be. Coming back from 3 ACL tears, his high level play has inspired and shocked the world. A HoF caliber man whose been underrated for the vast majority of his career, TD's elite play has garnered him the respect and love of Panther fans everywhere. However, last season showed that even age catches up to human cyborgs. I decided to take a quick look at the second-to-last Panther game of 2016 to see what went wrong. Our secondary (minus Tre Boston) did fine for the majority of the game, but our linebackers were the ones having issues. Taking a closer look, Thomas Davis takes some of the blame. On this play, the Panthers are in Cover 2. It's 3rd and a longshot. Thomas Davis stays close to the LoS. Rest of Panthers focused on keeping the play short and preventing a 20+ yard first down. Falcons take notice and elect to draw up a play to exploit Thomas Davis. Falcons use their WR to draw away Bradberry, keeping him out of the equation. The leftover match-up is a one on one of Tevin Coleman and Thomas Davis with a lot of space in between them. In the past, you would see a blinding Thomas Davis run over and cut Coleman for a shorter gain, but this is 2016 Davis we're talking about. The result? Coleman comes blasting in for a 31 yard gain with a lumbering Davis behind. First down on what should've been an easy 3 and out. To be fair, Luke Kuechly wasn't on the field. Without Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis had to shoulder most of the Panthers coverage responsibility. He had a much bigger job and task at hand. It's fair to say Luke not being there led to most of our def Thomas Davis is one of my favorite Panthers of all time. However, he showed in 2016 he's not as fast as he used to be. It's obvious Davis is entering the twilight of his career. Shaq Thompson just became more important more than ever, and splitting time with Davis should only be beneficial for the defense. Just something to chew on this offseason.
  3. Sorry to hear about what you're going through. I can't imagine the pain you must feel everyday, seeing your mother in the state she's in and how it could've been prevented. I'll be praying for your family and you, and I truly hope a miracle happens.
  4. It's a problem for every NFL team. There's always that one guy who you can't understand why he's even worth a roster spot. Whether it's money issues, lack of talent, or just complete nonsense to consider him an NFL player, there's always going to be someone who just doesn't fit the bill. In this article, the author writes up what he believes is that one "deadweight" player for every NFL team. While many here would probably say Bersin, this author takes it a step further and finds that one guy who just doesn't make sense. I think you all would come to agree. Makes complete sense. Frees up cap, and allows us to go for someone better if need be. Get rid of an underperforming player who can't block and try and see if any of our younger guys can do just as good of a job. Thoughts?
  5. "Oh how dare we get attacked for over-sensationalizing a story that turned out to be no big deal? How dare the Panthers defend Kelvin Benjamin and attack us for talking about him negatively." So nowadays you can't criticize the press. What has the world come to.
  6. Well you can say you're vegan or vegeterian, but if you keep eating a lot of fatty foods or not controlling how much you intake while at it, your appearance won't help at all. I know a lot of people who say they're vegan, but their appearance says their lifestyle involves a lot of unhealthy "vegan" options. It all depends on the diet and whether you're controlling ypurself or not. Being vegan could literally be the best thing for your life, but not if you don't eat smart and in moderation.
  7. What I noticed is how important Star and KK have been with giving Addison opportunities. Don't get me wrong; Addison is still a beast. But you'd see a lot of KK and Star helping Addison get those lanes to the QB. But what was shocking was how fast and good he was later on in the season. He really started getting it, and I think it's just the beginning. I would be surprised if he doesn't get double digit sacks this year.
  8. More like a Republican lobbyist induced bill. It's terrible. Don't think Trump had much control over what's in the contents of this bill, but either way it's just as bad as obamacare - if not worse. Hope it doesn't pass. Rand Paul had the best idea, but sadly it's being pushed down.
  9. If Gettleman thinks waiting until next year is necessary for Olsen's extension, then wait it will be. No amount of action or talk from Olsen will change that. We all know Gettleman is stone-hard when it comes to these things, as he should be. Olsen deserves more money, but I don't think it'll benefit the team by giving him one this year.
  10. After careful consideration, I think I might actually be interested in a diet similar to yours. The real reason I haven't tried yet is due to my stubborness. I love eating meat and greasy fried food. It tastes good, but makes me feel like poo afterwards. Always an experience. Lately, that "poo" feeling has lingered more than I feel it should. I work out and do limit my fried foods, but that doesn't seem to be helping my quality of life. I tried to limit how much meat I eat, but even that doesn't help. I know the facts. Plant based foods will prolong your quality of life and even lifespan. Research proves that. For one, you can look at Loma Linda and see how their average lifespan is greater than that of most of the world due to their diet. You can defend meat and fried food all you want, but facts are they're the main culprit for health issues and the only reason its defended is taste. I would appreciate a DM sometime about how you diet, what you eat, and what you recommend I do. Any recipes, tips, and whatever you got would be greatly appreciated. Congratulations on your journey so far Jeremy. I think you've also inspired me to finally do something I should've done years ago. Thank you.
  11. God his calves are huge.
  12. This what gonna happen to Cam Jordan next time we play the Aints.