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  1. Prepare yourself for a good laugh

    He’s been in the same situation as Cam pretty much for a large part of his career. Elevates talent around him that would be a bottom 25 offense without him, as seen so far. Aaron Rodgers is a top tier QB and I’d even say better than Cam Newton.
  2. Panthers make major roster moves

    I forgot Aguayo was on the team.
  3. This guy better be locked up this off-season. Look at Norwell pancake a huge dude.
  4. i know that there definitely are some of these allegations that are legitimate and workplace sexual harassment is something that needs to be addressed, but even so you got to wonder how much is legit and how much is just part of a trend trying to defame big public figures lately. sad situation all around, considering there definitely are legitimate cases that will be doubted because of how commonplace this became all of a sudden. either way, hope the truth comes out in some form or another and justice is served to those who deserve it.
  5. in other news did you see that roughing the passer tom brady just got. cam newton would have to sell his soul and burn in hell to even be considered for a call like that.
  6. Baldy Breaks down panthers

    our interior line dominated all game. best game from them by far. it's no coincidence that happened when ryan kalil came in.
  7. In a way, the Seahawks tried to hurl us when it was clear we won the playoff game in 2015. Then again, context shows it’s the playoffs and that being a last ditch effort to get the ball.
  8. Who made the decision?

    For those talking about Reiff going down being the reason, you realize Addison still beat up that dude like no tomorrow all day.
  9. See you guys Sunday

    That was Dallas before lol then we ended romo’s career.
  10. and you all have been condenscending assholes towards the people who said we had a chance. you go eat a dick dirtbag.
  11. The other Panthers North Tea.

    well that was more speculation than sure thing in terms of wilks being a top candidate. sig says they aren't on good terms, which makes sense considering how dave dealt with norman. but the part about gettleman to ny is right.
  12. The vikings only allowed a max of 70 something rushing yards before today if i recall correctly. take away those two big runs and we still crush that.
  13. Oh and if Rodgers comes back that’s the end of his career.
  14. So expect us to only score 7 points max because this is Carolina lol.
  15. Been trying to tell yall Seymour is way worse than Worley lmao.