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  1. i mean jarvis landry is pretty much a scatback. this is highway robbery.
  2. i mean setting aside the clear debate on whether jarvis landry is good or overrated, i think we can all agree 16 million for him is a little high, no?
  3. Surprise! ...Not really. Not sure if posted already, but here it is plain as day. Welp.
  4. statistics show that there's no difference if you run before you pass or any of that non-sense. that's a fact. film and superbowl 52 also shows that you don't have to run before you pass. nick foles also dumps off the idea that you need an elite qb to be able to pass before you run. yes, balance is also good. however, stop with the nonsense coaches from 1985 spout about needing to 'establish the run' or 'ground and pound' nonsense their granddaddies whine about. this is 2018. not 1985.
  5. Dez is a Kelvin Benjamin now. No thank you.
  6. Imagine thinking Cam isn’t a pocket QB or hasn’t been after watching this. Couldn’t be me.
  7. It’s 2018 and people still believe in most cases you have to run to set up the pass and need great WRs and QBs to do otherwise. @frash.exe I don’t know what to say to this board anymore.
  8. Sigh. Still baffles me people honestly believe Cam hasn’t been or isn’t a pocket QB. Literally that’s all he’s been doing for his time in the NFL.
  9. Plus the guys like Cotchery and to an extent LaFell who can at least run competent out routes tbh.
  10. Just thought I’d share a really cool compilation of some of Cam’s best magic.
  11. sigh. i agree with everyone saying balance is important. you need to be able to do both to be successful. no one's denying that. i'm just here to show an opinion that maybe you don't actually have to run to set up the pass. you can actually start off play-action with passes or even set up the run game by passing first and it's just as successful. teams that try to 'push down their will' by 'establishing the run' generally will not be as successful as teams who learn how to throw a team off guard by mixing up their passes and runs in an unpredictable fashion without forcing one or the either.