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  1. Honestly, don't think it'll be that big of a deal. Mayo's run defense (imo) is borderline elite, and seems the Bears live and die by their run game with only their TE as a real receiving threat. Keep Luke rested and well for the Bucs.
  2. Well this is good. Minus Olsen, looks like our big guns will finally be healthy pretty soon.
  3. Hundley’s actually pretty good. Got him on Fantasy as a backup to cam.
  4. Good god, this is amazing...

    Would guess he tried breaking Marcus Peters from the group then soon realized he had the wrong guy
  5. In games like these where I have no ties I like rooting for the underdogs - Raiders in this case. It was amazing.
  6. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    been corrected on that. saw that person being retweeted a lot, assumed was legit without thinking. my bad.
  7. Really good video detailing our matchup. Some interesting factoids and such as well, especially the one about the Panthers scoring on most of their drives. Go see for yourself:
  8. Seems this will be an issue that won't go away for a while. Tense relations with the Charlotte media isn't exactly ideal. Sadly, it appears not much can be done about it.
  9. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    Sorry but apparently he’s supposed to have 1000 yards by now in rushing alone to be considered not a bust.
  10. Jeremy Igo on WCNC Facebook at 8 pm

    https://www.facebook.com/NBCCharlotte/videos/vb.119243191450513/1799561030085379/?type=3&theater They're up.