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  1. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Breathing new life into a 2010 Macbook pro   

    Thanks guys, this is all great info, and total will be in budget!
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  2. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Breathing new life into a 2010 Macbook pro   

    Yeah, I've had some issues with video editing, some stuff has been coming out chewed up as you said.
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  3. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

  4. Doc Holiday added a topic in Nerdvana   

    Breathing new life into a 2010 Macbook pro
    So, I've decided to try and Breath some life into my 2010 Macbook pro, I've neglected it terribly bad these past two years and have spent most of the day doing some much needed cleaning. Now my question is has anyone refurbished one of these before? and if so any suggestions?  I would like to do the whole upgrade for around $300.
    Right now I have a 250GB HDD and 4GB ram, I would like to go to 8GB Ram or more if possible. and a 1TB HDD would be nice too.
    I wont be using it for gaming, but some video editing, and your usually school/work stuff.
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  5. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Thanks for nothing customer service rep.   

    Oh if it were that simple, I actually tried to do that with one of them and after leaving me on hold for 15 minutes came back and told me he couldnt do that.
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  6. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic So the Metal Gear Solid V initial reviews are rolling out...   

    Sad end indeed, something tells me this CEO will have a very short time. 
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  7. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic So the Metal Gear Solid V initial reviews are rolling out...   

    Really? what brought that on, the MGS series you would think by itself be reason enough to stay in console gaming.
    and I thought this was pretty awesome though
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  8. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Straight outta Compton   

    Just bought a 50" vizio, will be watching more stuff at home from now on.
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  9. Doc Holiday added a topic in The Lounge   

    Thanks for nothing customer service rep.
    So with my job I get paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month, but all my bills come out between the 1st and 13th, I've just spent the last two hours trying to change the billing date for 2 of my biggest bills from the 12th and 13th to the 15th, 2-3 days in billing change date.  Here I am thinking, no biggie both auto draft payments were coming in before the due dates on both being after the 15th. but nope, one rep said I'd have to call my bank and set up a different auto draft system separate from the one set up through the company(please note that the payment would not be late, they just don't have an alternate date available to set up for auto-draft. and the other said they couldn't change it because it requires a 1 week buffer between auto draft and due date.
    2 hours wasted for nothing
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  10. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Kenjon Barner with a 90+ Punt Runt Return TD. * Sigh   

    Really hate these look at this guy that's not on our team anymore and what he did type of topics/posts.
    Only 2 players have I ever cared about how they played after leaving our team, 1. Steve Smith, and he doesnt require explanation. 2. is Tony Brown, we picked up as a DT from NFL Europe in 2006, he looked like a beast all through camp and preseason, and we cut him for whatever the reason was, signs with the Titans and becomes decent starter there for 4-5 years.
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  11. Doc Holiday added a topic in Nerdvana   

    Halo Wars 2, Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox One.
    the title pretty much sums it up, Halo Wars 2 is coming, which is the best RTS game that has been released to consoles to date, but it sounds as if this time around a M/K set up will be an option this time around.   
    read the story here -
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  12. Doc Holiday added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    How to view preseason games
    So I haven't posted a lot on this side lately but season is getting closer! I've been on here for nearly 10 years and I've seen a lot of fans misinterprete preseason games all the time, and done know what they should or should not be looking at.
    Stuff to look at:
    Trends:  Any trend good or bad, if you see it over the course of the entire preseason, that positive or negative will continue into the regular season.  Basically if the offensive line looks like garbage the entire preseason they aren't going to magically get better over night.
    look at group effort not individuals: some players are going to play harder in preseason(rookies) and some will just mail it in(verteran starters). But group play will always be the biggest tell.
    Injuries: the number one goal of any team is to come out injury free, there is no bad game unless there is a major injury in the preseason.
    stuff not to look at:
    wins and losses: the year the lions set the NFL record for the longest loosing streak in NFL history, they went 4-0 in the preseason.
    3rd string v. 3rd string super stars:  yes that player looks awesome, just remember he's also playing players that will mostly be out of the league in 2 years.
    Additional thoughts:
    the 1st and 4th games are almost meaningless(4th game is), and while coaches usually do not game plan for the 3rd game some coaches do, so take everything with a grain of salt and just be open minded when watching.
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  13. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Tell me about your idiosyncrasies.   

    I do this a lot
    for me
    Instead of paying off my Credit cards incrementally, I make the minimum payment till I have the entire amount saved up, and pay them off all at once. something about keeping the most hard assets on hand as possible at one time.
    If a restaurant is empty I do not eat at it.
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  14. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Interesting work stories   

    It may surprise you but my chief complaint about my job is the people I work with, and I'm not talking about inmates. inmates are going to be stupid, that I expect because they are in there for a reason. My coworkers on the other hand is a different story. Most of them are there because it's a decent paying job and they are pretty much incapable of doing anything else. I'm there because it's kind of a foot in the door job to law enforcement. I'm only planning to do this till next April and then move on from there.
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  15. Doc Holiday added a post in a topic Interesting work stories   

    I have a friend that's a emt, and she has told me stories about how she had to keep doing cpr for on a obviously dead guy because they can't stop till a doctor says they're dead. I understand that some what but if the dude hasn't breathed for 10 min he ded.
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