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  1. UEFA Champions League

    Never thought I'd read something like this with how awful Liverpool's back line has been the past few years. Shows what massive signings Van Dijk and Robertson were. As far as the game, Liverpool caught some breaks, but overall, I believe the correct outcome occurred. I can see why City fans are upset, but 3-0 agg is a big hill to climb.
  2. Spoke too soon. Make it 4 goals. Lol.
  3. Salah is a bad man! Hat trick against Watford. Didn’t someone say earlier in the thread that he wouldn’t start for Chelsea? Think that’s been proven incorrect.
  4. Lamela watched Virgil, knew his eyes were up at the ball for a clear and threw his body in the way and flopped like a bitch. It was a horrendous penalty and Tottenham had no business getting a draw. Period.
  5. Giving Tottenham both penalties was absolutely terrible officiating...
  6. Way to give me a heart attack, Liverpool...
  7. Mo Salah is making his case as the best player in the EPL this season. Super impressed with his technical skills and his shot placement has been incredible so far with some really outstanding goals. Thanks Roma!
  8. As a Tennessee fan, I've also got to include Jalen Hurd, as I think he'll leave early. He's even bigger than Henry (6'4 240) and had 1300 yards last season in split duties with Alvin Kamara, who I also think leaves early, and will be a good change of pace guy in the NFL. As for D. Henry, I don't like the first round selection on him, but I trust Gettleman's evaluations 100%. His picks have been stellar thus far during his run as GM.
  9. This team needs Safety and WR help. It simply has to be addressed, or we won't be taking the next step to deep playoff runs.
  10. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    Could be a good move. At the very least, a great veteran presence for guys like Ealy and Addison. They can learn a lot from someone like Allen.
  11. Me after every Luke Kuechly tackle: Twitter handle: @aed1032
  12. Great photos, Jeremy. Kelvin looks like he is going to take the next step this season. Bodes very well for us.
  13. Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?

    More Hornets content would be fantastic.
  14. 2015 NBA Draft Thread

    Me looking at all of these trades:
  15. Per Rick Bonnell. I like the pickup! https://twitter.com/rick_bonnell/status/613849587506397184 Edit: Fixed the broken link.