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  1. Has Any NFL Team Ever Had a Better 24 Hours?

    I'm glad we've had a great 24 hours, but I'd rather have an even better 48 hours... #SB50
  2. Help for Cam is coming this round everyone. Just wait and see... #Whispers #Sources
  3. Just as JayFl!p mentioned, we live in San Diego, so we have nothing but amazing breweries. None more amazing than Ballast Point.
  4. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    Considering how bad our O-Line depth is, there's no hurt in this signing. G-Man has an eye for talent so if he thinks he could be something, he'll make the squad. If not, no harm no foul.
  5. Sanchez and Byron Bell so the two of them can create Butt Fumble 2 and immortalize themselves as some of the best to play their respective positions.
  6. This guy raises a good point and DeAngelo can't raise a good answer. Petty.
  7. Also, it's ironic that he shunned the media for most of his career and now he's all over it acting like a victim. Wahh wahh. Would you like cheese with your whine?
  8. Can't wait for the Byron Bell tell all since apparently that's the en vogue thing to do this organization after your release. Oh, and Greg Hardy's will be gold, I'm sure.
  9. We're going to the Arizona game this year with pantha-san and were going to tailgait. Hard.