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  1. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Seriously... just saw it... Don't do it... Ok... Very good movie... long. The visuals are brilliant... the opening shot coming into a planet is amazing. Kylo is still mis-cast imo... Driver doesn't cut it imo but he was slightly better in this. The middle of the movie is flat... the plot of having Finn and Rose try and find a hacker while the Star Destroyers and Dreadnaught were chasing the fleet was kinda dumb and unrealistic. THEY fuging KILLED ACKBAR. Very unceremoniously. :( Leia not dying surprised me... they did a good job of keeping you surprised. Didn't care for Luke's portrayal when watching ... whiny... but, now that I think about it, that's definitely his character from ANH and ESB... Is Phasma gonna die in every episode? I think that's gonna be a thing... Snoke died to easily and this was definitely a surprise... who were the guys in red Rey and Kylo fight? The knights of Ren? Luke dies???? Seriously... making way for new characters... wasn't impressed by how they did it. Yoda!!!! Holy poo Yoda is in it. Seriously. 8/10 Will see again.
  2. Getting closer to the real Trump/Russia truth

    Absolutely... Mueller is being meticulous... he can't afford not to be. He can't even indict Trump directly, he has to recommend it to Rosenstein, who then has to ask Congress to impeach him first... There is a chance that everyone around Trump will get indicted and Trump will be left standing... but people are going down, there's WAY too much smoke. Plus any reasonable person knows that Trump is neck deep in illegal activities including money laundering, using his position in gov't as influence, and probably also as a foreign agent due to the dirt/financial influence that Russia has on him.
  3. This continues to amaze me... even though I know WHY they do it... Trump supporters continually turn a blind eye to all of this behavior yet if any democrat did anything remotely close to this, they'd lose their minds. Can you imagine if there was even a RUMOR that Obama paid off a porn star/hooker???
  4. Maybe he's concerned that a new owner will come in and fire them all...?
  5. Fusion GPS testimony released

    Here's an idea... email your elected Republican officials, I'm sure they'll get right on those things... Oh wait, that's right, they're in charge and aren't doing poo about any of it...
  6. Fusion GPS testimony released

  7. Should I Quit?

    What a shitty company
  8. I mostly agree with you... it's hard not to be a homer about this stuff and I think, with the SOLID exception of the stuff on Cam in 2016, we're no worse off than most teams in the league. In general the officiating in the NFL sucks ass hard. I watch games, the Rams-Falcons game Saturday was a good example, where there are so many flagrant penalties that aren't called it's unreal. Officiating isn't easy, I'll give them that... those guys move FAST and you cannot see everything... my main issue with the officiating is the inconsistency and the AWFUL use of replay review. I totally get it how you miss bang-bang calls on the field... but for them to fug up replay calls... that's just terrible, and it makes the game as a whole worse. They should be 100% right on those calls that are reviewed. Re: 2016... you can't make me believe that the refs weren't making an example of Cam. There were simply too many obvious and egregious hits on him that weren't called. I think that is where a lot of the officiating concerns in the fanbase originate from tbh. Last year we watched Cam REPEATEDLY get hit in the head while the refs stuck their hands in their pockets... yet I watched Drew Brees and A-a-ron Rodgers GET TACKLED and get RTP calls... it was obvious and sickening.
  9. LOL Trump - everybody is a nobody

    They're all turning on each other now... it was just a matter of time. Everyone's looking for their get out of jail free card...
  10. I think NO drops 40 on us.

    If we don't change how we've been playing D, they will score big on us. What we're doing isn't working and I'm not sure why the staff doesn't see it. Brees will throw 8,359,464,154 4-6 yard passes and walk down the field.
  11. So much winning

    How about in Washington, while the president is at the White House... you know... working... ?
  12. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    I did not like the way they killed Luke off either... I understand why they did it, it was just too anti-climactic imo... I would have preferred he went out like Obiwan vs Vader... As for the Rey is a nobody thing... I think they left it open for 'something' else with that but that does fit in with Disney more... the whole "anyone can be a hero" idea... My hope with these movies more than anything is that they go somewhere... that they're not just empty stories but rather one's that complete the Skywalker story... it's looking more and more like that's NOT what they're doing.
  13. So much winning

    Hey and if you can play golf all while paying yourself by housing all the secret service and associated presidential staff... then GREAT right?
  14. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Sorry if I spoiled anything @Bronn Luke and Kylo did not touch lightsabers at anytime during their "fight"... I confirmed on my 2nd viewing.
  15. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    I saw it for the 2nd time yesterday and it gave me a chance to nitpick it a little more. I disliked the beginning much more the 2nd time around. The humor was forced and the plot felt flaky and setup just to make one point... that Poe's (and almost the entirety of the original trilogy plots of daring, crazy plans) was morally "wrong". I still enjoyed the movie... it is way too long. About 30-45 minutes too long. I think my biggest criticism is the treatment they gave Luke's character. Obviously they had to go someway with him, and they really wanted to distance the old characters from the new, but they could have done it without making Luke so... pathetic. Idk it just felt... wrong. Still enjoyed the ending despite my misgivings. Rogue One is still my fav.
  16. I haven't put a ton of thought into this yet... My first instinct is that I wish they'd have left this alone. I get the support in a way but the things Richardson is accused of are some pretty disturbing things. Obviously they are accusations but they seem pretty substantiated. Plenty of other things to rally around esp given the racist accusations in this and the racial makeup of the team... I would love to hear TDs opinion, his true opinion, on this... I suspect he doesn't like it. Perhaps a lot of the players mirror what Cam had to say the other day, they know RR and have a hard time believing the accusations... but it would have been better left alone. Not sure that helps...
  17. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Despite the fact that I still think there may be something more to Rey's lineage that we'll find out about in 9, the "heroes can come from nobodies" thing fits in very well with Disney... they're trying to sell this stuff to the next generation... they know they have us old Star Wars fans locked in as long as they don't go too far off the rails...
  18. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Yeah that didn't come out right... my company Christmas party in Uptown.
  19. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    She's not dead. But I don't disagree that that was a flimsy plot...
  20. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Yo, on an unrelated note, I'll be in Charlotte this weekend for the Christmas party and we're going to the game Sunday... if you're around, hit me up on here or text me if you still have my # and I will swing by and punch yo... I mean, talk to you...
  21. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    I don't think you need to be a fan boy to enjoy this one... or really any of the recent ones... I think Disney is very cognizant of the fact that a lot of their audience are not traditional Star Wars fans.
  22. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    I knew Palpatine had those... and they did look similar... what happened to the Knights of Ren or whatever? I assumed those were the other students that Kylo "took" when he destroyed Luke's temple.
  23. Footage of police shooting of Daniel Shaver made public

    How a jury of normal people can watch that cop execute a clearly inebriated man and not convict him of at the very least gross negligence, is mind boggling.
  24. tbh I think @Cary Kollins nailed it