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  1. This video is gold

  2. This video is gold

    OK let me type really... slowwwlly... Trump is a criminal. Full stop. Doesn't have anything to do with Syria, him being president, you being an idiot, anything else. He was an incompetent and immoral choice for president and yet morons like you still voted for him. Now you act surprised that he's doing poo that you don't agree with, when in all reality, Trump has never done ANYTHING that didn't directly benefit himself. He's been enriching himself and his "brand" since day one in the White House. He's hired and promoted guys like Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, Tom Price and many, many others that openly abuse their government positions. ...and you call ME a sheep. God you're dumb.
  3. This video is gold

    Hey dumbass, no one is a saint. No one. Just because you choose to believe Fox News and dipshits like Alex Jones, doesn't mean what they say is true. Hillary Clinton was an awful choice for president. Bill Clinton fuged a girl in the oval office. George Bush was lead around by the nose by the oil industry and Dick Cheney. None of that means Donald Trump isn't a criminal.
  4. Remember Cat... family values are for everyone else.
  5. This video is gold

    The guy that unironically posted THAT... says... ...and I'M the sheep???
  6. This video is gold

    I ask this question in all seriousness. @E CaT PanTHer 2, are you mentally retarded?
  7. Trump to Pardon Libby

    So he's been in office well over a year now and he decides to pardon Libby RIGHT NOW? It's not a message to anyone, is it now?
  8. Trump to Pardon Libby

    Solid reason for pardon... "I heard he has been treated unfairly"
  9. Rosenstein fired thread

    I would assume that if this happens, Trump has a pro-Trump DAG ready to go in Rosensteins place...
  10. Pee Pee tape confirmed

    I really don't think this would change anything... short of him running an abortion clinic and performing them himself... I doubt it would make a dent... and even then I'm not so sure...
  11. Pee Pee tape confirmed

    Oh they in it now... it won't change anything.
  12. If you guys continue to engage this moron with conversation after he said this with no irony... well...
  13. The level and vigor of support Trump has is unbelievable... and scary. Very scary.
  14. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Cohen's office was in the offices of Squire, Patton & Boggs with whom he has had a "strategic partnership" for the past year... that's the firm that's representing Cambridge Analytica... they are doing all of this poo right out in the open because no one (except Mueller so far) has opposed them in any way. The GOP is just riding along like everything is fine... it's sickening. Yet you still have all the Trumpers running around saying "witch hunt, there's no collusion..." Although I will admit that they've gotten much quieter on here... hmmmm...
  15. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I can read some of it... some words are sketchy... somebody transcribe pls. I type 99.99999% of the time now, my handwriting is atrocious...
  16. London mayor goes after knives

    I always carry a knife... never know when I'm going to be attacked by a stick that needs whittled...
  17. ...and here I thought you couldn't actually be any dumber than you seemed.
  18. "nobody is coming for your guns" thread

    He hasn't figured it out... wonder which end of the gun he holds?
  19. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    I just meant it as he's getting much closer to the edge... there's definitely a lot more sinister things going on as well...
  20. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    It's being reported that Trump said today "we'll see what happens (re firing Mueller), many people have said 'you should fire him'"
  21. WITCHHUNT! No, wait, that's not it... PORNHUNT! Eh, wait, probably not right either... Oh fug it... Trump's crooked af... I hope they find something good
  22. Germany terrorist attack

    Not sure why, what with all the morons on here, of whom there are plenty lately, Cantrell decided to attack a dude for admittedly posting a link to a guy he didn't know had a history of bigotry... but it is Cantrell. Fwiw idk who that Spencer guy was, never heard of him that I recall and racists tweak me up as much or more than anyone... Then he's going after my boy Johnny Rockets... uhh...
  23. This is a fine option however if you must...
  24. You don't listen boy... proper marryin' age is 62.