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  1. WTF is this?

    I saw this when it happened and then I saw it again at least two more times... #1 Manhertz can't block for poo... #2, you're right, he shouldn't be alone on a DE ever... but it looked designed that way to me.
  2. Coaching staff stays then same is worst case scenario... Cam and Luke won't be here forever...
  3. Kelly gave a presser yesterday that was stern faced and serious. I truly believe that the man is taking one for the good of the country, or at least what he perceives as the good of the country. He says he told Trump that Obama did not call his family. He also said that his casualty officer told him the best thing anyone had which was that his son died doing what he loved, with the guys he wanted to be with. I believe he's telling the truth. Unfortunately our current president is a buffoon and an inelegant idiot and translated what Kelly told him into something inartful and hurtful to the family that just lost their son and husband.
  4. Yet another example of how backwards and awful this administration is... https://uk.news.yahoo.com/john-kelly-disgusted-way-son-234534663.html Hey dipshit... Trump is the one that brought it up.
  5. Was going to respond with something similar but got busy... CRA is right... we never have expected much, but we have expected Presidents to at least be: 1) Coherent 2) Reserved 3) Presidential Trump is none of those things.
  6. The man is a disgusting pig of a person... constant bullshit flows from his mouth, he can't stop it. Even when he's called on it and shown in public that he's a lying ass, he just blames someone else and his supporters eat it up. That anyone would defend him or at the very least not accept what he is, puts them in the same category as him. You're a damned fool if you think this man has any credibility at all.
  7. Homecoming Party

    :p that was tongue in cheek from me... I know you love me.
  8. Homecoming Party

    Harsh... nah, life got in the way... I would like to... I've been trying to get to one and stuff keeps coming up.
  9. Homecoming Party

    This sounds promising... @RoaringRiot & @Johnny Rockets must be ready to lose at cornhole...
  10. Chicago is decent I agree... their running game is nice and they will run on us. I haven't been impressed with our run stopping.
  11. Game of Thrones Season 7

    How do we not have a thread about this yet? July 16. This just came out today.
  12. Replay Officials

    Agree, and if you watch the video from the side angle i posted it boggles my mind how they didn't overturn it. It's not even close.
  13. Replay Officials

    You're just being obtuse. Watch the video. It is utterly clear that he's almost to his elbow across the goal line when that toe touches.
  14. Replay Officials

    poo watch the video...
  15. Replay Officials

    Idk what Popsickle or the replay guys were looking at but it couldn't have been any clearer that Cam reached across the goal line before jis foot was oob... Also just saw that Jets replay, holy poo that was awful... how tf is that a fumble??? At absolute worst, it should have been jets ball at the one.
  16. Replay Officials

    Have said for years that calling plays in real time is tough but the replay official should get it right a 100% of the Time and they're constantly getting things wrong
  17. Not reading this whole thread but I've said all along it was to offensive line that sucked
  18. Rivera post-game presser

    I saw today on twitter that RR claimed there was some sort of cross wind... but we all know what it was... RR can't get out of his own way and he's too conservative (scared) to do anything even remotely daring... I'm not saying that would have made a difference in the outcome, but as someone else said... being 2 down instead of 5 on that final drive could have made a difference.
  19. We were robbed of a TD

    I don't... it was plain as day to me... the ball was well across the plane when it was obvious that his foot hit out of bounds.
  20. Rivera post-game presser

    Did he say anything about whatever the fug that was at the end of the half when he didn't even try a FG?
  21. Cameron Artis Payne

    I'm not defending JStew bc he didn't look good but Walter Payton in his prime couldn't gain yards when the Oline lets 5 defenders hit the RB before he takes two steps.
  22. Matt Kalil's abhorrent run blocking.

    I'm sorry but you can't call it blocking when they just run by opposing team players.
  23. Rivera on blowing leads

    As always @KB_fan your analysis is excellent.
  24. PANTHA SAN!!!  Where you been at my brother???

    1. PanthaSan


      Hey Biscuit! 

      Dealing with life stuff.  Finally getting things manageable as far as the transition to Northern Cali,  home life and the boys go.

      Been missing out on teh Huddle and am making strides on becoming more active.

      I was going to make the November 5th game but that got changed.  It's a good thing because I found the love of my life (for reals this time) and we are saving up for a wedding next summer.

  25. Trump unhinged

    Did Graham suck Trump's dick before or after the round?