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  1. I can't think of a good enough way to say how good that is...thank you for doing it.
  2. For the most part, I am terrified to click on any external link I find in this forum, (BIG BUT), I took a chance and clicked on the youtube link at the end. It literally changed my whole mood on this rainy gloomy day. Thanks!   Plus, I found this weeks article especially motivating. You are an inspiration to us hungry fans. Thank you and keep up the good work. Hopefully, Santa will put something extra in your stocking this year!
  3. On the positive side, no one has complained about Cam's dancing all week!
  4. NFL announces 1 game suspension for Beckham

    Appeal? hmmn, shows you being a sorry ass doesn't mean you are sorry.
  5. NFL announces 1 game suspension for Beckham

    Lock OBJ and the refs, (off setting penalties; I shake my head), in a room with Roger and make them watch the Vikes game.
  6. Very noteworthy that Cam is the only QB to get into that elite "straight wins in a regular season", club with Brady and Manning. Whew, are we blessed to have that CAT!!
  7. King says League will look at game tape

    If OBJ does not get the biggest fine of this year...then screw everybody!!
  8. 1. You seem to have mastery of a wide range of subjects. 2. It looks like Luke envisioned that whole sequence before it happened. 3. It's disturbing to think what that panther is about to do to that beer mug he stole. That was most entertaining! Thanks for posting.
  9. Which Carolina Panther are you?

    I got Thomas, but pretty sure I should have got JJ Jansen. I don't deserve Thomas.
  10. What are my top 3 photos of this season so far?

    Too hard to pick just three. I really liked the one where you decided to not focus on the winning field goal but to photograph the sideline. Lots of raw emotion in that photo.
  11. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    With a little sense of humor, this is really funny. I don't care who you are! Oh and being 11-0 ought to make everyone happy. Still my favorite play of his so far was that block when he turned Vilma for a flip. That was beautiful and worth a mention during saints week.
  12. Last man standing pie!!!!

    We're number one, hey, we're number one!!...
  13. Sunday night game thread

    And then there was one...
  14. Before we get all happy

    speaking of happy, I'm so happy my feet are barely touching the ground today! Go Panthers!