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  1. I agree with him to an extent. I'm not claiming they are proof that Hardy's story is truth like the other poster seems to have said but those pictures (at different light exposures like deadspin talked about) really don't shed much on the whole situation. Maybe it's better said that they don't contradict Hardy's story.    note: I'm not going to get pulled into a long conversation on this , i'm focused on football not this crap
  2. Not surprised that Thomas Davis is a reasonable man.  Too many people let the media frenzy dictate their opinions. 
  3. The uber comment was hilarious. A little rough but hilarious. 
  4. So good!   That 2005 game still makes me sick. The trajectory of the ball clearly changed, it's fuging physics.
  5. I certainly hope so. I've been a big Cam supporter and  worried we were wasting our time with him with a coach like Riveria, and frustrated at the lack of weapons and protection that imo contributed to some of Cam's lackluster performances. I'm happy to see I was wrong. I didn't believe Cam could overcome the defeciencies at the skill positions and I didn't trust Riveria game coaching skills.  Needless to say I'm relieved atm and super happy! 
  6. Sportscaster opened with Charlotte Hornet highlights, more proof that this isn't real life. The Panthers are 10-0 and our QB is in the MVP conversation. Seriously something is a foot. 
  7. The colors don't match!!!!!
  8. I remember the game where Peppers blocked the FG to win the game and the refs took it away. That was no fun.
  9. Anyone else think the NFL is disgusting for scheduling this game the week Hardy was supposed to come back from his 10 days suspension.  What a hypocritical organization the NFL is.
  10. Geez, you people are rough.  She was mistaken, realized it and admitted it. Not everyone can do that. Take it easy. 
  11. Yeah that's terrible. It's no where near the numbers that Muslims do it but it's still terrible.   
  12. I personally don't think the world would be better without all religions just certain sects of some of them.  
  13. Regarding liberals not wanting to associate the Islamic terrorism with Islam.