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  1. Or Chad Cota. Hell, if you really want to test someone's fandom, ask them who our first ever QB and opponents were. I'd be willing to bet quite a few folks have no clue, unless they Google it.   That said, welcome aboard new guys.. just a word of warning, we're like the CIA, once you're in, there's no such thing as retiring. Got it?
  2. Panthers Interception Yards - 85 Cowboys Net Rushing Yards - 31   Yeah... that's how you dominate a team.
  3. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    nice red herring there... what about when the season depended on him? You just going to ignore that he choked then?
  4. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    The problem with what you say, is that we're not really relying on a narrative, so much as we're pointing out the actual fact that he has choked in plenty of games that meant something. If I wanna rely on anything, it's this terrific .gif that makes me chuckle every time I see it:
  5. Panthers Get SI Cover

    This is still one of my favorite covers ever... not including the swimsuit editions, of course!
  6. Ealy has been outstanding, and personally, I'd rather see CJ worked back into the rotation slowly taking more snaps away from Allen than Ealy. But, then again, I'm not the coach and not privy to what he sees in practice too, so I'll just keep my trust in Ron and Co, since they've led us to 10-0 so far (soon to be 11-0).
  7. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    This I can actually agree with. He does have a habit of choking when it really matters. Hopefully, he does another choke job tomorrow too *beerchug* (For those long time Huddlers who remember that one)
  8. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I'm honestly amazed at how much disrespect Romo is getting here guys. He's a very good QB in the regular season, and instantly makes the Cowboys more of a threat by playing. Some of you may have forgotten how much he's been a thorn in our foot over the years, but I haven't. Sure, his playoff appearances have left a lot to be desired, but this isn't the playoffs, and he's going to give his team motivation by his being back.   That said, I honestly think they'll still come up short to the Giants this year, as they seem to be the better team in that shithole - the NFC LEast. The main thing I'm worried about is, playing i their house, how bad will the officials try and screw us this time? There's a long history, including unwarranted ejections of our top players, the flag for Peppers when he blocked the game-winning field goal with the ball changing trajectory not once, but twice before he hit the kicker (which is legal btw Cowboys fans), and a plethora of other bullshit calls against our team when we play the Cowboys. I want a fairly called game and no injuries for either side. I hope that's not too much to ask of the WWE.... err... NFL I mean.   I think we'll take this one as well, but it's going to be a tough contest. Romo will get his, but I think our defense severely limits points, rather than yards. Cam's gonna dab.. a lot, and we'll sit at 11-0 by the end of Turkey Day. Gobble gobble motherfugers, lol.
  9. Loved it...  97: "Better watch yourself" Cam: "Watch for what?" 97: "You'd better watch yourself" Cam: "For who? YOU? You ain't no threat!"   Lol... they really do think they scare Cam, but little do they know, he's just toying with them!
  10. It's apparent they don't have Riverboat Ron, but Maudlin Marvin instead.... sheesh
  11. Notes and Memos - Redskins

    Dear Media,   Vikings the best in the NFC, huh? Yeah.... might wanna rethink that.   Sincerely, The real NFC's best
  12. Game ball, who gets it?!!

    Not to take anything away from Cam here, because he had an amazing game today, but I honestly would have to give it to Stewie.   His runs set the tone early for our team, pushing hard for yards after initial contact, and helping to open up the passing attack. Even when caught in the backfield, he still pushed on for positive yardage, and he only had two negative plays from him all game (2 plays of -1 yards). He may not have gotten much from the play, a yard or two, but I don't recall him getting taken down before hitting at least the line of scrimmage for almost the entire game. That's pretty amazing from any RB in this league.
  13. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    I would if I could actually watch the game.. this sucks.
  14. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    So, since I can't watch this game anymore, I got bored and went over to that Skins board from earlier in the week. Most of them are coming to grips that they got blown out, but quite a few are still saying that the refs took this game away from the helmet to helmet hit by Culliver on Olsen negating the touchdown.   It's pure bullshit, to be frank. Did any of those jokers stop to think that if he had not hit Greg in the helmet, that the ball most likely would not have been coughed up in the first place? Olsen has some incredible hands, and rarely bobbles it into a defender's mitts like that. He got stunned, the ball came out, and the asswipe managed to pick it out of the air, and run it back for a TD. All because he popped Greg in the head, which is illegal. Refs didn't fug them over... refs made the right call. The rest is from your trash team thinking it could hang with the big boys, that's all. How many turnovers now?? Yeah, that's what I thought.