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  1. There are two issues. The playcalling is horrific and it’s no secret when we are going to run. They knew when we were running every time but once tonight when we surprised them on 2nd and 10 and Mcaff got a few yards. The line also allowed the backs to get touched 5 yards behind the line consistently, but again could be because of how bad we are at keeping the defense on its heals. In short not that this is a surprise statement, we are fuged and will continue to be fuged as long as Shula is our OC.
  2. Fun

  3. I’ll hoenstky never buy Dannon products again, I like siggys anyway
  4. Every major Panther beat reporter ever ranked

    It’s Voth, Gantt, and lately Igo (i don’t care if he considers himself a member of the media he is in the know). The rest absolutely suck and routinely get scooped by National Beat Writers when it comes to Panthers news and info. I look to the beat writers for inside info, not the stories. 90% of people who read the Observer articles probably dont even watch the game on Sundays.
  5. Why Shaq Thompson over Captain?

    You think Captain can cover Gronk lmfao! He’s basically up to his waste! The worst thing I saw was Colin Jones trying to cover Amendola on the last drive. How did that happen! It was abuse...
  6. He’s been impressive as hell!! Loving have Pep back!
  7. Grudens name gets thrown around for the same reason Harbaugh does. The guy is good with QBs. Panther fans want someone who can really coach Cam. Harbaugh would make Cam a different player I have no doubt about it. But it’s not happening, and neither is Gruden. But let’s hope they get someone in here to really get Cam on the right path for his Prime and the back end of his career or we’re gonna be looking for a QB in the next 3 years.
  8. It’s time to face facts that Cam isn’t ready to play. This is not the Cam Newton we have seen in the past. He doesn’t even have is strength down overthrowing everyone and his accuracy is worse than ever. If we are going to be successful we have to do what the bears did to the Steelers yesterday, and what we did against Buffalo and SF. That’s run, run and run some more. We will go as far as the defense and our two headed monster of Rbs will take us. Welcome back to Fox ball, except it’s actually our only shot until Cam gets back to form and it’s football we can actually be successful playing with our current team construction.
  9. Couldn’t agree more. The firing of Dave Gettleman will be something we won’t forget long after Rivera is gone. Gettleman was the best thing to happen to this organization and should have been allowed to be here until he wanted to retire. Our only hope is that A new GM is hired in the offseason, because if Hurney stays it’s over for us. It hurts to say this, but If being a bad team this year ensures Hurney being gone I can probably stomach it. I feel if we are successful Hurney will take credit and want to stick. Ideally I hope we win and Hurney steps aside of course but I think he’s getting comfortable.
  10. Would love Gruden honestly, he’s 10X the coach Rivera is. Would be funny if Hurney ends up being the one firing Rivera and hiring the new coach again. We are so fuged :(
  11. The decision to punt from the NO 35 down 18

    Rivera hitched his wagon with shula, I hope they both get sent packing if this season goes south
  12. I was very much against McCaffrey being the pick, and i'm not here to say i was right or wrong, its way to early. But the fact was and still is that i was not at all confidant that Shula would use him correctly. We threw to RB's the least (percentage wise) in the entire league in his tenure here, i didn't expect it to change much and it hasent. He continues to try and push McCaffrey up the middle when everybody can see he would be better off on outside runs and in space. The Panthers needed a guy for short yardage pickups so that Cam didn't have to get beat up getting them anymore, and that was Fournette. Once he was gone the pick should have been Malik Hooker. I'll root for McCaffrey, i want him to succeed, and hes really not playing as bad as people are making it out to be. But until Shula is gone, hes a wasted pick as i feared.
  13. No excuses.

    I don’t think Cam is that rusty honestly. Against SF he had some struggles in the first quarter but looked good to finish. We didn’t score 40 on SF because we didn’t have to, we didn’t even have to throw in the second half, we just killed the clock. We did throw, and Cam looked great against Buffalo. We just couldn’t finish the drives. Every time we had momentum there would be a sack, or a dropped pass. But Cam routinely flipped the field position. Did he overthrow 2-3 passes, absolutely but that’s Cam. The McCaffrey overthrow was horrible and Cam knows it. But Shula needs to be better, and it’s scary if Rivera doesn’t see how bad he is. He’s too aggressive when a conservative play call for a FG is warranted (and Cam ends up getting sacked and taken out of FG range). He’s too conservative when we should be aggressive like running a damn wildcat play likes it’s 2005. Or running out of the stupid read option constantly on third and shorts when we have the personal to I-form and pound. Like is it so hard to run a pro style offense for alittle? He finally tried to in the 4th quarter against the Bills, but the entire game was so frustrating. No QB roll outs, no intention of getting Cam outside the pocket and putting the defense on its heels. The only fake-play action he runs is the stupid reverse with samuel that everyone knows we aren’t handing it too. Shula is a huge issue and sadly it’s not going to end anytime soon. If it takes Rivera going for it to change, I’m actually all for it.
  14. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Seriously don't compare the Jets pathetic defense to the Panthers. I live in NJ, i watch the Jets often. They get no pressure whatsoever! There best rush this weekend came from KONY EALY!! Embarrassing to even bring this up. They would trade Mo Wilkerson and anyone on their team for KK. Leonard Williams is the only guy worth a damn.
  15. What Bills fans are saying ...

    The Bills are clearly tanking. They traded away most of the talent they had, and now there plan is to rush McCoy as long as he lasts, which wont be long. They had all they can handle with the Jets (another tanking team, but also a division foe). McDermott may know our weaknesses, but he also knows our strengths. Unfortunately for him he has no choice but to face them head on and Kuechly will make them pay in the run game which is all they have. Agree with Jeremy they don't sniff the endzone, Panthers in a route as the home town crowd is amped, i expect it to be loud and cant wait to be there. Btw they have to have Peppers come out of the tunnel right? Its gonna be an insane atmosphere.. Panthers 27 Bills 6