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  1. Short of winning a Super Bowl this should be Rivera’s final season. He’s just not what we need going forward. I would love to see what Josh McDaniels could do with Cam.
  2. Look for Gettleman to be with the Giants

    Anyone who signs Gettleman is getting a great GM. Just wait until we see the absurd moves of Hurney this off season. Please for the love of god get Cam some WRs that can catch the ball. Why does our QB have to go through his career with below average pass catchers. This should be priority #1!
  3. Just like the Broncos needed a change when firing Fox to get them to the next level. The time has come for the Panthers to do the same. Whose our Kubiak to come save the day? Will Hurney have the balls to do what’s necessary?
  4. Watkins or Marquis Lee would be amazing
  5. Byrd's role?

    He immediately becomes our #2, and is by far the best WR talent we have behind Fun right now. Sad but true. Maybe those preseason flashes will turn into something down the stretch. Lord knows we need him badly...
  6. Have you been listening?

    I was up one level in the Mezzanine in the 200's, there were two large sections on each side of the stadium near each endzone that were all Panther fans, was really awesome to see and hear during big plays.
  7. We should send them tape of Romo coming back from his collarbone injury against us on Thanksgiving. The results will scare him into next offseason.
  8. Kurt Coleman has been awful this year.

    I’m honestly more concerned with getting Cam offensive weapons than I am the secondary. That tells you something.
  9. Seattle has a tough stretch of games. Eagles, Jaguars, Rams is no joke. Then Cowboys with Zeke back...It’s great for the Panthers that Saints and Falcons have two games against each other still left. Hopefully GB keeps falling out of this and keep Rodgers out.
  10. Kurt Coleman has been awful this year.

    The secondary hasent been great by any means, but it hasent been horrible either. It’s more of a middle ground. We had no pressure on McCown for practically 3 quarters yesterday. None! He was standing, moving outside the pocket, doing whatever he wanted. Every secondary is going to look like crap with that much time. Once we started getting pressure the game was over. The other thing that makes the secondary look bad is the amount of blitzing we do under Wilks. This sometimes leaves a man running free and if the QB finds him it’s gonna look bad...But it’s by design as those plays are never meant to get off. Sometimes they do. Give credit to Robby Anderson yesterday he made some great catches with Bradberry and Coleman all over him.
  11. First of all it’s Robby Anderson, he’s one of the fastest WRs in the NFL, and he’s been torching everyone he’s played over the past few weeks.
  12. Does Cam overthrow guys? Of course he does, all QBs do watch the games. Other teams actually surround there star QB with weapons. Cam has absolute garbage. Rewatch the Dolphin game, I almost puked at the amount of dropped passes. The Steelers offensive talent makes ours look like a college offense. Without Olsen all Cam has is Funchess and McCaffrey. Well other than himself, but apparently that’s not good enough for some people, that Cam has to be both QB and RB. They just complain about overthrows. Number one priority this offseason better Damn be getting Cam more weapons!
  13. Please tell me Damiere Byrd will be activated for this game. Outside of Funchess it’s ugly.
  14. I’ll be there. Jets fans are a rowdy bunch compared to Giant fans. The losing kind of gets to you lol. All in good fun though this isn’t Philly..Last time I was at Panthers Jets Delhomme threw a pick off Smittys foot that Revis grabbed in one of the most bizarre plays I’ve ever seen live. Looked like Revis tried running with a ball off the ground, even Jet fans were looking around like what just happened. Anyway the tailgates at MetLife are some of the best in football so if you got a parking pass and a place to go eat and drink it’s a lot of fun. Hoping Cam puts on a show!
  15. Watching the Steelers offense Thursday night, got me thinking. The Panthers have one of the weakest offensive rosters in the NFL. Steelers are throwing out Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, Leveon, JuJu for Ben. While the Panthers have McCaffrey, Olsen and Funchess. Things better be done to upgrade this offense next year with playmakers. Nobody does more with less than Cam honestly.