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  1. Top remaining free agents - Who do ya want?

    Def need a corner and would feel very good about DRC. Breaux is injury prone, but has talent (would def be an upgrade over Worley, who i didn't think was awful so not a knock on him). Right now the CB trio is no different from last year, Worley was benched half the time anyway. If we sign this G/C from the Vikings Jeremiah Sirles, he's an up and coming guy apparently so i think that would be it for the oline until the draft (competition between Moton, Larsen, Sirles and Roookie G for Norwells spot will be intense). Where we need to make a splash signing is Safety...Adams is damn near 40 years old now. We have no FS on the roster. This has to be the focus this week. Vaccaro or Burnett need to happen. I'm not keen on getting Boston back but wouldn't hate it... Yes Reid would fit but thats not happening either. As for WR, i guess Mike Wallace would work..What fans don't see is that there is only one football to go around. Between Fun, Olsen and CMC that's a ton of targets going to those three guys. Throw in the trio of Torrey, Samuel and Byrd, how many targets are really left for another guy? Your not going to spend big bucks on a guy getting 40-50 targets for the year. We def need to improve our WR depth, Clay and Bersin wont cut it, but we dont need to go overboard. Give me Luke Wilson over Ebron any day of the week. I would actually like to see Adrian Peterson here for one year to compliment Christian, give us a strong short yardage back. As usual the draft will be huge for us but we can fill some holes with decent guys on the cheap...except Safety!
  2. Panthers meeting with FA Guard/Center

    Viking fans don't seem to be thrilled with the prospects of losing this guy, saying he needs more playing time and a chance to start. Could be a good low key signing..
  3. I'm happy about this, i didn't like the Breeland signing to begin with. this dude got smoked every time i watched him play. Then again so did Worley, but two wrongs don't make a right and atleast Worley was cheap.
  4. Michael Crabtree Released

    There it is...
  5. First round "light" on top picks?

    I think this is the year you trade up. Package that third rounder since we have 2 and go up to get Ridley in the teens (assuming he falls out of the top 15.)
  6. Paul Richardson and Marquis Lee are the most realistic options if they don't go back to there respective teams. Allen Robinson and Sammy are gonna be the high priced guys that we cannot afford. Too many teams with huge cap space we cant compete with. Yes we have Cam, and winning may be important to them, but we just cannot compete with the Jets, Browns, Niners etc with all there space. There is a good chance we get shutout of quality FA WRs there is a lot of money out there...Is Mike Wallace a bad backup plan if we have to dip into the third or fourth tier of guys, probably not..This league will continue to favor teams that draft well, and we need to find a quality WR this year. If Hurney wants to trade up get Ridley and call it a day, the rest of his draft is gonna suck anyway give those picks away lol
  7. Tag and Trade Norwell -

    We aren't guaranteed a comp pick if we sign some guys, so why not sign and trade him for a third. Thats what the dolphins are doing with Landry. So what if the cap hit is 15 mill, hes gonna get 14 minimum anyway..
  8. I'm a Landry fan, but i wouldn't give up more than a fourth, especially since we have to pay him. He's an elite slot guy, but i think it will prohibit some formations when we have to put McCaffrey in the slot. All in all he's a better WR than anyone on our team (even Funch), but not sure he's the best fit. Then again i don't know who we can get in FA that will be better than him. Marquis lee can play the outside and will be significantly cheaper in terms of both dollars and draft picks (none) , but is he better? I'm all for any means of upgrading this WR core, and if that means Hurney throwing even a third at the dolphins for jarvis, its better than him wasting it on a third round bust as he usually does.
  9. So.....

    Hurney is the interim GM for one season and already made a mistake big enough to question how he's employed anywhere. This is so stupid that i still cant comprehend how Ron didn't say anything about it to him at the time. They keep the rookie punter, but not the kicker?
  10. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    Anybody that lived through the entirety of the Hurney years knows this too be true. The pro Hurney trolls were too young to remember how bad poo was. Its about to hit them right in the mouth. How did we take two steps forward firing Shula finally, just to take 5 steps backwards by interviewing Rooney Rule rejects and keeping hurney smfh
  11. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    This franchise is a joke. Once this sale goes through i know that the new ownership will bring in somebody competent. While Hurney does suck as GM, he sadly was the best candidate of the rag tag group of guys they interviewed recently. It was all a Rooney Rule sham clearly..
  12. Every GM Drafting rankings over thier tenure

    Oh Hurney is a joke. This doesn't take into account that Hurney and other bad GM's routinely picked in the top half of the draft. Where as the Pats get knocked for picking late every year. Gettleman was much better at talent evaluating than Hurney, you know how i know this? Because that was his job, Hurney was a f'n Journalist. Speaking of our great interim GM who also kept two Kickers on the roster (which is laughable, he should have traded Gano) who were practically the same caliber, one who we drafted and was a cost controlled rookie, only too keep the vet who is about to be a free agent and handcuff us for $5 million that misses 25 yarders in playoff games. Genius!
  13. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    If this past draft has shown us anything, it’s that you can find good RBs later in the draft. You can certainly get a beast like fournette early, but u can get a Alvin Kamara late and be just as happy. This is the case most years to be honest. No desperate team is dropping a whopper of a package to move up from the 20s to top 3 for anything but a QB. Def not for a RB!
  14. CJ Anderson

    A third or fourth rounder for CJ Anderson? Stars go for third round picks, why would the Panthers send a third for an average RB lmfao. He would be lucky to fetch a 6-7th, and will likely be cut. The Broncos would be beyond excited with any return at all. Some posters on this board have no idea how this league works.
  15. You think Norwell is going to cost 6-7 mill?? Your totally out of touch with what top Guard money is then..if Norwell would accept 6-7 a year he would be signed already lmfao