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  1. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    Sorry for the crappy formatting! I read much more than I post!!
  2. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    Speaking of reach, found this bit of info that could give insight into Gman's eagerness to pull the trigger so early on these guys: http://www.rotoworld.com/recent/cfb/135132/james-bradberry Since the Panthers drafted 2/3s of the long-armed, athletic CBs, perhaps we are the team referenced above? And perhaps our coaches and scouts believe that for our system, this length in combination with ball-skills, makes these guys much more valuable to us than they might be for some other teams (but not all other teams). For example, I noticed some Seahawk-specific scouting reports featuring Bradberry. They use a similar system to us. Even though the broader league may not prioritize these measurables, it's obvious Gettleman believed at least one other team would snatch these guys up if we didn't. Not saying I love or hate the picks. Time will tell. But thought this information helped explain why two relatively unheralded players were picked early and within just a few picks of one another.