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  1. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Down in Tampa, so I had to represent at the Super Bowl Party. North Carolina BBQ!
  2. They were doing a special on Sportscenter and I had to look twice at the video. This is Luke as a wee one...... Look at his shirt! He was destined to come to the Panthers!
  3. How you like them no names??!!???

    That's fuging awesome! Love Fitz telling TD to go win it.
  4. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    As always, just frickin' awesome!!

    fug Yeah!!!
  6. NFCC game pie... cum get you some

    NFC Championship game in tha house! Whooooo!!!
  7. Why are they playing that soft zone poo! Pound them!
  8. Awesome! This part pumped me way the fug up: "No,they want that fucking trophy. And they're gonna have to smash some fucking skulls to do it. "
  9. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Love the Panthers and stuck in Succaneers country. Would love the tickets!
  10. Rivera Takes A Bath

    I like how they started putting handles on the bottom of the gatorade jugs, probably just for this....
  11. Along the Sidelines - Bucs at Panthers

    Awesome as usual! Thanks!
  12. Sunday Jan 17 1:00

    It's a long walk from AZ to Charlotte....
  13. HFA pie... get it while it's hot

    SaaaaaWeet!!! 15-1 baby!
  14. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Good challenge. Not for the play, but gives the D a breather
  15. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Funchess!!! With another defender draped on him!