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  1. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    Ted Ginn really got us good in the AZ playoff game the year he left.
  2. Dear Josh

    I have no ill will towards josh at all and will root for him in any game that does not affect the panthers playoff chances. I wish it could have worked for him to stay, but it seems to be what both sides wanted. Time will tell whether or not he will regret leaving a good situation for the higher paycheck.
  3. I believe it was cam newton is not clutch and will never lead a 4th quarter comeback. I cant even remember how many we should trade for player X threads he started. Definitely remember a Brady Quinn one after the one good game he played against the lions, and a matt leinart one.
  4. If you can read but cannot post....

    I guess it works
  5. In twenty years, what's your favorite win to date?

    Well its kind of obvious what my choice is....will give honorable mention to the pats and saints home games in 13, Bears playoff win in 05, cowboys beatdown in 03.
  6. 2011 NFL draft revisited, would you take JJ Watt over Cam?

    Back to the topic at hand, the what if game seems paralyzing to me. If we took Watt at #1 we still have no 2nd round pick...i dont think hurney would have gone into 2011 with clausen as the starter, but wouldnt have had a selection until the 3rd round so that could be yet another trade of a 2012 first rounder for a kaepernick or dalton. If thats the case i would rather have cam and luke.
  7. 2011 NFL draft revisited, would you take JJ Watt over Cam?

    It's par for the course I'm afraid
  8. 2011 NFL draft revisited, would you take JJ Watt over Cam?

    That's because most people know that Justin Houston and JJ Watt play different positions and don't have the same responsibilities and therefore what Watt does is more impressive.But since you are a simpletonthat only looks at SACKS SACKS SACKS when evaluating players, Watt has 12 more than Houston when they've been in the league for the same amount of time.
  9. 2011 NFL draft revisited, would you take JJ Watt over Cam?

    Maybe we should go get Mark Sanchez since he's got a 4-2 playoff record.
  10. Tampa. Winston to Evans is going to be a pain in the ass.
  11. Nicks to Titans.

    Gotta love rotoworld's take on this...
  12. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Jennings at least doesn't have the lower leg injury issues that hampered Crabtree the last few years. That's what concerns me about Crabtree more than the supposed diva attitude or bad teammate rap. The fact that he and Hakeem Nicks have barely drawn any interest in the FA market this offseason leads me to believe that it's injury related.
  13. Anyone had a torn Achilles?

    I did it almost 3 years ago. If you dont do surgery, the re-rupture rate is much higher. And im not sure what your source is but being able to "recover" in 8 weeks is highly unrealistic.
  14. Wait, so Marc was actually fired, rather than taking what amounted to a promotion?
  15. Its getting even funnier, marc is going at tom sorenson for backing kroger, and he appears to have created another twitter handle to back himself up (jim kindle)