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  1. So have you thawed out yet from winter?

  2. Go Bills :party:

  3. get your chin up...we dont have a 1st round pick...we traded have to deal with the 49ers

  4. Atleast you guys would get the better draft pick ill.gif In all seriousness I would like to lose out and get the 5th overall pick and get Bradford, need the Redskins to win some games though!

  5. lol we will both have same records at the end of the season...yayyy 5-11

  6. Iv'e done the math buddy, we can actually win the division at 8-8 amazingly. Watch us hand the Cheatriots a loss next week IMHO, we'll move to 6-8 :party:

  7. everyone you named...EXCEPT THE BILLS :D

  8. Redskins dont have a shot at the playoffs IMHO where as the Fish, Jests, Cheatriots, and Bills still do IMHO.

  9. Really wanted to see you guys beat the Pats!!! but anyway AFC EAST = best division in football IMHO

  10. i hate ure division