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  1. Lions told Vernon Butler they would take him at 16

    But isn't he there at 16?
  2. You really think professional athletes are gonna blame another one because he leaves this team publicly? They won't say so even if Normanreally "betrayed" this team. What I'm proud about our players is they are not P. Peterson who run his mouth on the twitter. By the way, what does betray mean? Norman doesn't have to be a Panther. He has his right to make his own choice. That said, I still feel bad for his leaving.
  3. Sometimes ppl will freak out when unexpected things happen, such as KB's ACL...
  4. 49ers favorites to sign Josh Norman

    Sign him and the 49ers will be worse because of the financial effect brought by Josh's big contract.
  5. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Panthers front office are smart enough to stop being controlled by one single player's action. I like this move 100 percent.
  6. Blockbuster Trade in the Works

    So the Bills need a QB AGAIN?
  7. 3/14 Happy International Pi Day !

    Maybe this is the only offseason pie thread? PIE me then!
  8. Cj says something brewing

    I would like to see how guys on the previous pages would comment now as CJ is back.
  9. I like his development this year, hes a good backup.
  10. Draft a Kicker in the First Round?

    Wow, I thought no one would be so stupid except Al Davis...
  11. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    What did she expect? I guess she should expect a white dick to be sat on her face?
  12. I pose this question to all Huddlers...

    I told you guys that I hate those dumb what if threads!
  13. 51.... 51..... 51...

    Still prefer that superbowl ring.
  14. Keep Pounding, a family story.

    Hope our bandwagon fans can learn from you guys, great story.
  15. 51.... 51..... 51...

    Win the 51st Super Bowl will be the only way to fix my broken heart.