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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

      I'd have been more mad if they had run out of orange sauce (my sister is a SJSU grad, and led me on to the deliciousness).   You know it's good when the surrounding restaurants offer it as a fugging condiment.   Now I need to go get some...
  2. If you're not following the Panthers on snapchat...

  3. The Keep Pounding Drum

    My vote goes to Coach Beam or Sam Mills 3
  4. Even better on Monday for us in the Bay Area to keep on celebrating...
  5. Is Braylon going to Cali?   This is where I donated and bought my shirt from...
  6. My CEO is Cooler Than Yours

    Told my boss only if they lose will I need to be off, and I'd be working drunk when we win.
  7. Where are we watching the game in SF?

    Anybody who is anybody is gonna be in Oakland watching the Dubs destroy the Thunder.
  8. XClown

    Seriously don't let it be lost in my post fug the Niners and the NFC West...
  9. XClown

    1990ish, Raiders were in LA making 'Straight Outta Compton*' *I guess   I'm still in a blue color city called San Lorenzo, that anyone outside of the Bay Area has never heard of. My blue collar dad is a die hard A's, Raiders and Warriors fan. I'm still an A's and Warriors fan today. In his household you don't root for the posh white collar SF teams. Panthers were announced in 91-93. I was 9-11. They had a prettier blue than Jags (again, I was 10 and have blue eyes) and were in same division as Niners.   I had the opportunity to root against the Niners with my dad with Raiders in LA.   Rest is history, seriously I repeat this story every playoffs, so fug it at this point. I don't fuging care...
  10. Last time Panthers in NFCCG

    Drunk as fug and as any good fan blocking a LOT of previous playoff games out of our minds.
  11. Northern California - Bay Area

    I'm celebrating on this great holiday weekend. Have only been able to check in randomly with work ish, but seriously I'm down.   How the fug do I sign up to be part of the Roaring Riot? Gawd I'm batting off fools like crazy in the Bay Area these days. Thank gawd without trying I was wearing my 2003 NFC champs shirt in 2/3 of my kids hospital pics!
  12. Last time Panthers in NFCCG

    Nick Goings being injured in the 2nd isn't coming through that door.   God damnit I forgot I got kickedout of that Cheesecake factory in 05.
  13. We had to face a bird team then too...     (PS Kind of drunk here in the Bay Area so excuse the topic, but fuggit).