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  1. Realistically I wouldn’t expect the food to change until he gets his new stadium. He’ll probably do like many new stadiums around the country and make eateries that have multiple choices at ridiculous prices. From “Wine & Cheese” to Everyman food. Main reason is the $$$ that would be made having more choices!
  2. When I think of Hurney.... George W. Bush
  3. I really hope the best for Gano, but I don’t see putting 5 million towards him gets us closer to a SB... I’m not a scout, coach or GM so!
  4. Carolina Mike

    Future Cleveland Browns Draft Pick

    Absolutely wouldn’t be surprised if we traded up to grab him. Then make him a WR.... Old Horndog loves getting that guy no one else sees that true potential!
  5. Carolina Mike

    Lamar Jackson at #24: Is it possible?

    Didn’t we have a GM that drafted a QB to be a WR? So.... sounds like something a certain Panthers GM would do!
  6. When he left the 1st time!
  7. Does this sound like the Gman we all knew? Don’t believe this for a second. He likes to shop at the Dollar Store not Kohl’s.
  8. Honestly I’m not sure why. Last year I was out in the Bering Sea during the Super Bowl so I missed it for the first time I can ever remember. Born & raised from NC I’ve followed the Panthers from their 1st game. Living up in the PNW I’ve had to get the NFL Package every year so I’ve NEVER missed a game. I use to watch multiple games on Sunday but this year only Panthers. I’ll be one of those that might not even watch this years Super Bowl. Didn’t even watch the Playoffs this year.
  9. Carolina Mike

    Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    @Teach_Panther I’ve seen many (more than 7) Cougars and Bobcats out hunting! Heck one was less than 20ft from my father & I in some blackberry bushes letting us know by growling at us!!!! That was crazy scary.
  10. Carolina Mike

    Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    City People Only Know
  11. Carolina Mike

    Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    Country People Know!
  12. Carolina Mike

    Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    I live in WA now and hunt in both Oregon and Washington. I’m calling BS on “People can’t tell if it’s a Bobcat or Mountain Lion!” If you aren’t able to do that you have no reason to be in the woods! Cougars, Mountain Lion or whatever you want to call it are out there. They normally aren’t wanting to be found. Side Note: When I was stationed in El Paso, TX there was a Mountain Lion scare in DOWNTOWN El Paso... http://www.kvia.com/news/cougar-shot-and-killed-after-roaming-downtown-and-short-chase/53348979
  13. Who is surprised about this?
  14. Carolina Mike

    Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Been working all day... come home and BAM!!! Thank God!!!