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  1. Nope... We are finally going to see Shula's evolved offense!! The classic throwback 4 QB set! Who's going to get the ball! Will they throw? Shula quoted earlier today... "It's a very over complicated for no reason designed play that will fool everyone."
  2. Game etiquette

    I've gotten to watch the Panthers play at many locations outside of Charlotte. Believe it or not, it's very limited to see mass amounts of people standing at games. Normally only at key points in the game. Example: 3rd downs, INT, TD, FG & National Anthem. Standing an entire game is just dumb.
  3. In What World

    Yeah, my first thought was... See I can do it.
  4. In What World

    Did anyone else notice after halftime the report from the lady on the sidelines?? She said... The Panthers kicker came right out after halftime to warm up and placed the ball at the would have been attempted spot. Romo or the other guy asked... Did he make it? She said... YES, and he looked over to the sidelines after it went through.
  5. Hang Shula at dawn

    Good thing you said "Dawn" as those crosswinds might make a hanging nearly impossible tonight!?!?!?
  6. Rivera post-game presser

    Watched the video (waited like 4+ minutes before it actually started). Dang I didn't realize the gale force cross winds tonight!
  7. Great call on 3rd and 1

    Yeah that fugging sucked!!
  8. WTF not attempt a FG ?

    Said the same thing... well maybe I was yelling it.
  9. Eagles injury updates

    How much rain... drizzle or monsoon??
  10. If the Panthers win....

    What's this "IF" We have the better team! The better reason (51)! It's at home in the Carolinas!! It's a Prime Time game for ALL to see.... Crap-o-la!! God I hope we win!!
  11. "It & "." See how dumb it looks correcting others.
  12. Hello - Eagles fan here

    I miss read the original post.. I really believe none of who beat who matters as much as how team A matchup with team B.
  13. Hello - Eagles fan here

    This isn't true... Eagles: Redskins: 2-2 Chiefs: 5-0 Giants: 0-5 Charges: 1-4 Cardinals:2-3 ='s 10-14 Panthers: SF: 0-5 Bills: 3-2 Ain'ts: 2-2 NE: 3-2 Lions: 3-2 ='s 11-13 We have played better teams but the W/L records are not too far off.
  14. Which 1-loss team misses playoffs

    Who are you?? Really
  15. Ed Dickson

    What a great time for him to have a great game! Just think if he can continue those types of numbers moving forward... the Panthers Weapons are starting to add up!!