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  1. Swole Bones to the Seahawks

    Seachickens looking for intell on their New big brother, probably play them twice next year.
  2. Honestly that seems like a perfect draft for a losing franchise lol Gettlemajic drafts stars in each round and these mock can't take into account his vigorous research and knack for choosing football studs
  3. The two deals posted aren't clise to maxwell money and he's deserving of that kind of money so we have to offer a little more imo to secure the dark knight.
  4. Notes and Memos - Bucs

    I mentioned this in another thread just now I truly thought we brought in Fun Fun to play and dominate slots and nickel backs a major mismatch for us. Keeps the field wideopen with Ginn's speed on the outside Benji on the outside his physical dominance and Fun dominating the weaker backs I think that's the plan next year.
  5. 2015 Carolina Panthers Offensive Stats

    I think next years formations are going to be more of Fun Fun in the slot he was brought in to dominate slots etc. keeping Ginn outside to utilize his speed keeping the field wide open. Just what I thought they drafted him for mismatch against nickel backs all day long
  6. #PanthersGoExtraMileToSignLa'el

    First tweet in two years I put starting LT to spice it up
  7. #PanthersGoExtraMileToSignLa'el

    This is hilarious but in all seriousness it's actually a good idea nowadays social media is everything especially the younger generation I bet if people push this it would have a minimal impact on him. Not saying he signs but that's a fan base that shows support who doesn't like that. But the small chance it goes Rae Rae wrong is a little to close to home.
  8. Panthers Begin Head Coach Search?

    Yooo this is perfect MOTIVATION for Chicos laid back azz. Seriously thou I think Getts saw something in the way he coached the end of last year when it was desperation time. He again put on his attack game plan when staring a must win in the face. Now he leaks a little info he coaches us to a playoff appearance saves his job and our seasson win win. ( i hope)