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  1. Contest prize?

    Could use that here in Canada.  I'll pay shipping lol
  2. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Thanks for sharing these each week.  I continue to share on Facebook!

    This is crazy! Some great momentum going into the Super Bowl. 
  4. Breathtaking.

    wow... That's all that I can muster at the moment.
  5. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    If you win I'll help you with all the raids you want for a pic!
  6. Who else loves to hunt?

    I'm in Ontario Canada.  (I grew up in Caswell County NC)  Since moving up here I've been able to hunt deer, duck, bear, and moose.  Moose by far has been the most insane.  Nothing I mean NOTHING prepares you for the first Moose you see.   I really enjoy all types of hunting.  My dad taught me what I needed to know when I lived in Carolina.
  7. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    First off these would have to be professionally framed.   Secondly,  I would have these hung in the local sports bar in my town.  I've actually gotten him to put Panther's games on his Main screen when they are playing.  (I'm in sales and provide him with office and janitorial supplies)  He has 5 screens for sporting events. Started going their years ago as Sunday ticket wasn't yet available.  My wife and I have changed viewing games there from 2-6 of us to 20-30 fans that show up to the bar for the game.  The way the Panther's are playing this year has defiantly helped grow our small RIOT.  I've actually had guys at the bar "throw in" their old team's Jersey or Hat to replace it with a Carolina one.  Fans here mostly support Buffalo or NE.  Some Hawks bags but haven't seen any since we beat them this season.   I would want to keep these for myself but how could I pass up the marketing tool to grow more Canadian fans.
  8. Olsen's fumble - review

    I felt like I saw him many times in this game favoring one of his hands.  I had chalked it up to me looking for something that wasn't there.
  9. Near-heart-attack pie!!!

    This felt like week 3 all over again.  Omg!  My daughter and I were screaming and dancing Panthers Win!
  10. 11-0 Pie

    Pecan pie!!!
  11. Youngins at the games.

    This has been brought up a few times before.  My daughter will turn 3 in March.  In her short 3 years she's attened: Panthers v. Bills Panthers v. Patriots Braves v. Jays Red Sox v. Jays x3 Argos v. Ticats And countless local street concerts.  As a parent I belive you do not change what you do.  That you change how you do what you want to do when including your kids. You have to know the environment that you are introducing your child(ren).   Was my daughter ever bored at the games yes.  What did we do. My wife would take her for walks on the concourses or shopping or for a snack. In our seats she (my daughter) takes the seat between my wife and I.  If you ask me I'd prefer to be next to a child all day than some belligerent fan hiding a sign blocking multiple views.   I find it deplorable, yet not shocking on some of the huddlers takes on this.   I will continue to take my child to sporting events and other means of entertainment.  By no means do I want you to take care of my child.  You shouldn't ask how my child will ruin your game experience.  Maybe you should be grateful that some of us parents are razing another generation of fans. I apologize as this was written in haste and hot headedness.  As I read some of the responses I felt as if I were being attacked for including my fandom with my child. Sometimes making memories is just as important for the parent as it is the child.  
  12. New Bungie game: Destiny

    Willing to help if on xbone.  It's been a grind but I'm up to 297   TAG: compton535
  13. Funny wife vs Panthers game story

    My wife yelled at me during the last couple minutes of the Jax game....  Something about not helping her with bringing the groceries in as the last few minutes ticked away.  I belive she realized at that moment that she had lost her husband for the next few Sunday's.  She muttered something about being a football widow.   She's super stoked about this weekend as it's our Bye week and Thanksgiving here in Canada.  She wasn't excited to hear that I still want to watch the Seattle game.  I told her it was for scouting purposes.
  14. When it's all said and done Luke will rank amongst the greatest all time lber. So glad he's with us and no one else.