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  1. Don't blame Shula

    Nah I'm blaming him.
  2. Not trying to ruffle any feathers, but would he honestly care? I thought he was done with all of us and considers himself a Raven?
  3. Sharing Good News

    Tell mom we all say hi and to keep pounding!
  4. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    I feel like the others at the Observer are exploiting her for the Cam situation. I hope she goes somewhere else and the team blacklists those tools.
  5. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    Lol at the Joe Person part.
  6. The Klein Factor

    Damn, so Klein knows both sides of Shula's post it note.
  7. Did he pin Bene's dumpster fire last year on Bradberry?
  8. Reporting, Live from Tampa.....

    Lol. I like this guy
  9. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    Fair enough, but our guys wouldn't make it on the Browns or the Jets if that puts your mind at ease.
  10. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    Did you watch him play this preseason? He actually played well recently believe it or not. He totally earned a roster spot before this happened. Looked way better than our sorry group of SS. Any improvement is better than none.
  11. So an extra loose leaf piece of paper inside our duotang playbook?
  12. Wtf he chooses to play for the unwashed armpit equivalent of the NFC South? I'm praying they broke the bank for him.
  13. TJ Ward update

    fug off already Shittsburgh. Haden wasn't enough for you A-holes?
  14. Cowboys release S Robert Blanton

    fug it. Sign his ass!