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  1. panther252

    Maybe one more after 2018...J. Peppers hints

    I never want to see this guy retire, he's too much of a treat to watch play.
  2. panther252

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Very sad and scary. Dudes a beast, he can fight it.
  3. "and we'd like to give a big shout out to Adam schein for helping contribute to this list" -PFF
  4. panther252

    DJ Moore in Panthers gear

    He looks better in 12 than Kerry Collins did. *shudders*
  5. Ahaha. The real litmus test would be if we cut Amini. I don't even know if Buffalo would stoop that low...
  6. What are the odds that he goes to the Bills or Giants?
  7. I like him. Hopefully for all our sakes he looks good and makes Ron delete DA off speed dial.
  8. I know you probably wiped him away from your memory and for good reason, but Mike Remmers deserves to be in this hall of shame. Consistently picked up where Byron Bell left off in taking years off Cam's career. Dudes Super Bowl performance was a complete disgrace. All we needed was for him to avg for once and not helplessly urinate himself and he couldn't even do that for us.
  9. panther252

    Andre Smith next TD 2.0?

    He's such a fun player to watch. A real throwback. Really hope his knee holds up and he makes the team.
  10. panther252

    Would you rather have Derwin James?

    James was the player I wanted the most, but now that the draft is over and the roster is shaping out, I'm very happy with how things turned out. Cam was thrilled that we got Moore and my greatest fear is that he might get fed up if we don't give him help and leave. This gives him time to build chemistry and grow together rather than draft one when Cam's deal is almost up. This is much better for the big picture if we keep the big guy happy and give him some actual talent to work with before it's too late.
  11. panther252

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    I think it moved...
  12. panther252

    Should we go after Dez?

    We went from trotting out UDFA plugs like Bersin and Philly and giving them significant playing time early to no longer having to need Dez. We've come a long way.
  13. I really hope Smith can make the team or at very least the ps if his knee holds up. He's a really fun to watch thumper.
  14. panther252

    Front 4 combinations

    Man is good. Gotta make sure stay good.
  15. Nice! Keep doing what makes you happy. It actually looks and sounds very professional. My only critique is less Russell Wilson clips and more Cam. And by "more Cam" I mean, ALL CAM.