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  1. Michael Crabtree?

    As long as they look like they belong in the NFL and not the typical CFL tryout guys we usually bring in I'm all for it.
  2. Cam has been held back his whole career it seems. Even when stifled he takes the misfits on offense to the playoffs. A good offseason and some non shula coaching, we can only go up from here.
  3. Luke just had surgery

    They must've gave the team a pretty good discount with the amount of shoulder surgeries we've been having lately
  4. Scott already said he was returning for his senior season. I wouldn't mind Chubb in the second though. He's basically a younger Stew with less burst.
  5. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I wish there was a way nobody would win. Pats have won so much I think I'm numb to it now, so another who cares. I don't think I could handle Wentz getting a ring before Cam and having everyone ride his nuts how hes the youngest since Ben or some bs and hang that over Cam's head.
  6. I'm praying Pep comes back and we win it for him. Dudes a legend
  7. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    I think I'd rather it be Jags and Vikings in the Super Bowl, with the Jags winning it all. I don't mind the Vikings and I'm eternally grateful for the fap material they've provided me, but having their fans suffer a soul crushing defeat at home would please me very much so. Nothing against them, I'm just very pathetic + bitter and love me some despair at the expense of others. Plus bonus points for our staff having to witness the Jags win something before us, thus maybe giving them the swift kick in the crotch reality check that they need to stop thinking the answers are always on the roster at desperately thin and embarassing positions.
  8. I hate these stats. We are also a top 10 rushing team and media will always fluff how we run the ball well, when reality the struggles are painfully real. It's just Cam and friends. Bottom line, we need receivers who can create separation as a top priority.
  9. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Saving this for the spank bank
  10. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Man they REALLY wanted Hill to get that block
  11. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    So I'm going underwear shopping tomorrow
  12. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    I.... I think it moved...
  13. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Now the Taints know what it's like to play against NFL wrs