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  1. panther252

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    Shawn Williams too. Dating back to last year I don't think any player has more personal fouls than him.
  2. panther252

    Trai has a concussion

    God help us...
  3. I'm not even going to pretend like I know anything about Robinson, but I've seen enough of Amini to know that there's no fuging way that he's worse than him.
  4. panther252

    But he’s such a great leader.....SEA/Wilson

    I dislike him and the way the media thinks he can do no wrong. He tries way too hard to say the cringy right thing and be the anti cam. Fake kiss ass goodie two shoes teacher's pet.
  5. panther252

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    I'd be very worried if we cut Torrey given Samuel and Byrd's past injuries. Speed guys always seem to have hammy issues, I'd rather not risk it. Skimp elsewhere if we have to. Torrey has valuable vet experience and two super bowl rings. I'd feel confident if we had to resort to use him rather than some emergency dude off the street.
  6. panther252

    Panthers Sunday Practice Thread

    I wonder why Kalil wasn't out there? Did they lock him in the locker room or tell him practice would be held some place else today so we could get the others some practice reps?
  7. Jesus all we need from that pylon Kalil is to play mediocre and he can't even do that.
  8. panther252

    DJ Moore is legit.

    The balance and will to keep going is very Smitty esque. He's every bit as advertised. We should all be very excited.
  9. Loooool how the hell do you let Benji burn you. Please cut Seymour at halftime
  10. Lmao Benji thinks he's the champ by rebounding against our plugs
  11. He is. He gets to low key fat shame this slob and look like the bigger man in the process. If anyone in the media tries to say it was intentional he can just say that's just them trying to cause drama. He literally can't lose.
  12. Cam doing what Benji never could, walking on a treadmill.
  13. Cam panning over to walking on the treadmill a low key jab at Benji?
  14. Lmao this fool would poo smear cam and then would say he'd rather Eli? It's no coincidence we sucked last year then as soon as we dealt him were competing for the division title with one win away. I hate it when players leave a team and then throw ex players under the bus as a desperate attempt to buy more time for an excuse as to why they suck.
  15. We have some solid guys with playing experience. This is the first time in a while where our receiving corps actually looks good, let's wait and see how the line does and what happens with cuts before doing anything crazy. Moton could be a complete gem for all we know. It's not like we all expected Williams to be an all-pro at this time last year.