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  1. Vikings plan.... Just hit Cam Newton

    Sounds like quite the plan. Hopefully our plan is to win.
  2. Hello From a Vikings Fan

    Please tell us Mike Remmers is playing...
  3. They don't have kamara. I feel like we win this one via stingy D and Cam running all over them.
  4. Have to respect the guy for admitting it and not doing the bs that literally every player who's caught red-handed does with the "oh my doctor prescribed me the wrong stuff, I'm innocent!!! fug that quack! It was the Viagra!"
  5. Who the F is this guy

    Pretty lame of the article trying to make the jersey wearer look bad by assuming he knew exactly what he was doing. Just because it shows no cracks or fades means he had it custom made just a few years ago with full knowledge of Carruth and his past? Wtf.. You can clearly see the cracking and fading all over the numbers if you zoom in and can tell its the old logo which is pre 2011 and up and it has the huge thick font from the 90s. It's an old school jersey. The guy probably got some tickets to the game and doesn't know much about the earlier years of the Panthers and grabbed a random jersey from goodwill or something. No need to try and publicly shame the dude for being oblivious.
  6. LMAO

    Ahahaha 3-6 yes yes dance puppets dance
  7. Samuel out for the season!

    Ligaments heal. It's just not as fast a process as bones. He's young, so I feel like he can make a good recovery.
  8. I think it moved...
  9. 7-3 pie bitches

    fug yeah! You get a pie you get a pie you get a pie
  10. More 28-3 Pie “Falcants”

    Get the fug off our field!
  11. Marty Speaks...

    I'm still praying that the NFL is so bogged down with Zeke stuff that they've yet to announce that we acquired Calvin Johnson's rights....
  12. I sure hope so. Maybe they had to take away Benji completely in order to force Shula into using other guys properly? That's all I can come up with.
  13. If someone did and it was anonymous I'd almost bet it was Cam
  14. I was praying this would be the outcome. Rivera seems like the kind of dude dumb enough to Russian Interrogate a kicker for team intel too.