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  1. A QB is being put on the block. Gotta be for this to make sense.
  2. Jacksonville's defense is going to be a problem

    Jags will be perennial once they figure out their QB issues.
  3. 5 weeks into the season, beggars can't be choosers.
  4. Damiere Byrd is heading to IR, so now we only have 4 WRs on roster.
  5. So the Kaaya thing

    If we don't hire a new GM and Hurney stays, we won't draft a QB. He'll remain committed to Kaaya since he had a draft crush on him (probably reminds him Delhomme, his weaknesses certainly do). If we hire a new GM as intended, then I definitely see us drafting a QB around the 3rd-4th round. One or two of these 1st round projected QBs always fall. This year, it looks like Josh Allen.
  6. Oh... Hello, Bucky Hodges.

    I think Armah will probably be activated and perform Dickson's H-back duties with Dickson acting as starter and Manhertz providing backup. Wasn't Hodges biggest issue blocking? That he was pretty much WR at VT?
  7. Anyone on special teams know how to block?
  8. My biggest adversion to drafting McCaffery was that Shula would throw in a few screens and RB flat routes into the playbook and call the offense evolved. . .yep. New year, same poo. We should be up by 17 points right now.
  9. Very, very happy to see Cam running again.
  10. CMC should have sat down there. Cam threw where CMC was supposed to be.