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  1. Two flat out bullshit calls in a row. What the fug??
  2. Bruh what the fug is that?
  3. Corn Elder is going to be here for a while, I think.
  4. Dilla

    Daeshon Hall

    It's the yearly preseason where people overrate/underrate depth players game-to-game. There another thread talking about how Jermaine Carter might already be our 4th best LB lol
  5. Dilla

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    For his own benefit, he should get the surgery. If he rehabs, he'll still be gimped and he'll get the surgery in the off-season anyway, while being a free agent.
  6. He's not going to sign for a multi-year deal after an injury. He'll likely bet on himself and do a one year deal in hopes of getting that one mega-deal that most young players desire.
  7. I wish these journalists would stop using a recorder in Sabates' vicinity.
  8. Dilla

    One Carolina

    Somebody with Twitter shout out Leicester City!
  9. There is no clear view of the ball hitting the ground, correct call.
  11. He returned a TD on Russell Wilson in 2012.
  12. Oh Lord, we're playing for field goals now.
  13. Dilla

    Bye Week NFC South Thread

    Did the Saints snatch Willie Snead from our PS last year or did we just cut him?
  14. What's taking so long with the welcome press conference?
  15. Dilla

    Final Panthers Cuts

    I think Fozzy is safe simply because the Panthers played him like he was safe. He has been used sparingly in the first half of all the games then pulled. And i believe he was a captain last night. If he is cut, so be it ( at the end of the day, we are arguing about the 3rd-4th string RB battle), but I don't think it's the case atm.
  16. LMAO first quarter in the preseason yall already panicking. Over/under 3 Derek Anderson threads after this game?
  17. Dilla


    How many open roster spots do we have left for training camp with our draft picks and UFDAs so far?
  18. If he is signed after the tryout, I believe so.
  19. Mainly want Strong, will accept Humphries. Do NOT want Landon Collins or Clemmings. Meh on everyone else targeted in that range.
  20. It must of hurt Kelly's heart to do that pick.
  21. Hopefully Philly or Pittsburgh can take Collins off the board.
  22. Hmm, thought Saints were set on the line.