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  1. No disrespect to Remmers and the Patriots....but Miller feasted on one on matchups this postseason vs inferior players in ideal conditions (with teams on silent snaps counts because of noise).  Yeah, he is a great player.  Julio Jones is great...and if we asked McClain to cover him all game he might put up 250.   I'd put Miller in the top 5.  Not sure he is better football player than Luke or JJ.  There is a cluster of guys.
  2. Zod don't need no help. Oh, er, um... I mean you want us to do something about Panthers United?
  3. When they hit that punt return on us
  4. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    Experience matters.  We didn't have it.  Players already spoke about chaos and energy being out of whack. think of the SuperBowl as the 2013 playoff game.  Lessons learned 
  5. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    Kelvin would have been a difference maker.  He can get open on shorter routes just using his body.  Defensively I don't think it matters.   I think coaching got us more than anything 
  6. The real reason we lost the SB

    Yep, I wore my lucky outfit.  I know I am in the clear.  Would hate to be that guy right now.
  7. Nah, not since they drafted Williams last year.  I think they need one but we really need some DBs/DEs.
  8. I get what OP is trying to say.... there are similarities in those losses.  Shula doesn't adjust when Remmers or someone is outmanned.   Keeps letting the same problem happen over and over in both those games.  Could of helped ourselves out with play calling to help.  Cam didn't get direct runs vs Atlanta either.  Just sat back there. 
  9. Positions we need to upgrade

    bet Tillman retires.  
  10. Good odds that the opening game of the NFL season is Carolina @ Denver 
  11. I'll find it, but to paraphrase he just said it was unfair to put the load on the OTs that they were given.  Which is true.  Should of ran Cam more to take pressure off them.  Oddly similar to the Atlanta loss IMO.    
  12. Dickson called out Shula to a large degree. I mean, I am not even mad at Remmers and Oher.  They got abused and that was the game.  But that was Shula's doing 100%
  13. Positions we need to upgrade

    Ginn needs to go.  He served us well enough but we can't be content with what he offers.  We need KB and Fun Fun....and need to bring in a speed WR.  Ginn ran out of bounds early and left yards on the field, Ginn was responsible for an alligator arms INT.  Then he brings his standard up and down stuff.  Need consistent play.
  14. Positions we need to upgrade

    Nothing new. Need to improve our T play (answer possibly is already on the roster) Need to improve our DBs Need to improve our DEs Need to improve our WRs (getting Kelvin back isn't enough.  B/c we can't go back to the 2014 version where we lack speed.  I'm done with Ginn.  We need a roleplaying speedster IMO.) RB and TE are also on my list too.