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  1. Why cause it seems like to me he takes his biggest hits in pocket not scrambling. He said it's not fun for him anymore not because of his hits out of the pocket but inside it. So Cam should switch to 90% pocket QB even though the pocket is where he takes most of his beating ?
  2. And if the crazy narratives go away the clicks do too ? Its not like Cam was playing on a Tillman esque partially torn ACL and could have torn it playing the remaining games. This injury is overuse injury, gradual just wear and tear nothing huge, nothing to prevent him certainly from playing
  3. If it were an issue it would have been brought up in this interview. Shoulder wasn't getting worse while playing remaining games it's fine that he played get the fug over it
  4. He would ball with Payton if head on right he won a game for Cleveland
  5. Who are the Niners going to pick though ... it's not going to be Thomas. I could actually see Adams going 2 to SF they've already invested a lot to their d line they need to invest a high pick to secondary
  6. He isn't taking a DE cause Garret will be gone and he knows Thomas is PAC12 trash
  7. At least wait until he plays a down first before anointing him next Sean Taylor He could be Mark Barron 2.0 And this has Panthers relevance as the first 7 picks are relevant to the Panthers
  8. The current landscape is great for a 2017 Cam MVP year, Cam thrives when everybody is talking poo .. Cam is going to come out balling so hard
  9. Get a line that doesn't suck so he doesn't take these shots ? There's an idea
  10. The injury wasn't going to get worse it's an overuse injury so sitting would do nothing
  11. With the number 41 pick the Cincinnati Bengals select, Florida CB, Teez Tabor
  12. I could see two QB's taken before our pick, Watson and Trubisky .. if one is the other is going off the board soon after
  13. http://www.csnchicago.com/taco-charlton-2017-nfl-draft-michigan-top-linebackers-lb Good interview video with him here. He reminds me of Greg Hardy a lot. Watch the video then tell me you don't want him, college is nothing for him, he hasn't even touched the tip of the iceberg like he says .. Thomas and Barnett peaked in college The more he plays the better he's going to get ... when you draft a player at 8 you don't want a player that's done growing, well Taco isn't done growing, mentally and physically He is an old school DE with old school DE size which is exactly what the doctor ordered for this team
  14. The tie thing and this are apples and oranges