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  1. Good Game Panthers

    1 hold to your 11 blocks in the back, umm..ok...
  2. Hey Jeremy, can we get a post game pic of those two women?
  3. Seattle gotta lose today.
  4. If we win , Stew gets the game ball, easy.
  5. Superman saves the day!!!! Fug all you Cam haters!!!
  6. We lose this game it's all on the coaching, no missed opportunities, play calling will lose this one, coaches need to own up...never see our coaches take the blame for anything. ..sign of a weak and clueless coaching staff.
  7. Conservative play, always comes back to bite you in the ass...3 point lead...we play conservative. ..
  8. Lol, fugged up...pathetic. ..
  9. Like missed opportunities. ...?
  10. 3rd quarter, 8 point lead, let's play conservative! !!
  11. No, it's "missed opportunities " according to Ron.
  12. Stop with the QB draws...damnit!!
  13. This first drive will show how the 2nd half will go, keep the run game going, no read option, get CMC in the passing game...