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  1. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    Monday night football ratings at a all time low. Fact!! love it...keep up the boycott! !
  2. NFL Is Losing...Good Riddance! !

    Panthers Thursday night football down 5% which us huge compared to last week...overall NFL down 17% compared to last year . Millions of dollars lost...and will keep dropping...lol...Buh bye NFL...majority of US is against you...and it will keep dropping...hahahaha! !
  3. Does white privilege exist?

    Where? Name all of them in the US...maybe 4?
  4. Does white privilege exist?

    More white people get shot by police every year than blacks...your claim and argument is null and void. ...try again
  5. What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Some just ride it out hoping for the best. Is our short time here the end? So we go to school, then work, have kids, retire, and that's it? Please tell me there is more....all poo I've said aside, any takers?
  6. I feel hopeless...

    Well if it makes you feel better, Panthers will make the playoffs this year...beyond that. .I do not know...
  7. S. Korea and US excercises begin Monday....

    Unfit? Then why does he keep winning time and time again? You Anti Americans may want to move to another country if you are so dissatisfied about your own...oh can't move, then STFU!!
  8. S. Korea and US excercises begin Monday....

    So you gonna be less chicken than Trump and join to serve the country. ..lol..I doubt it...you are a puss....proven already. ..lol
  9. Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy

    Oh shut up, if Hillary would have won by the electoral college, this thread wouldn't exist. Butthurt losers now come out of the woodwork screaming get rid of the electoral college. ..lol...Trump played his campaign to win it, Hillary did not...sucks to be a loser. ..get over it snowflakes....lol
  10. We know what women ol Harvey molested....Trump said something one on one to a colleague years ago...oh the horror! !!
  11. Lol!!! Funny man!!!
  12. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

    Lol, All the left and libs triggered by Trump....lol..love it!!
  13. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

    And your President. ...get use to it...
  14. Where's the all white colleges, where's the all white channel, where's the all white beauty pageants, where's the all white cemetaries, where's the all white support centers in every college, where's the all white scholarships, where's the all white college fund, etc..etc...thought we were moving past segregation. ...guess not....NBA and NFL needs to be more diverse...isn't that what most black leaders preach ..diversity? But they are mostly black....hmmm...
  15. Wearing a Cam Newton jersey, strip it from him, he doesn't deserve to wear anything of greatness....what a punk. ..I'd knock that jackass into next year...