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  1. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Supporting cast isnt the Celtics problem, they don't have the true Star and with KD they would Very strong roster outside of a super star
  2. NBA Playoffs Discussion

  3. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    The Celtics would have beat the Cavs if C's had KD the Celtics got the ship next year they have an outstanding coach and know how to win rings in Boston KD gets a ring before Weatbrook
  4. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    KD is going to Boston but if this series taught me anything it's that he's over rated
  5. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    GSW better come out focused on task at hand or OKC could steal one
  6. Amini

    I'd like to see him back
  7. Defensive Player of the Year odds

    Why does Star even have odds
  8. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    It won't probably be a blow out in game 7 but I think GS wins at home As far as the NBA Finals ... the Cavs only shot might be that the western conference teams knocked the hell out of each other in the WCF and Cleveland is resting
  9. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    But OKC was up 3-1 and were playing great this series, I thought they were going to win guys ? How can you question a historically great team so easily, don't do it again
  10. Purrbacca was on tv today

    Was it really Only Panthers Fan in Maine
  11. Michelob Ultra

    Miller Light is the best
  12. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    People are so quick so discount a team, even a historic team Oh, down 3-1, Thunder got this, Thunder arent losing this based on such a small sample size of 4 games You fugin stupid ?
  13. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    So the Warriors are going to lose 3 times on the road in one series ? Nah A game 7 in Oakland, its over OKC
  14. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    The role bench players of GS like Speight's and Livingston aren't going to let them lose the series
  15. The Dodgers suck though like a real team like the Red Sox