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  1. Imagine if Gano misses the FG to win the game against the Giants though We were relying on him to win the game in that very moment, but not for the whole game before that
  2. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    1. Newton 2. Kuechly 3. Short 4. Turner 5. Davis 6. Shaq 7. Benwikere 8. Star 9. Funchess 10. KB
  3. OTAs start Tuesday

    Dean Marlowe
  4. Never gets old....

    It wasn't bait to get you to agree, then for me to say "HAHA homer Falcon fan, Beasley sucks" Beasley is going to be really, really good
  5. Never gets old....

    Vic Beasley is Von Miller, especially now after his position change
  6. Arian Foster?

    Arian Foster blows, don't eat meat, get injured
  7. Panthers Motivation Monday

    I was thinking that game "we cant lose to Seattle again .. we CANT"
  8. Emperor Newton's Reign over the NFL Begins Now

    Things that make you say hmmm
  9. CPAT!!!!

    He had a pretty good year last season for being in that shitty offense .. if he had been in a somewhat decent offense he'd of had 1K yards I don't think he's washed up just yet You've got a better chance at seeing Boldin in Black and Blue this year than CP
  10. CPAT!!!!

    We've seen even Steve Smith struggle with no QB in a dumpster fire offense (554 yards 2 TD's in 2010) Why is CP labeled lazy and stupid, he's been in one of the worst situations for a WR
  11. CPAT!!!!

    Lol I've lobbied for Patterson hard here before too and got the same results you are getting Patterson is going to be a dominant force in the NFL, he really just hasnt had the chance .. Get this naysayers: Patterson as a rookie in 2013 - 469 yards 45 receptions on 77 targets 4 TD ... not bad for a rookie WR with no QB But then in 2014 somehow, for some reason he gets less targets, after such a promising rookie season ? In 2014 he only got 67 targets, 33 receptions, 384 yards and 1 TD ... he regressed his second season, and it wasn't his fault ... target the man more ... The Minnesota offense on the ground is AP .. in the air, they dont have an offense And so last year, his third year in the league when receivers are supposed to make their biggest splash he did nothing at all in the stat books ... Why ? Because his first two years weren't like normal receivers first two years ... CP was in a dumpster fire and still is ... again, Minnesota doesn't have a passing offense, they literally don't have one
  12. CPAT!!!!

    The dude went through two offensive coordinators in his first 2 seasons with awful QB's ... Bridgewater sure cant play to the strengths of CP due to his noodle arm ... Patterson has shown the sick nasty flashes, if he had a better QB you'd see the flashes he shows on the regular He's too young yet for us to give him a chance ... we usually grab underwhelming to this point pros like CP when they are about 29 or 30, I wouldnt doubt he gets a chance here someday