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  1. NFL Scout page has us taking

    It'd be more amazing if Gettleman actually did too...
  2. Brad Nessler Leaving ESPN for CBS, will broadcast NFL games

    Yep. I'm waiting for a major cable company to offer a package that let's you pick specifically what channels you want to actually watch for x amount of money each. Sling TV is a step in the right direction, but it's not quite there.
  3. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    He was lazy as all hell in Oakland. That is the biggest knock against him as a player, and one of the worst stigmas to shake. Tom Cable once gave him a blank DVD and told him it was filled with that week's game plan and to watch it that night. Russell comes in the next day and Cable asks him about the game plan and Russell said everything looked good. He gained a ton of weight, even while he was still playing, and then he left the league due to his dependency on codeine. A few years ago he tried at another comeback, but when he was awarded the 3 mil from the raiders, he stopped trying again. That's why he's not really getting another shot. The teams can't trust him. I'll admit he looks like he's in shape these days, but did he ever really have the skills to be a good QB in the first place? If I'm a QB needy team I might kick the tires for the hell of it, but I wouldn't sign him without knowing I owed him nothing in the event I cut him.
  4. It has happened! Gettleman has tamed the Huddle beast!

    I think it has more to do with where we're picking in the draft this year than anything. Top half of the draft, you have your pick of the litter essentially, and you can fall in love with a prospect more easily. Pick 30, you get what you get. I think people just kind of realize that the best prospects will be off the board by the time we pick, and then it's up to the Don to decide who has the highest ceiling of those that remain.
  5. Star's 5th year option picked up

    Wait this is just now happening? I thought he did that a few months ago.
  6. My midnight hour mid round draft crush - a Razorback

    I'm not in love with his running style. He seems to stutter step a bunch before moving north south. He dances in place then makes his move.Could be him setting up the defenders, but you can't really get away with that in the NFL. You have to be decisive when you make your cuts, no wasted movement or you'll get caught.
  7. I'm not trying to claim that I have an in about this whole situation, butI just asked my buddy about the whole thing. He gets his hair cut at the same place as Norman does and they ended up becoming friends and text every so often. He told me that after the pen was slapped from his hands, Gettleman whipped his dick out and smacked him across the face with it while saying "bup bup bup" with a menacing grin. Completely savage.
  8. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    I'm perfectly fine with him in the second. Not the first. No RB in the first.
  9. Mike Tirico is going to NBC, and he's leaving ESPN.

    Man, I actually like Collinsworth as a color commentator. The dude gets into it, he's pretty damn knowledgeable, and he seems to have fun doing it. Phil Simms on the other hand... he's literally the worst.
  10. It is draft week people... look alive...

    Steal it
  11. Yeah, like that douche Charles Johnson who we released this offseason... Who turned down a contract twice as large to come back and play for the organization on a one year deal. Or Ted Ginn Jr. who left us after one year to get paid in Arizona... Only to turn around the next year and join us again at a fair price and go on to lead our receivers in yards, receptions, and TDs... I have no issues with how the G-Man runs this team because we've done nothing but go to the playoffs each season he's been here.
  12. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    My bad man, it wasn't directed AT you, just kind of in your direction because I quoted you.
  13. I'm ok with this I guess. I honestly haven't paid any attention to the draft these past few years. Now that we aren't picking in the top 10 consistently, our selection is a total crapshoot so I have no prospects to fall in love with in the first because chances are they won't be available when we pick.
  14. It is draft week people... look alive...

    Wow, some of the people thinking the sky is falling in that thread are the same that think so these days too...
  15. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    You're driving a two ton vehicle. Past a certain speed, it becomes a damn weapon. I don't know about you people, but I was taught to drive responsibly and to respect the privilege that driving is. When I handle weapons, I don't toss them around all nonchalantly like it doesn't fuging matter where I point it, how close my finger is to the trigger, or fail tocheck to see if the damn thing is loaded.Driving like a jackass, to me personally, is the equivalent of a dumbass whipping a gun out, pointing it at someone and dry firing it laughing. Congratulations, it wasn't loaded... This time. But it's playing with fire and one day you very well could pull that trigger and someone could get hurt or even killed. Driving at high speeds puts you and others in danger. It allows a much smaller margin of error in any situation that you might react to. Even if you think you're the bees knees at driving at high speeds, odds are there's some oblivious person on the road that has no idea you're flying at them. That's a combo of two people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was just in the mountains on a hiking trip last weekend and my friend was trying to speed down the damn winding mountain roads. I heard the tires squealing, the posted speed was like 35, and he was trying to push it to 50 with cliffs and poo to the side of us. I straight up told him to cut that poo out. He might not value his life but I have a newborn daughter that I'd like to see when the trip was over. It was unnecessary and reckless and it was just incredibly selfish and short sighted. Pissed me right the poo off. Having said all that, I get it to an extent. There is a culture around driving that promotes and even encourages higher speeds and higher horsepower. I can forgive someone young for getting caught up in the moment and the rush of driving fast, but when the number of speeding tickets you've gotten becomes a badge of honor, I personally look down on you as a person who doesn't make very many good decisions, doesn't care about the safety of others, and is pretty damn stupid with money because that's a lot of money in fines. So I don't think this is the end of the world for CAP. I can forgive one transgression of stupid driving because poo happens. I would hope it doesn't become a common thing though. Sorry to rant, but I think recent situations that I've been witness too have gotten me all hot and bothered about this particular situation. I'll return to shitposting and defending Dave's roster moves again.