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  1. CarolinaCat89

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    Everyone just needs to calm down.. So he pushed a girl out of VIP, probably milkin him for bottles and $. I'm sure alcohol was involved, his judgment and vision was impaired. & yes, I realize its not okay too.
  2. CarolinaCat89

    Shady McCoy

    She wouldn't give up the Jewelry so he hired a hit-man after her ass.
  3. CarolinaCat89

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    now that Jerry is gone, Cam can be free with his personality, like ol Tepper's loud ass personality.
  4. Once OTAs, Camp, and that summer heat crack down... ALL players will lose weight, even ol mighty might up there
  5. If i devoted all my time and money to fitness like them I would trust me.
  6. CarolinaCat89

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    You fuging morons who think CMC is bigger obviously never worked out a day in your life. It's called an arm pump in the gym with folding your arms and when you have lean muscle mass as it is, it makes you look even bigger. Hes still 200-205, you dumb mother fugers.
  7. you fools who think he looks jacked there.. Hes got his arms folded with a fuging pump, of course hes going to look big. Lean muscle mass looks bigger in photos. The guy is still 200-205, no weight put on. But then again, I've worked out 5x a week for a decade, the average eye doesn't understand fitness photos.
  8. CarolinaCat89

    Is Munnerlyn gone?

    Munnerlyn's better days are behind him. I refer to his speed and athleticism, at this point in his career all he has is veteran knowledge and leadership.
  9. Say what you want, I watched both CB's highlight tapes. Gaulden stands out more to me, NFL ready. Rashaan Gaulden is physical, has sideline to sideline speed, i don't take care what his 40 is, this kid is fast on tape and is making plays.