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  1. CarolinaCat89

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    I think you all saw Mike Adams benefit the most of the Eric Reid signing, stay tuned folks!! POPS
  2. Go look at both of Cam's INT's. Ian Thomas was the intended target on both plays. Both not on same page quite yet, I don't believe Cam throws those INT's if Greg was there. No knock to Ian what so ever, it just takes time for chemistry.
  3. CarolinaCat89

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    your a bitch on here and im sure in real life too pussy
  4. CarolinaCat89

    What would the media say if Cam...

    Can't stand listening to Luck talk, sounds horrible to the ears
  5. CarolinaCat89

    Game Day Menu

    I'll be in the drive through grabbing mine in T minus 10min
  6. CarolinaCat89

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    Everyone just needs to calm down.. So he pushed a girl out of VIP, probably milkin him for bottles and $. I'm sure alcohol was involved, his judgment and vision was impaired. & yes, I realize its not okay too.
  7. CarolinaCat89

    Shady McCoy

    She wouldn't give up the Jewelry so he hired a hit-man after her ass.
  8. CarolinaCat89

    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    now that Jerry is gone, Cam can be free with his personality, like ol Tepper's loud ass personality.