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  1. Game etiquette

    I always have fans behind me get pissed at me because I stand the whole time, I've had security called on me, people leave the game, etc.. At the end of the day, they didn't buy my ticket, I don't go to the game to sit down. Once again, wine and cheese crowd unfortunately.
  2. Eagles injury updates

    The rain may be a factor
  3. Great play from MNF

    it's beautiful
  4. I looked up the home team win % on Thursday Night Football, seems to be around 60%, figured it'd be higher than that or else it seems like it to me. Either way, Cats win.
  5. Luke Kuechly

    I noticed he looked a step slow today too, besides the miss tackles, still played a solid game. He's prob. just banged up, the 10 day layoff after Philly will do him good.
  6. Tampa bay kicker

    0/3 talk about a rough night, they'll prob cut him, they would've won if he coulda knocked down 2/3 of them.
  7. Cam apologizes

    agree 10000%, country's gone soft.. charmin soft
  8. Cam apologizes

    LMAO ahahah this made my night. exactlyyyy. I eat 2 a day on average, 15g per + granola is a nice little snack. I just hate Dannon let him go over it.. Kinda torn makes me wanna choose another brand now.
  9. Cam apologizes

    Should I keep eating Dannon Yogurt or should I move on to another brand? I'm torn...
  10. Pissing Excellence Gets Cam Drug Tested

    Me & Luke have the same birthday.. 4/20 I wonder if he'd light up with me in the off season?
  11. Armah promoted to the team