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  1. well other than the fact Trump promised he wasn't going to take vacations and no other President needed 2 homes so his wife could stay away from him as long as they could get away with
  2. Panthers @ Saints

    Stay away from this guy.
  3. Just fake news right? <Trump is insane>

  4. Antifa We Are Not Patriots

    yeah if you like the commies move out if you like the nazis hang around it will get better
  5. it was only accurate in predicting Obummers totally awful vacation costs that almost bankrupted us oh that lazy do nothing guy
  6. ...lol libtard 8 more years...duplicity....lol
  7. Antifa We Are Not Patriots

    He just wanted Zack Sanchez to get better, but misspelled heal and didn't add a question mark at the end just to piss off the libtards.
  8. but its money spent anyways...lol.....libs....
  9. Afghanistan - something to watch

    Oh good, his first big chance to show us that he knows more than the Generals. A bit off the 90 day promise but with this guy you take what you can get I guess.
  10. Bannon is fired

  11. Antifa We Are Not Patriots

    OMG like they totally finally admitted it?
  12. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/white-house-defend-trump-tv-sunday-shows_us_599a48fae4b01f6e801f4f4c “To give you a sense of how reluctant Republicans are to talk about President Trump this week, not one member of the current Republican leadership in Congress agreed to come on the broadcast this morning,” Chuck Todd, host of “Meet the Press,” told viewers. “In fact, even the White House was unable, or perhaps unwilling, to provide a guest, right down to the White House press secretary.” Fox News host Leland Vittert told viewers that “nobody” from the White House would come on the air to discuss Bannon’s outing. “We, along with a number of other networks, have all tried to get somebody from the administration to come on today and to talk about this big staff shakeup. Nobody will,” he said. Instead, the White House has referred news shows to Trump supporters working outside of the administration. ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, who hosted “This Week,” told viewers that when the program asked the White House for an official who could appear on the show, they pointed bookers to evangelical leader and Liberty University president, Jerry Fallwell Jr. On “Fox & Friends,” Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski discussed Bannon’s exit, while on “Fox News Sunday,” former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie discussed the latest White House staffing change.
  13. Rubber hits the road

    That's fair lol