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  1. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    No the ones put in mc nuggets lol
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  2. cookinwithgas added a blog entry in Tailgatin'   

    Almost Go time!
    Last weekend I prepped the smoker for the season. It gets used only occasionally in the off season so there's usually not a ton to do - after a good pressure washing and cleaning I take a brass wire wheel attachment to my drill and take off any surface rust or other gunk from the smoker and fire drums, and repaint with hi temp black. I also disassemble the gas borners, clean and remove rust/gunk from them, and paint hi temp silver. Make sure the gas valves are adjusted right, clean and shine the tires, and she's ready.
    My tailgating friend is in a group called the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association - its all those really crazy fans with names like the Broncinator, PredatorHawk, etc. that have elaborate costumes at the games. Catman is actually a charter member of the group. My friend takes the smoker up to the "reunion" of the group in Canton OH on Hall of Fame Weekend. There is a big parade and many other events but the year I went what I remembered was the party. Tailgaters from about 2/3 or more of the teams, all with their own area to put up tents, cooking materials, etc - all making up their specialties to share. Amazing does not really describe it - fresh Maryland crabcakes right out of the pot at the Ravens tent, Eagles tailgaters making cheesesteaks, all kinds of regional drinks - and our smoker going for over 12 hours smoking up some NC barbecue, the best!

    Pinto Ron, the most dedicated Bills fan on the planet. is famous for cooking using weird methods. Here is his army helmet setup fro frying chicken wings:

    You are kind of expected to have a great setup at this event so we worked hard and put up our bar, our trophies for the bus we won at the Panthers Draft day events, and even satellite TV - and we also had the music setup for the party so we were jumping all night.

    Unfortunately I can't make it to Canton again this year to support my friends but I know they will be having a great time getting pumped for the season! One more pic, this is the inside of a great custom bus our friends from the Browns brought:

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  3. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    lets not forget how he handled AIDS.
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  4. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now
    Sorta transcript:
    Planned Parenthood is in the news a lot these days thanks to a maliciously edited video making it look like they SELL BABY PARTS.
    It’s weird for those of us with two brain cells to rub together, that this is even a thing. Because first of all, obviously Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell BABY PARTS. Jesus fuging christ, get a hold of yourselves. Baby parts!
    3% of all Planned Parenthood’s activities are abortions, and more than 90% of those are in the first trimester when it’s about size of a kidney bean, so they do see some pieces of fetal tissue. Which are just going to be thrown away in the garbage, but which the patient can instead choose to donate to important medical research.
    HOW DARE THEY! How dare Planned Parenthood allow women to aid in the research and treatment of conditions like H.I.V. and Parkinson’s disease, when instead those women could just be throwing that tissue in the garbage!
    So yeah, there’s the fact that Planned Parenthood obviously isn’t “selling baby parts.” And then there’s the fact that the group releasing this video are some of the same people who worked for the group Live Action, which is best known for…editing together misleading videos attacking Planned Parenthood.
    So despite the fact that this is an obviously made up and ridiculous accusation, actual politicians are taking it seriously. If you live in the US, your tax dollars are now going toward Congressional Republicans calling for a formal investigation, and the House Energy and Commerce Committee has announced they’ll launch a probe. A probe for baby parts! Good luck, guys!
    This all reminds me of a course I took in college on heresy. I remember learning about how multiple times throughout human history, various groups of people have been accused of the very specific act of gathering together and hosting orgies, and then taking the resulting babies from any past orgies and burning them into ashes, which are then formed into cakes, which are then eaten. Usually it’s supposed to be the Jews doing this but plenty of other marginalized groups have been accused as well. And it always baffled me to think that people could really, truly believe that their fellow humans were doing something so obviously stupid and made up.
    Well, now it’s 2015 and an organization that is mostly responsible for making sure poor women have access to basic medical care including cancer screenings, checkups, and birth control, are accused of convincing women to abort their babies and then tearing them into parts and selling them on the black market.
    And I realize, that if it helps you achieve your goals — whether they be persecuting people of a different faith or cutting funding for poor women’s health care — it becomes surprisingly easy to believe something unbelievable.
    Bonus gif:

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  5. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

  6. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now
    good news I don't really have to worry about G5 getting me pregnant if I was a woman afterall
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  7. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    If I were a woman and found out I was pregnant with your baby, I'd sure be glad there was a PP nearby, and I'd let them sell the parts to mental health researchers.
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  8. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic Obama: If I ran again, I could win   

    with all the hard work the RNC has done to court more women and minority voters after they didn't show any interest in them in 2012, they should be a shoe-in!
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  9. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic River City Takeover - Jacksonville   

    oh yeah I need to learn how to read better thanks
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  10. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    So our foreign policy should be to bankrupt other countries?
    By the way, Afganistan bankrupted the USSR, not Reagan. Also, he drove the country into a new meaning of deficit spending via the now all powerful military industrial complex to do it, and we have never really recovered.
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  11. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic Self Checkout   

    Avoiding anyone inside a Walmart is a plus. You should be happy they are not charging you extra to avoid them.
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  12. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic Meanwhile in Bersin land.....   

    they kinda look the same to me
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  13. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic River City Takeover - Jacksonville   

    man its too bad you are not up near us we could have had our cop watch it...
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  14. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic Meanwhile in Bersin land.....   

    Bersin looks like 10x the stoner Hill looks like, but he's not stupid and understands how fortunate he is.
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  15. cookinwithgas added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    If theres one thing that about every single player in the NFL knows it's how to not get caught smoking weed, just about everyone does it - this is more a test for dumbasses than drugs.
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