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  1. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    yeah sorry it was mostly rhetorical
  2. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    I don't think Jonathan can complain about much regarding his stay here with us. I love him, hell I was in the fan club he and DeAngelo started, but you can tell he's prepared for this The last pic I got of him at the end of the Bucs game last season he was looking pretty content
  3. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    the fug is brigand and umbrage? Spinal Taps opening band?
  4. Things that trump says

    Everyone here realizes that Trump has not enforced the Russia sanctions Congress passed and he signed, right?
  5. There is no doubt we do it; mostly against people we know would be bad for us, but can at least convince a few bleeding hearts that it's not good for the country in question. But I think it's mostly done through radio and print propaganda, helping expose bad things from one candidate. But the idea is not to get caught or else these people hate you - and lookie here, we have a lot less fans in South and Central America because of our meddling, and people are wary of us. I don't blame the Russians for trying to get cheap solutions to their problems. But the problem isn't that they interfered per se, its that the guy who won is their guy, and he and his family have done a lot of business with Putins sphere of influence which is the actual bad part. If the Russians had not done anything and Trump would have won, we'd be in the same pickle now.
  6. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    but but ecat had never seen any FBI report like that, ever, in his long storied history of looking at FBI reports
  7. if you are someone who appreciates alternative facts sure. Wikipedia works pretty well, for what it is. It says a lot about Wikipedias intentions as well as lets you know the people that work to make wikipedia more reliable already know one thing they can do to help that issue.
  8. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    One of the cool moments of my life was when I opened up the door of the American building at the Duxford RAF Museum and myself, my father in law, a cameraman and Buzz Aldrin were the only people in the giant main hall, he was standing under the B-17 talking about something. I am not a fan of just photographing celebrities never mind Buzz freaking Aldrin, but I regret not having a picture. I do have a picture of me as a second grader and Gene Cernan at our local AFB after Apollo 17 at least. Buzz was kind of a dick and a lot of dumb luck got him on Apollo 11, but he was a genius at one of the most difficult problems to be faced going to the moon (orbital mechanics) and definitely had his personal problems to work through after the flight.
  9. Protesters

    Insurance would mandate and verify ownership of a gun safe to store weapons which would make it all worthwhile in and of itself.
  10. Things that trump says

    There's that do nothing and didn't have enough Executive Orders NoBama alongside our MAGA President who is working so hard to bring cheer to some of Parklands distraught neighbors.
  11. Protesters

    How can you "qualify" to own anything that is a "right"? You just destroyed your own dumb argument.
  12. How American Diplomacy works now

    Who needs a State Department what was that about Clinton and "pay to play"? They didn't even have cool apartments! http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/19/investing/donald-trump-jr-india-dinner-gurgaon-kolkata/index.html Some of the ads, which were taken out by one of the Indian developers working on the project, bear a photo of Trump Jr. They offer "a conversation and dinner" with him on Friday if you reserve an apartment at the Trump Towers in Gurgaon -- about 20 miles outside New Delhi -- by this week. Pankaj Bansal, director of Gurgaon-based developer M3M India, confirmed to CNNMoney that the dinner was taking place. M3M is building the Gurgaon towers in a partnership with the Trump Organization's main India representative, Tribeca Developers. Trump Jr. will host a similar dinner in Kolkata, where 65% of the Trump Tower apartments have already been sold, according to an invitation seen by CNN. Bansal said that in addition to the Gurgaon and Kolkata events, Trump Jr would also visit Pune and Mumbai, home to the country's first and second Trump Tower projects respectively.
  13. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    We know the names of all the men that have walked on the moon, and we know all the names of the people that built the hardware that got us to the moon, yet that doesn't seem to do anything for you.