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  1. New York Magazine-Trump 2020

    http://mashable.com/2017/10/20/fox-news-retired-navy-seal-gift-trump/#5COsWWvR8Pq2 Fox News has gone pretty far down the rabbit hole to maintain their demographic lately. It looked for a bit lik they might be toning it down but its gone back to batshit crazy again.
  2. but all policies have been posted by Trump!
  3. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/cub-scouts-ames-mayfield-colorado_us_59e91a17e4b05b4f1c3a3300 you can be a girl boy scout, but not a politically active boy scout
  4. to be technical the wall is paid for lol heel the technician
  5. Like Trumpers today, my real time discussions on Saddam and the whole WMD thing here were ignored by those who wanted revenge for 9/11 and it didn't matter who it was we went after, as long as they were brown and bad. After the fact people had to acknowledge the truth or cling to their notions that Saddam Hussein sent his bombs to Syria for safekeeping, which was really, really stupid. I will never forgive Powell for his hand in the sales job, and Dubya can go straight to hell even though I am sure I'd love to have a beer with him otherwise.
  6. I hear heel voted for Trump because he follows the lib lead
  7. What Chicago Bears fans are saying...

    yeah hi Dimbee long time no see
  8. Respect my flag

    libs lol
  9. Just like Trump and the women who let him do anything because he's famous. How about that.
  10. there is a grain of salt as big as Trent Lotts wife?
  11. they're just words lol....libs hate words.....words words words /heel
  12. someone who loves Trump is telling us words mean things, y'all.
  13. Of course you could have tolerated a Sanders presidency. You tolerate a Trump one just fine.
  14. Harvey Weinstein is the sublimation of liberal bullsh!t

    are you talking about Trumps impeachment for his pussy grabbing? Yeah the delay is unacceptable. oh wait you are talking about a private businessman that has been completely ostracized already and complaining that wasn't fast enough?