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  1. Fox News: Today's atheists are bullies

    and whether they can get into Hogwarts of course
  2. OMG thats like...50 percent of the population
  3. i bought a bike. where should i go

    If you are going through Memphis I think Memphis Belle has been returned to its museum (Mud Island)? after a restoration.
  4. This video is gold

    I expect people in the tbox to intelligence shame me if I deserve it. I have no problem defending my point of view, and it was a lot harder to do with my guy in the White House being looked at every day. But this Trump guy is something else entirely, how can people support someone so stupid and clearly more interested in himself than the nation he's supposed to be running?
  5. Who knew Cohen was the only lawyer with the guts and integrity to stand alone defending these two titans of American exceptionalism.
  6. Going to WAR?

    Thats not any kind of news or new insight; we all know they were there because we knew Saddam used them against the Iranians.
  7. Going to WAR?

    I can't believe there is an American in 2018 who still thinks that the made up rationale for invading Iraq has any weight behind it at all. Anyone with a smidgen of common sense and a rational thinking process understood it was all theater before we even shock and awed them. Drums of expired chemicals from the Iraq Iran War (when we just kind of half heartedly scoffed at Saddam for using them since after all, it was the Iranians) were what they had. Those weapons were somewhat effective against the massed hordes of unprotected Iranian human wave attacks in the 80s but not so good against prepared armies. even if they were making them still, the worst they could do is try to dump barrels over civilian towns.
  8. Going to WAR?

    What has Ben Carson done or said, ever, to make anyone believe he should be the President LOL
  9. Josh Norman on cell talking to ya boi Cam

    I miss him for sure
  10. RIP: Lee Ermey, Drill Sergeant Full Metal Jacket

    His scene was so important to drag the viewer into the world these kids found themselves in. Kubricks having Ermey take the part over and make it his was a brilliant decision for the movie. When I was in boot camp and our DI tried this stuff we all kind of laughed (internally of course) since we all knew we were the best company in the division by then LOL
  11. Lost in Space

    Whenever I see Dr Smith all I actually see is Ally Sheedys character from Breakfast Club regressing in space. She's really good at it though, and there is a real attempt to recreate the odd dynamic between Smith, Will and the Robot from the original show with the new character motivations.
  12. This video is gold

    yes Im laughing at the fact you posted an Alex Jones video, was there anything else?
  13. Lost in Space

    It's a good, almost great, family drama. Kids will like it but there are a lot of adult elements, no one is stupid, there's a lot going on action and story wise to follow, and Dr. Smith is creepy as all get out. Kid who plays Will Robinson is a great actor, in fact they are all good. Mom is hot. on Netflix.
  14. Josh Norman's Next Career

    Y'all really need to watch I, Tonya.