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  1. cookinwithgas

    charlotte to host 2020 RNC

    every link this dork posts has the word blog in it.
  2. cookinwithgas

    Non-citizens legally register to vote in San Francisco

    Why would they bother when all the illegal people are voting for Hillary 10 times already?
  3. cookinwithgas

    charlotte to host 2020 RNC

    my money is on when they finally get the night janitor to crack and start talkin
  4. Im Crushinmycigarettesdaddy and I can't tell the difference between some disgraced ex politician who was kicked out of society for being a dillweed and president Trump, but to be fair their are a lot of similarities.
  5. cookinwithgas

    For those that take edibles...what is your typical dose?

    my sisters friend out in CA started using a THC topical creme for her back pain and it seems to be helping her.
  6. cookinwithgas

    The weird Trump cult

    hey its only fair we went people to black sites for years and years, you tell em Trumpers
  7. And an inability to grasp the basic function of a dictionary.
  8. cookinwithgas


    I just gotta vent that I was born 20 years too early; I didn't own a TV my entire time in the Navy but I had a pretty good audio system. I was a sonar tech so being an audiophile is part of the deal I guess. I would go to sea in a missile sub and be underwater for two months at a time. My music collection, mostly consisting of Maxell II cassettes that I record an album to and put the album away, filled up the drop down storage above my head. I could only dream of having 10x more music or whatever taking up no space whatsoever. I still have all those albums, and most of them have been played just once LOL. I also still have most of the cassettes, but don't own a player anymore. I think that digital music has made music a lot less socially relevant and a lot more just background noise you wear on your head to block out all the other background noise. We'd have listening parties for new records, spending a Saturday morning at a friends house picking out 45s to play was a blast. Singles were around a buck apiece at the record store (in 1978 or so, this makes even legal digital music a steal, doesn't it?), and there was a last weeks singles chart taped to the current singles bin. OK now I'm gonna play a real record since my wife got me a record player for the stereo upstairs.
  9. cookinwithgas


    I'm doing more streaming but I spent a crapton of time and effort in the 00s pirating and cataloging a pretty big collection of what's old peoples music now LOL. A big part of the collection are the songs I've gotten off of iTunes to replace bad copies of Napster type downloads or to complete albums, etc. At this point I could let it all go and be all right I guess but man that was a lot of work
  10. the guy who is giving away all the national forest land to developers is Smokey Bear, ok
  11. hes referring to Trumps Treason btw ^
  12. cookinwithgas

    The weird Trump cult

  13. The Cowboys have traditionally owned us during the regular season, and we've owned them the couple of times we've met in the playoffs. 2015 was an aberration. But who cares Cowboys suck and our guys are going to abuse them again!