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  1. why would any fan ever predict a loss Panthers Win! 21 to 0
  2. I think it's too early to tell
  3. jfra78

    JNO 24 Needs Delta Back

    I saw that celebration Sunday and immediately thought of Jno
  4. jfra78

    Is it time for Gauldin??

    4 pages of this guy defending himself....epic
  5. Let's hope Florence doesn't do to Charlotte what Katrina did to New Orleans
  6. jfra78

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Hope he is too, one less excuse for when we kick y'alls ass
  7. jfra78

    I can already see the hate

    Tbf they moved us up 12
  8. Watching Undisputed and Skip is wearing Carolina Blue shoes....wonder if he lost a bet.