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  1. Norv is at boa..

    I do have a source name. He’s in the communications/PR dept but not gonna hang the guy out to dry by posting his name. Guy is not a member of the media though
  2. Norv is at boa..

    Can also echo this. Buddy’s uncle that works for the Panthers just texted him that Norv is in the building
  3. Walter Football 2018 Mock Draft (Panthers)

    I think we could get a guy like Dante Pettis from Washington in the 3rd round. Could definitely help us at receiver and would also be a game-breaker as a returner.
  4. Ok, so who do you want to face if we are on the road round 1

    LA. They don’t know us as well and the Superdome is a more raucous environment. Plus Goff is not a proven commodity in the playoffs.